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Testimonial: Mocha Rose & LAX Shipping

Mocha Rose Customer Testimonial
We recently received a beautiful letter from a Mayesh LAX Shipping customer, April Schwietz (owner of Mocha Rose Floral & Event Design) that I just had to share with you.  Thank you, April, for your kind words, support, and allowing me to share your testimonial with our readers!

I’m writing this letter because I feel like all too often, people write letters of complaint and forget to write about when a company is very good at what they do. I assume that’s especially true when your company works with a global and perishable product. The Mayesh quality is outstandingly good, but that’s not why I’m writing you today.

I’m writing to you today to let you know that you have an absolutely outstanding employee in Laura London at the LAX facility. I ended up with Laura as my rep at least five years ago and have never come across anyone in the industry that is a good at what they do as her. Over the years, I have been let down by so many suppliers and reps. There was always one rep, that even though I knew there were global shortages and quality issues, I knew if I handed an order off to her, she was going to do anything possible to make sure my order and my vision for my clients happened.

I know that I could price shop and find products cheaper. I know I pay a fortune to have your products shipped from LAX to Pittsburgh. This year, I decided to give 100% of my orders directly to Laura. I couldn’t handle the stress of being let down by a company last minute for a cheaper product. So every week, I just send my orders to Laura. I do not look at prices at all. (Ha! Please don’t go through and start marking up all Mocha Rose’s orders because I said that. I would notice.) The amount and time and stress I save by doing this is invaluable to me as a business owner. I know Laura is jumping through hoops to get me product and is in my head when it comes down to matching exact colors or knowing what I’d chose for a product she can’t get.

My business is growing at a rapid rate and I know I have Laura and her reliability to thank for that. I have so many designers that see my work online and contact me to ask me who my supplier is, I always tell them Mayesh LAX. I’m a little hesitant to spread Laura’s name around because she is just one (amazing) lady and I kind of want to keep her all to myself. So as long as you have Laura on your staff, you will get 100% of my orders. And if you don’t have Laura on staff that means I’ve somehow stolen her and convinced her to work for me! (But she’s really loyal to your company, I’ve tried!) You have an amazing employee there (great product too). Thank you for years of great service and product!


Mocha Rose Customer Testimonial

Mocha Rose Customer Testimonial

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