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2013 AIFD Symposium Interview: Julie Reed, AIFD


My next AIFD Symposium designer interview is with Julie Reed, AIFD.  She has been in our industry since 1978 and has her own book called “Beauty of Life”.  Pretty awesome!  Enjoy her interview below and we hope to see you at her AIFD program!


When did you realize this was the career for you?

When I went to a craft class to make ribbon roses and sold multiple arrangements in my parents grocery store.


Describe your journey in becoming CFD/AIFD?  

Upon arriving in the United States I was familiar with AIFD and wanted to be the 3rd UK person to have the credential. Unfortunately coming across some designers that did not seem worthy of the AIFD credential made me feel it did not hold the credibility I had thought. Once the testing policies changed for the better, a friend convinced me to join – I did and have really enjoyed the journey.


How many symposiums have you attended?  If you have attended multiple, why do you keep coming back?

All, since I tested in 2001.


Please describe your symposium program and what the audience can expect to gain from attending:

My program is about Illusion and the Passion we have to create – the Illusion in every room and every setting for our clients needs and enjoyment.  Hope the audience enjoys getting to know me and what I love to do, along with taking home a few tips.


Tell us a little about your floral extracurricular activities? 

Gosh, I have been honored to work for Phoenix Rose Parade Float Company for over ten years, created designs for the Emmy awards, Golden Globes, many celebrity events and weddings, movie and TV shows.  Travelled on privately owned cruise ships, creating decor for events. Enjoyed demonstrating for garden clubs.  Own and teach at the Las Vegas School of Floral Design.  Look forward to many more opportunities.


How would you describe your design style?

My personal style is minimal and contemporary.


What or who inspires you?

Many things inspire me: architecture, photography,nature,colors, my boyfriend.


What floral tool can you not live without?

Oasis Glue


If had to pick just one (I know it is nearly impossible) what would be your favorite flower and why?

Gloriosa lilly because it has such a unique form.


Tell us a short floral story. Have you ever had a strange floral request? Created something wonderful out of a sticky situation? Have you ever felt like MacGyver and used your mad floral skills in a non-floral situation?

Yes many times.  On example:  I turned a garden rose into a giant anemone by filling the middle with black painted trachelium. My Bride was over the moon.


What trends do you see emerging within our industry?

Hope the DIY trends fizzles out soon, “its killing me”.  I just cannot get into the vintage bottles and mason jars. Moving into bird cages.  Please bring back the art of floral design.


What is your best piece of advice for new comers into the floral industry?

If you don’t LOVE it find something else to do.



How can our viewers connect with you?

Have it all Julie Reed Facebook, Twitter

Prefer to talk 702-435-9783

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