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The Flower House Detroit

The Flower House Detroit


This past weekend, the much awaited Flower House Detroit came to life. While I was unfortunately unable to go, long-time Mayesh client Anne Mansour was in attendance and happily agreed to be our guest blogger for the event! Below is her recount of what sounds like a once in a lifetime experience touring the Flower House. So sit back and let her vivid narration transport you to the Flower House, if only for a minute.


Guest Blogger: Anne Mansour


Lisa Waud, owner of Pot & Box, is the visionary and trendsetter behind the Flower House that has captivated the national attention of many flower lovers & garden enthusiasts alike. Friday evening was the last Field to Vase dinner of 2015. With an oversold event, the guests were treated to an amazing family style feast of seasonal farm to table delicacies, created by Eat chefs Blake & Helen. There was also local wine by Stargazer Barn and craft beer. The stacked cake was draped in dahlias and resembled overturned milk pales created by Sweet Heather Anne.

Touring the Flower House was like exploring a showcase house, but rather than furnishings, the house was filled with floral art installations designed by über talented florists and event designers. With the majority of the flowers donated by domestic growers, the abundance of blooms was tremendous. From the front yard and porch, entering the front rooms and parlor, flowers and foliage undulate from the walls, ceiling, windows, and floors. Every surface was addressed to create a set for visual floral displays. Fragrant floral scents intoxicate the air. Textures of dahlias in ombré tones from deep dark burgundy to shades of pink to cafe au lait, cabbage garden roses, variegated anthurium, amaranths, lacy fern, bittersweet fall toned maple branches, Olive tree roots, red California pepper-berries, white tulips, purple irises, and blue delphinium. Woven marigolds in the bathroom. Patterned mandalas in the closet ceiling and hall. The ferns and tress bursting into the rooms. One had an emotional reaction to the simple beauty of nature. In the dining room, the chandelier is a massive tree root dripping with water and Edison bulbs, the table below covered in greens becomes the catch for the water to flow down to the floor.

The kitchen designed by Passionflower abounds with the vegetables taking over every inch of the walls, ceiling, and countertops. Going upstairs, walls are covered with patterned flower buds and leaves, creating a graphic display. White tulips hang overhead with buds turned down. Upstairs, the viewer is greeted by another floor to ceiling installation, this time, a cyclone of flowers and foliage. The innovative design is a curvilinear fury of flowers. The upstairs front room features a floral graffiti design that displays the vibrancy of the Detroit neighborhood’s future. Layered with the flowers running ribbon-like around the room flowers, art, and sophisticated innovation create a symphony of layered flowers.

The event was a huge success for Lisa and her fellow designers. The collaborative efforts of everyone involved displayed how the community came together to create such an amazing event. An urban flower farm is planned on this site and will be home to peony and dahlias. Flowers are power!



For more awesome photos of the Flower House, head on over to our Facebook page and check out our Flower House album!

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