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Floral Design Elements: Memorial Wreath With Jerome Raska

In this edition of his Mayesh Design Star Series, Jerome shows us a quick and easy way to make a memorial wreath using Aspidistra leaves to cover the foam with a ribboning technique.

Featured product: Aspidistra leaves, white chrysanthemum,

Materials: Floral foam ring.

Featured product: Aspidistra leaves, white chrysanthemum; Materials: Floral foam ring.

Floral Design Elements: Body Botanicals with Shawn Michael Foley

floral design elements - body flowers

In this edition of his Mayesh Design Star series, Shawn shows us his tips and tricks for what he is most known for, adhering different botanicals to the body.  He demonstrates 3 different ways to attach flowers safely, securely and without causing breakouts. Have fun with this one!

Featured product: Dutch hydrangea, burgundy mokara orchids, air plant, coral fern,clarinervium leaves, green parrot tulips and yellow ranunculus.

Materials used: Cellophane, Oasis cold glue,  non-toxic school glue, ribbon or fabric and flexible fabric band-aid.


Floral Design Elements: Flower Crowns with Jerome Raska

how-to flower crown

In this edition of his Mayesh Design Star Series, Jerome Raska shows us how to make floral crowns. These crowns are wildly popular in wedding work and for summer festivals.

Featured product: Ivy, rosemary, delphinium, hypericum and hanging amaranthus.

Materials: bullion wire and cold glue.



2016 AIFD Symposium Contest

AIFD Symposium Contest 2016


With the 2016 AIFD Symposium just around the corner, we’ve partnered with them to give away three of the much coveted Education Passes!

For a chance to win, we’re asking you one simple question: What inspires you? Whether it be architecture, nature, or fashion, we want to see your interpretation of what inspires you in flower form. Inspiration is such a broad term that this is really your chance to go crazy and design what you’ve always wanted to! A Mayesh Panel will review all submissions and award three (3) grand prizes!

1. Describe your floral inspiration

2. Upload a collage of both your inspiration and  floral design (.jpg only)

Dream up your most creative & inspired design and you may be heading to all of the Symposium shows! Good Luck! ENTER NOW

Education Pass to 2016 AIFD Symposium in Orange County, California

Fill out the form, describe your inspiration, and submit a .jpg image of your inspiration next to your design by May 16, 2016. Please be as specific as possible, include any background information. ENTER NOW

Winners will be selected by a panel of Mayesh judges.

-April 18: first day of contest

-May 16: last day to enter the contest

-May 23: Winner will be announced

-July 3-7: AIFD Symposium
Fine Print

-Contestants must be current customers of Mayesh Wholesale Florist.

-One entry per person.

-Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc. reserves the right to close registration at any time should the number of respondents become unmanageable.

-Mayesh reserves the right to change the parameters of the contest.

-By registering for the event, you are agreeing to all terms & conditions set forth above.

-Completed design and photos become the property of Mayesh Wholesale Florist and may be used in promotion and publicity.

-Dates and times are subject to change based on need.

Floral Design Elements: Utilizing Stems with Shawn

flower stem floral design
In this edition of his Design Star series, Shawn shows us how to get more bang for our buck by using discarded stems in design work. Not only can you make a sturdy armature with interesting texture, but you can also add architectural lines as well to make your floral designs more modern. In addition, Shawn demonstrates how to make a rope out of inexpensive greens to weave throughout designs to really set them apart from the rest!



Floral Design Elements: Cascading Bridal Bouquet with Jerome

In this installment of his Design Star Series, Jerome Raska brings us back to the traditional cascading bouquet with elevated style and an impeccable choice of product including succulents, ivy, and ranunculus. Also, David Austin roses are added to not only add luscious beauty but a wonderful fragrance to match.

Featured product: Ivy, red peonies, red ranunculus, pink ranunculus, David Austin rose Charity Auswater, David Austin rose Miranda, succulents, and lycopodium.

Materials: Caged foam bouquet holder and aluminum flat wire.

Interview with The Blooming Bud

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Happy Friday, everyone! If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw this week’s takeover with Cynthia Sanchez of The Blooming Bud. She gave us a peek into her dreamy, Southern California floral designs, ranging from pretty pastels, to natural, foliage inspired designs, to cake… so many beautiful cakes! (Okay now I want cake). We caught up with Cynthia to ask her a few questions and learn a bit more about the designer behind the takeover. Be sure to check out The Blooming Bud on Instagram too!


To start, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself, and how you found yourself in the flower industry! 

