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Floral Perspective: Modern Thanksgiving Design with Jodi Duncan AIFD

You have had 9 months to figure out if you are #TeamPatience, #TeamBeth, or #TeamTony.  With so many fabulous floral design videos, who do you think will be our next Mayesh Design Star?  We are crunching the numbers now and will reveal the winner very soon.  Stay tuned!!

To hold you over and since we missed Jodi Duncan, we invited her back for our November edition of the Floral Perspective series. Last year Jodi showed us an abundance of Thanksgiving goodness. This year she has taken a more sleek and modern approach. This design is simple yet sophisticated and packs a lot of punch and is perfect for dressing any holiday table.

Featured product: Flame calla lilies, wheat and pincushion protea.

Hard goods: Modern container from UCI, Oasis UGlu strips, Oasis silver metallic wire, Lehner Wolle³ flower wool and UCI gems.


Jodi Duncan AIFD Instagram Takeover: WAFA Ireland Recap

WAFA Ireland


As announced last week, we had our very first person takeover our Instagram account.  Jodi Duncan AIFD, our 2013 Mayesh Design Star, took a trip to the 2014 WAFA World Flower Show in Ireland as part of her prize package!  Jodi was kind enough to take the reins of our Instagram account during the event to show you some of the great designs and details.  Just in case you are not on Instagram or if you are, somehow missed us in your feed, below is a recap of all of the awesome goodness that Jodi shared with us!  Enjoy the eye candy!

P.S.  If you did enjoy this #MayeshInstagramTakeover, tell me who you would love to see next posting pics to our account!!


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Jodi Duncan AIFD Instagram Takeover: WAFA Ireland

WAFA Ireland


As part of her prize package for becoming our 2013 Mayesh Design Star, Jodi Duncan AIFD choose to attend the 2014 World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) World Flower Show in Dublin, Ireland!  We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to attempt our very first Instagram takeover.  So beginning today until the end of the show, Jodi has taken over Mayesh’s Instagram account to give you access to an incredible flower show across the pond!  We hope you enjoy the view!




Cheers, or as the Irish would say … Sláinte!

P.S. If you are in the floral industry and are interested in an Instagram Takeover, contact me to discuss.  I love connecting the people in our community together!

FSFA Annual Convention

On June 7, 2013 the Florida State Florists’ Association’s Annual Convention will begin.  I’m particularly excited for this event because we were asked to sponsor our 2013 Mayesh Design Star, Jodi Duncan AIFD.  So we are sending her down to Tampa to present her program, “Armature Architecture”.

“Architecture, a Greek word meaning “chief” and “builder, carpenter” is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction. Today’s designer must be skilled in all areas, bringing beauty to the forefront in everyday shop merchandising as well as event construction. Explore armature based designs for bridal bouquets, big events & merchandising, and transform the landscape of your aesthetic as your profits build.”

Will you be attending the convention?  Not only will Jodi be there, but one of our representatives from our Miami branch will be at the trade fair.  Be sure to stop by our booth and say hi!  Here is more information about this event:

FSFA Annual Convention Registration- Members Only
Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel, 200 North Ashely Drive, Tampa, FL


“Urban Inspiration” – Schedule of Events



  • 9a – 12p FSMD Workshop
  • 10a – 12p Sunshine Competition
  • 12p – 4p Trade Fair Setup
  • 1p – 3p Board Meetings
  • 2P – 5P Table Scape Competition / FSMD Testing
  • 3p – 6p Registration Open / Raffles Open / Silent Auction Open
  • 7p Welcome Reception / Entertainment



  • 8a – 10:30a DOY Competition
  • 10:30a – 11:30a Chrissy Craft / Ideal Design Events”Wedding Insanities”
  • 12p – 1:30p Lunch / Networking / Trade Fair Shopping / Corsage Bar / General Business Meeting
  • 1:45p – 3:15p Jodi Duncan,AIFD Sponsored by Mayesh
  • 3:30p – 4:45p Tim Ryan,FSMD Sponsored by Womar Glass
  • 7p Presidential Evening / Dinner / Awards



  • 8a – 9a Board Member Meeting
  • 9a – 10:15a Kevin Ylvisaker AIFD PFCI CFD Sponsored by Teleflora
  • 10:30a – 12p Jackie Lacey AIFD PFCI CFD Sponsored by Bloomnet
  • 12p – 1:30p Lunch / Final Trade Fair
  • 1:45p – 3p Ann Jordan AIFD PFCI CFD Sponsored by FTD “The Impact of Perception”
  • 3p – 3:30p Raffles / Design Auction
  • 3:30p Close of Convention

2013 Philadelphia Flower Show – “JACK” by Schaffer Designs

Blogger: Jodi Duncan AIFD 


As a floral designer, to be involved behind the scenes of the Philadelphia Flower Show is an amazing experience. Working with Bill Schaffer AIFD, AAF, PFCI and Kristine Kratt AIFD, PFCI is invigorating. This dynamic husband & wife design team consistently push the limits of design, creating concepts where many fear to tread. Their flower show journey has been well documented in their book “Taking The Flower Show Home” available on Amazon. You’ll find a beautiful comprehensive look from concept to creation (and a few quotes & pics of yours truly along the way). They are amazing floral artists, and they are my dear friends. 

Taking a look at this year, however, they walked in with ʻbest of showʼ under their belt from the past 2 years. This couple was not afraid to take risks in 2013. They did not expect to win this year. They prepared the team: ”this exhibit will not win….but the story must be shared”. 

This year’s theme was the British inspired “Brilliant”. Among all the whimsy & jaunty iconic British themes, over in a dark corner, stood “J A C K”…..not the beloved Union Jack, but Jack the Ripper.

