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2013 Pumpkin Carving Contest – Los Angeles Flower Market

Are you skilled at carving pumpkins?  Unfortunately, I am not … I think I just don’t have the patience and I end of breaking too many knives to make it worth it.

A handful of our Mayesh branches decided to host a pumpkin carving contest this year and as you will see many florists are amazing at carving pumpkins.  Below find a few pictures from our Los Angeles Flower Market location.  Stay tuned for others as I will post as I receive the pics.

Happy Halloween!


Winning Pumpkin Design:


2nd Place:


3rd Place:


Wholesale Hydrangea: Magdalena’s Flowers

Magdalena’s Flowers, a customer of our Los Angeles Flower Market, sent over a video that they created featuring an extravagant and lush table design using all hydrangeas – with the majority provided by us.  Check it out here:



What do you think about this “hydrangea symphony”?

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