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Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop Tour Video & Pictures

Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop in Los Angeles
Come join us at a Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop featuring Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers! We have 2 stops in the bag and will be hitting 7 more cities throughout this next year!

I can’t even tell you how incredibly excited I am to be able to share with you the stunning pictures and video from Jeremy Chou Photography and Talewind Visuals. The media below tells the story of Mayesh’s inaugural workshop, which was held in Los Angeles at FD Photo Studio, where it all started.

Keep on scrolling down to view the magic created by our LA Mayesh Design Star team!

A special thank you to our workshop sponsors below – please be sure to visit their website and check out what they have to offer!
Accent Decor
Oasis Floral Products
Design Master
Cameron Hughes Wine

Videography: Talewind Visuals
Photography: Jeremy Chou Photography
Styling: Tristan Needham Design

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Setting Up

Maybe you feel like this when working on wedding flowers, but the planning and styling of the workshop was half the fun of having a workshop! Seeing all of the little details coming together was pure magic. The students had access to some of the best Japanese, Dutch and local floral product in the industry for their arrangements, and the end product just couldn’t have been more dreamy.

Part of the planning was putting together a special thank you gift. The students were treated to a private selection of Cameron Hughes wine, and a beautifully styled gift box by Salt and Pepper Co., full of items from: Sugar Paper, HomArt, Cameron Hughes, TOCCA, and Accent Decor.

Workshop Action

Christy instructed the students on how to create their Oasis Floral florist netting structure to insert into their Accent Decor vessel. Once the vessels were prepped and ready to go, Christy shared how to utilize branches, where to place vines a.k.a. “dancers”, what to do with large “real estate” blooms, how she utilizes her Design Master color tools, where to put unexpected pops of foraged blooms, and many other invaluable techniques that she has picked up over the course of her career. Also, the students were given a few tips and tricks on utilizing Mayesh’s beautiful garland as either a swag, or a bride and groom chair backer.

The End Results

After the students were finished, they headed over to the photography station where they had their arrangement photographed on a fully styled table to use in their professional portfolio. Then, Jeremy Chou and Tristan Needham both gave a tutorial on photography and styling – how to always put your best foot forward with your images, and what tools have been most helpful to them in elevating their brands.

From Design Star to Dream Job

From Design Star to Dream Job Beth O'Reilly


There is big news on the horizon for 2015 Design Star Beth O’Reilly as she steps into a new role and becomes an official Mayesh employee. That’s right, Mayesh just didn’t want to let her go so they offered her a job that she couldn’t refuse. She calls it her “Dream Job!”

You will still see Beth from time to time as she promotes Awesome Blossoms but she will also head up her own accounts in the Sales Division of Mayesh at our LAX location. So you may ask, what makes this a dream job? Well we asked Beth and here is what she said, “This move into wholesale felt so right, and with a company like Mayesh supporting me, the sky is the limit. I can now devote my energy to helping the people that make this business what it is; the hard working, salt-of-the-earth florist and flower shop owners. I’ve been in their shoes and I know just what makes their lives easier when it comes to flower ordering and what to expect from their wholesaler.” Beth says that she will still pursue her passion for creative design but she cannot wait to learn another aspect of this great industry; building even more relationships with floral artists around the nation. The beauty of her position at LAX is that she will have the opportunity to work with all kinds of people as this is the hub of the shipping division. She adds, “As a Mayesh customer for many years myself, I saw first-hand the problem-solving abilities and services that Mayesh provides so I know just what we are capable of.”

You will also see Beth dabbling in some of our marketing efforts. Right out of the gate, Beth will design our Special Events 2016 booth in Orlando, Florida this January 13-14th. She is starting the year out with a bang and we are so excited to have her on board. Beth explains that the position couldn’t have come at a better time, as she had just made the decision to be closer to home (which is now Los Angeles) and forego her product development trips to China, explaining, “There comes a time in life when family is more important than anything and the Mayesh position is helping me spend more time at home with my husband and son. Also Mayesh is so special to me because it is built on family. When I was chosen as the Mayesh Design Star it felt like home for a reason. The people that work here truly care about you and it’s definitely a place where I will be proud to call home for many years to come.”

Yes indeed. We are just as excited to have Beth as an official Mayesh team member starting January 4th. What a grand collaboration we anticipate it will be. Please stay tuned as Beth goes from monthly design inspirations to a daily journey towards the epitome of perfection with Mayesh Awesome Blossoms.

Mayesh Shipping Testimonial – Houston, TX

wholesale roses
I get it. Honestly. Ordering flowers that are going to be shipped to you can be intimidating. You have to trust your sales rep and allow them to be your eyes in the cooler. But that is exactly what our shipping teams are awesome at! Check out the newest testimonial that came through for our Mayesh LAX shipping department:

“Charity!! I’m obsessed. All the blooms are in great shape and I love all the mint, sage, and lavender. These blooms are gorgeous. Haha, I’m officially sold on this. Is it harder/easier for you to pull things vs. me ordering specific blooms? I don’t want to take advantage of your time, but it’s so much easier when I can actually see what looks good. And I often feel like I get into a rut and order the same thing over and over.”