I told you they were risky! They chose to tell the story of Jack the Ripper for the merit of the story itself, for the way it changed the culture of London’s Whitechapel in 1888. Women lost their lives in tragic surroundings, and positive changes were thrust upon society in the wake of those horrific events. The interpretation did not glorify the crimes, but was life affirming, taking what could be seen as creepy….breathing hope and affirming life, a springing up of beauty from ashes, a floral cry for justice, for perseverance.

Through emails, Bill & Kris begin to share sketches nearly a year before the event, drawing inspiration from everyday life, photos, movies, magazines, music, pop culture. I love when I see something from Bill or Kris in my inbox.

A portion of the flowers used came from Mayesh. Their wonderful product was featured throughout in stunning ways….the sansevieria, huge extra large succulents, caramel antique garden roses, the cymbidiums….all were all utilized in creative, clever designs that enhanced the overall aesthetic.

To walk the show floor before anyone has arrived and leave long after everyone has gone home, to experience the scope of forklifts, freight, loading docks, unions, security, climate….the whole environment is exhilarating and exhausting. I love being a part. This was my 4th year as a member of Schaffer Designs. To know that I am just one small person on one large team who assembles an exhibit of this scale, that just happens to be just ONE exhibit under the same roof as dozens and dozens of others…its mind boggling.

The love of flowers brings amazing people together. To come together for such a pure purpose is a wondrous thing. It’s a want-to, not a have-to. The flower show experience is just another benefit of AIFD accreditation. Without AIFD, I wouldn’t know Bill & Kris. It was when I was testing that we met. The purity of the flower show experience is so near & dear to me. I wish everyone could come, to see the height & depth & length that creatives will go through, just to tell a story. I am thrilled to play a small part in the story and to share it with flower lovers everywhere. From the 30+ volunteers that come, to those who donate flowers & product, what an amazing thing to be involved with. Without the generous support of sponsors & designers & friends, the concepts of Schaffer Designs would never make it past the paper they are drawn on. The support of the floral community, from grower to broker to wholesaler to hardgoods to designers is what literally brings the exhibits to life. For that I am thankful.

Don’t miss next year’s show! I’ve already talked to Bill & Kris…(we were already on to 2014 before we were even done with J A C K…) ARTiculture is next years theme for Philadelphia.


AIFD 2013 Symposium “Passion” with Jodi Duncan

Our 2013 Mayesh Design Star, Jodi Duncan AIFD, personally invites you to attend AIFD’s 2013 Symposium, “Passion” in Las Vegas which is taking place June 28-July 2 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.  Visit for more information!


Mayesh will be in attendance as the distribution partner for the entire event, as well as showcasing some of our gorgeous wholesale flowers and reporting on all of the exciting details.  It truly is a time of intensive inspiration and professional networking within the floral design industry.  I hope to see you there!

Design Demos with Jodi Duncan AIFD at Catersource/Event Solutions Idea Factory

So I’ll be getting on a plane headed to Vegas for the Catersource/Event Solutions Idea Factory show this weekend.  You’ll see our product throughout the entire event as we are the main floral supplier for Catersource.

In addition to all of the usual excitement found at this great show, we have decided to bring our 2013 Mayesh Design Star, Jodi Duncan AIFD, in to conduct design demonstrations on Tuesday, March 12th at our booth (#335)!  Not only will you get to see a sampling of our amazing flowers and meet some of our fab floral professionals, but you’ll get to meet Jodi and get some great floral design ideas, tips, and tricks!

Also, be sure to check out AFR’s Design Challenge on Tuesday, March 12 at 1:30pm.  Watch Lenny Talarico, CSEP and Jessica L. Zeidler try to out-design each other with just 30 minutes!!  They will be running over to our booth to pick out their flowers for their design – it is so much fun to watch!

Last, but not least, our Mayesh blooms will also be showing up in many designers’ session – here’s the list:

  • Preston Bailey
  • Harmony Event
  • David Everett
  • David Price
  • Meryl Snow

Hope to see you at the show!!



Fresh Take Video Pictures – Trough & Basin Container Designs

March’s Fresh Take video concentrated on utilizing the Trough & Basin containers from UCI’s Mill Stone Collection.  They are hard and rough surrounded by fresh flowers signifying that Spring is on its way.  It is a perfect transition piece for this time of year!

Don’t forget that many of our locations carry floral supplies, including product from UCI!  Check with your Detroit, Cleveland, Charlotte, Chandler, and Riverside locations!


Fresh Take Video Pictures – Floral Armature & Boutonnieres

It has been a crazy beginning of the year and I’m slightly behind in posting pictures from our new video series, “Fresh Take”, featuring our 2013 Mayesh Design Star, Jodi Duncan AIFD and her fresh floral design ideas. Below are February’s pictures and I will post March this week as well! Enjoy and “Pin” away!


Video: Meet Jodi Duncan AIFD, 2013 Mayesh Design Star

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for you to get to know Miss Jodi Duncan AIFD!  The video below can serve as that first step.  I remember the day I met Jodi – The Special Event last year.  It was my very first show, I was nervous and she was my first “Twitter friend” that I met in real life.  If you know me just a little, then you know that I was super duper excited!!  I then was able to meet up with her at the AIFD Symposium, and she really put in the effort to introduce us to as many people as she could.  She is a superb designer, who is also full of energy and welcoming.

February 2013 Mayesh Wholesale Florist will kick off its branch new Mayesh Design Star floral design video series featuring, Jodi.  Get FRESH ideas, inspiration, and floral design tips throughout the year!  Enjoy the video:


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