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2013 AIFD Symposium Designer Interview: Kenneth Snauwaert AIFD


In talks with AIFD regarding our sponsorship, I thought it would be fun to interview some of the speakers that we will see at this year’s Symposium “Passion” in Las Vegas.  A way to get to know AIFD – the people behind the organization.  First up is Kenneth Snauwaert AIFD.  I had the pleasure of meeting Kenneth at last year’s symposium.  He was full of energy as he described his plans for his program for this year’s symposium that focuses on orchids and I am happy to introduce you to him.


When did you realize this was the career for you?

When I was a teenager.


Describe your journey in becoming CFD/AIFD?  The when, where, what, why, who, and how’s …

I was encouraged for many years to take the PFDE by a local AIFD member. When symposium was so close in Palm Desert, CA I decided to make the drive and take the PFDE. It was the best decision I made for my career!


How many symposiums have you attended?  If you have attended multiple, why do you keep coming back?

Passion will be my 7th symposium. The friendships I have found and the design inspiration I find at symposium keep me wanting more.


Please describe your symposium program and what the audience can expect to gain from attending:
It’s about my journey from when I caught “Orchid Fever” and how it inspired my love of floral design. I will explore four popular orchid families interpreting them in design. I believe this is the first time an ALL ORCHID program will be on the AIFD symposium stage!


Tell us a little about your floral extracurricular activities?  (e.g. rose parade, classes, botanical garden/garden club, etc.)

I currently serve as Vice President of the South West Chapter of AIFD, teach floral design part time at the College of Southern Nevada and am the Student Advisor for the Student Chapter of AIFD at CSN.


How would you describe your design style?

Architectural and Structural


What or who inspires you?
Music, architecture and fashion


What floral tool can you not live without?

My power drill and knife


If had to pick just one (I know it is nearly impossible) what would be your favorite flower and why?

Of course it would be the orchid…Phalaenopsis being my favorite member of the orchid family.


What is your favorite color combination right now?

I love strong bold colors and am still in love with lime green. I am enjoying lime green and orange (citrus colors) and purple with orange or lime green.


What trends do you see emerging within our industry?

Mono botanical monochromatic designs are still very strong. I am seeing more structural designs using creative armatures.


What is your best piece of advice for new comers into the floral industry?

Education and practice, practice and more practice!


How can our viewers connect with you? (list your business website, Facebook business page, Twitter name, LinkedIn, blog, etc)
Facebook page: Orchid Passion
Twitter: flowerdivo





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