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Flower 411: Peonies Finishing Up, Ranunculus Available

ranunculus - wholesale flowers


We hope you are all enjoying yourself over the holidays, but as you gear up for 2017 events, we wanted to share the most recent Product Availability information from our Purchasing Department!




Artichokes – all colors and sizes  finished until February

Bear Grass -Super


Crocosmia pods


Eremurus White

Festival Bush/ Xmas Bush


Flannel Flower



Lisianthus Brown


Lysmachia- sub veronica




Pineapple Baby- off crop for a bit



Poppy pods

Protea Blushing Bride


Saracena (cobra lily)

Sedum all shades


Thryptomene/ calycina

Tullip Parrot-Black

Yarrow Yellow





Agonis-very limited

Amaranthus upright

Banksia – assorted only- limited

Delph Bella/waltz White- extremely limited

Delph Hybrid White- extremely limited- import only

Delph Hybrid Colors- hardly any locally- go import

Eucalyptus parvifolia


Ivy tree variegated

Jasmine- non flowering- vine only

Larkspur white-extremely limited

Larkspur colors- Limited

Lisianthus Local- Available import

Genestra white local -limited

Fern Shoots- limited and price increase

Peony– finishing up!

Protea King white and pink (Extremely Limited) DON’T PROMISE ON ORDERS

Protea pink ice

Protea white 


Stock Local- available import

Trachelium- limited locally- available import

Tulip Frilled- White






Genestra- Italy- a week or 2 away

Sweet peas – Import





Birds- available locally


Clematis – import only  lavender, dark pink, purple

Coxcomb- import only

Dahlias- winter production- basic colors- limited

Eremurus- yellow and orange- import

Gerbera- red and white, if you need only red or white go import. Locally you will get white and red as a percentage of assorted, cannot get straight red and white – locally.

Helleborus- green only, no colors

Hydrangea – Nice Colors-Import

Lavender- English- has gotten to the point in the season where it has natural browning mixed in with the open flower. Order at your own risk. NO CREDITS

Japanese Product- still limited

Kangaroo paw- import only

Lilac- available import

Lily Casablanca, Crystal Blanca from Premium Grower- Limited

Lisianthus- blush and peach are the same thing- only getting a champagne/peach

Passion vine- vine only


Portland- berries and sticks only!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rosehips- red only available

Scabiosa- pricey depending on what import area they come from

Statice- tissue limited, sinuata available

Viburnum- available import

Arizona Grown Artichokes

Arizona Grown Artichokes


If you love artichokes as much as I do, you’ll love this awesome post about locally grown Arizona artichokes! When Sabrina saw these beauties in our Phoenix cooler, she couldn’t not learn more. Keep reading to find out what she discovered!

Guest Blogger: Sabrina Mesa


When you think of Arizona this is usually what people think about…


Arizona Grown Artichokes


Cacti, cacti everywhere!! Most people are pretty surprised that Arizona is more than just cacti and dirt. The Arizona desert is actually a very diverse ecosystem with more than just prickly plants. According to the National Park Service:

The Sonoran Desert is thought to have the greatest species diversity of any desert in North America, and that diversity occurs over relatively fine spatial scales. The Sonoran Desert is home to at least 60 species of mammals, more than 350 bird species, 20 amphibians, some 100 reptiles, and about 30 species of native fish. More than 2,000 species of plants have been identified in the Sonoran Desert…


Arizona Grown Artichokes


I am an Arizona native and I cannot believe that all these years Arizona can still surprise me. The biggest surprise came when I went to visit our Phoenix branch. In their cooler I saw these beauties:


Arizona Grown Artichokes


This is one stem of an Artichoke Blossom. ONE stem with four massive artichokes!! I could not believe my eyes. The bloom was so large and the color of the artichoke leaves were such a beautiful shade of purple. As I looked at the rest of the inventory I noticed most of the stems were just as large and just as impressive.


Arizona Grown Artichokes


Where did all these artichokes come from? I finally went into the office and asked the buyer and she was like “They are locally grown.” WHAT??????!!!! No way!! I kept telling her that there is no way those massive artichokes were grown in Arizona. Of course I was wrong and boy oh boy I was happy to be wrong. Check these out…


Arizona Grown ArtichokesArizona Grown Artichokes

Arizona Grown Artichokes

Arizona Grown Artichokes


Not only are they locally grown but they are organic as well. The farmer uses only lady bugs as a means to keep the bad bugs away. What a great find! The farmer is an Italian born gentleman who is as passionate about his crop as the artichokes are large. He stopped by and gave me a little background. He said that he started out in Mexico with artichokes and asparagus, but the artichokes didn’t do as well as he had hoped. He moved his crop to Phoenix, and lo and behold the soil gave him a big vibrant crop! He said that the soil in Arizona is by far the largest success factor.


Arizona Grown Artichokes

Arizona Grown Artichokes

Arizona Grown Artichokes

Arizona Grown Artichokes


From now on hopefully you all think of Artichokes and Cacti when you think of Arizona. They are both pretty great but one is a little easier to work into an arrangement 😉

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