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Magisto: A Video Editing App



Recently we’ve been talking a lot about technology, and exploring different apps on the market to share with you guys! We all know and use apps like Instagram & Facebook, but in the world we live in today, there are tons of other options out there for ways to promote your business and do something a little different. Which brings me to the reason of this post: Magisto.

A few months ago, a customer sent us a video of a photoshoot he did in which our flowers were being designed into a cool fairytale inspired design. When I first watched the video, I wondered how just anyone can throw an awesome video like this together without having the proper editing software and skills. Then I looked into Magisto, the app Rafael used, and discovered that it CAN be done, and it’s super easy!

Magisto gives you a simple platform to upload a slew of short videos and images from your camera roll, choose a theme, a song, and a length, and violá! With a few clicks, Magisto creates an awesome slideshow style video just like that.

These videos are great for capturing a feeling or a vibe, or in this case, a quick demo of a floral arrangement set to music. They have also recently come out with Magisto for Business, which I believe gives you  more options and ways to incorporate speaking in the video.

While doing a little research on Magisto, I stumbled across this blog post covering a few more video creation apps on the market… take a look! And check out the video below created by Rafael Reyes of AJ’s Urban Petals in Houston, TX. Thanks for sharing, Rafael, and if anyone else decides to give one of these apps a whirl, send us your videos! We’d love to see what you come up with.


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