Maggie Bailey, Owner
Bramble & Bee
Houston, TX

Thanks for sharing Maggie!!

flower distributor, wholesale flowers - design by Bramble & Bee

World Floral Expo 2015

World Floral Expo 2015


I am no stranger to a trade show. This month I got the opportunity to go to the World Floral Expo right here in Los Angeles. Not only was this show in my city, it was unlike any show I have been to in the past. I am used to going to wedding and event trade shows but this was all about flowers. Growers from both California and South America as well as the rest of the world, come out and display the cream of their crop. It was really cool to walk the tradeshow floor and see nothing but stunning flowers wall to wall. This was also a great opportunity to meet some of the growers we work with. You see the names on the boxes and on the sleeves of bunches but to meet someone face to face and have the chance to have a conversation and learn about their product was very interesting. I got to hear how certain farms produce their product as well as the little things that separate their product from the rest. It could be something as little as a different mineral in the soil that could make the color more vibrant or a slight temperature change to bump up production. It’s crazy to think how the tiniest detail can change something so much and create such a different product.

Enough about the show, lets get to what we really want, pictures!

World Floral Expo 2015 World Floral Expo 2015 World Floral Expo 2015 World Floral Expo 2015 World Floral Expo 2015 World Floral Expo 2015 World Floral Expo 2015 World Floral Expo 2015

Testimonial: Mocha Rose & LAX Shipping

Mocha Rose Customer Testimonial
We recently received a beautiful letter from a Mayesh LAX Shipping customer, April Schwietz (owner of Mocha Rose Floral & Event Design) that I just had to share with you.  Thank you, April, for your kind words, support, and allowing me to share your testimonial with our readers!

I’m writing this letter because I feel like all too often, people write letters of complaint and forget to write about when a company is very good at what they do. I assume that’s especially true when your company works with a global and perishable product. The Mayesh quality is outstandingly good, but that’s not why I’m writing you today.

I’m writing to you today to let you know that you have an absolutely outstanding employee in Laura London at the LAX facility. I ended up with Laura as my rep at least five years ago and have never come across anyone in the industry that is a good at what they do as her. Over the years, I have been let down by so many suppliers and reps. There was always one rep, that even though I knew there were global shortages and quality issues, I knew if I handed an order off to her, she was going to do anything possible to make sure my order and my vision for my clients happened.

I know that I could price shop and find products cheaper. I know I pay a fortune to have your products shipped from LAX to Pittsburgh. This year, I decided to give 100% of my orders directly to Laura. I couldn’t handle the stress of being let down by a company last minute for a cheaper product. So every week, I just send my orders to Laura. I do not look at prices at all. (Ha! Please don’t go through and start marking up all Mocha Rose’s orders because I said that. I would notice.) The amount and time and stress I save by doing this is invaluable to me as a business owner. I know Laura is jumping through hoops to get me product and is in my head when it comes down to matching exact colors or knowing what I’d chose for a product she can’t get.

My business is growing at a rapid rate and I know I have Laura and her reliability to thank for that. I have so many designers that see my work online and contact me to ask me who my supplier is, I always tell them Mayesh LAX. I’m a little hesitant to spread Laura’s name around because she is just one (amazing) lady and I kind of want to keep her all to myself. So as long as you have Laura on your staff, you will get 100% of my orders. And if you don’t have Laura on staff that means I’ve somehow stolen her and convinced her to work for me! (But she’s really loyal to your company, I’ve tried!) You have an amazing employee there (great product too). Thank you for years of great service and product!


Mocha Rose Customer Testimonial

Mocha Rose Customer Testimonial

Photo by




2013 Pumpkin Carving Contest – Los Angeles Flower Market

Are you skilled at carving pumpkins?  Unfortunately, I am not … I think I just don’t have the patience and I end of breaking too many knives to make it worth it.

A handful of our Mayesh branches decided to host a pumpkin carving contest this year and as you will see many florists are amazing at carving pumpkins.  Below find a few pictures from our Los Angeles Flower Market location.  Stay tuned for others as I will post as I receive the pics.

Happy Halloween!


Winning Pumpkin Design:


2nd Place:


3rd Place:


Wholesale Hydrangea: Magdalena’s Flowers

Magdalena’s Flowers, a customer of our Los Angeles Flower Market, sent over a video that they created featuring an extravagant and lush table design using all hydrangeas – with the majority provided by us.  Check it out here:



What do you think about this “hydrangea symphony”?

Floral Art by Mayesh Designer

As many of you know, we have talented Mayesh team members across all of our branches.  It takes many skills to keep our company running and often times many come to us with an artistic background.  These people are great assets to both the locations and our customers, and one such Mayesh team member is Toni Andrade of our LAX (Los Angeles, CA) branch.

Toni designed the floral creation you see below.  It took her 8 1/2 hours to create this floral bust/art sculpture and each blade of bear grass was inserted individually!  In addition to the bear grass, I also spy several different varieties of orchids and freesia.

P.S. the creature below was lovingly named “Amy”



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