I am a wife and a mother to one beautiful twelve year old pit bull. Most days you’ll find me trying to run this crazy little business I call The Blooming Bud, but on my time off you’ll see me in my garden, doing yoga, or having fun with my husband. I have been doing floral design on and off for twelve years now. I started working at my first flower shop back in 2003, and to my luck it was a very nice high end flower shop which specialized in retail floral displays. Working at this flower shop is when and how I realized I loved working in a creative field. I think this is also when I realized how much I enjoyed creating beautiful things and working with my hands. After working here a few years and only being 19 or 20 years old, I didn’t know I could and would actually end up having a career in floral design. I ended up going to school and studying what I thought was the next best thing, Interior Design. While going to school I still worked on and off for different flower shops/designers on occasion. After graduating with my Bachelors Degree in Interior Design I landed a very good job at one of the top commercial design firms here in Orange County. While there were plenty of fun and rewarding things about being an Interior Designer, I would always remember that I was my happiest when I worked with flowers. Fast forward a couple of years and in 2012 I married my wonderful husband who has been with me since the very beginning of my flower career back in 2003. Once we got married, I had him to fully support and encourage me to follow my dreams and become a floral designer again. I jumped in head first in February of 2013 by starting this business and I haven’t looked back! Every year has been a blessing and every year has been better than the last. Next year I hope to be more adventurous with my designs and push some of my creative boundaries!


The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography


While perusing your website, I saw that your degree is actually in Interior Design. Mine is too! I’m curious as to how your background in design comes into play now as a floral designer? 

I feel like my background does come into play a lot in my role as a floral designer, which always makes me really happy. Floral Design, like I mentioned, is what made me want to pursue something like Interior Design in the first place, and although I wasn’t happy having a career as an Interior Designer I did always enjoy the designing part of that job. I find that although I’m focusing on the florals now, I always jump into my designer mode in the beginning stages of my process with my clients and a lot on the actual wedding days as well. In the beginning stages while working with us, I always like to see what somebody has pinned in their inspiration boards. Some people don’t like to use Pinterest too much (because let’s face it, some of these boards are all over the place) but it really helps me see what kinds of things they like, what look or atmosphere they are going for, what kind of person they are, etc. I then try to enhance and improve some of those design elements in my own way. I still want to be true to their vision of their wedding, but I want to be able to use my expertise and design style to help bring that vision to life. This was a lot how I used to approach my design projects as an Interior Designer. I analyzed what the client liked and what they needed, I saw what we had to work with, and then I went from there.


How would you describe your design style? 

I would describe it as whimsically balanced. Not too tailored but not too extreme either. I love to use the different shapes and textures in fun playful ways but I find that I tend to balance my designs somehow. I like things to stand on their own and be unique on its own but I love structure at the same time so I tend to design with a lot of symmetry (whether it be where I place my flowers or the colors I’m using).


The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @mallorydawnphoto

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @savanphotography

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography


What trends do you see happening in flowers right now? 

I’m personally seeing a lot more lush greens and wonderful textures as opposed to having more flowers and less greens in arrangements. I love this. All of my weddings are looking more natural all around (from the venues, to the dresses, to the flowers, etc.) and there is more attention being placed on details. 


The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo  by @lucymunozphotography

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography

Let’s talk tools. Favorite florist tool? And in terms of social media, other than Facebook & Instagram, are there any other apps you’re using, or are those pretty much your go-to’s?

My favorite florist tool would have to be my knife. It’s pretty much the one thing that you will always find in my hand. If it’s not in my hand, I’m most likely looking for it because I have lost it. Instagram and Facebook- Those are pretty much my go to’s. I’m embarrassed to say, but I don’t really know what else is out there or how to use any of it. LOL. There’s just so much out there now, it’s so hard to keep up. So let’s hope they continue to stay relevant!


What is your favorite or most memorable event or shoot you have been apart of? 

I would have to say being with Kate and Jose Villa in Kate’s Flowerwild workshop in Santa Ynez last year. The location was amazing (Alisal Ranch). Kate and Jose were so generous and are such an inspiration. Her spirit, both their talents, and all the girls I shared this experience with made that particular photo shoot very memorable to me.


What is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself during your first year of designing? 

Be confident in your work, be confident in yourself, and don’t forget to have fun.


And incase you’d forgotten about  cake…


The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography

Floral Design Elements: Structured Garden Style with Shawn Michael Foley

Floral Design Elements: Structured Garden Style with Shawn Michael   

In the first video of his Mayesh Design Star series, Shawn Micheal Foley creates a garden style arrangement with a strong structure, a modern line and a soft focal point. This type of design is perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday!

Featured product: Red Heart roses, black ranunculus, agonis foliage, seeded eucalyptus, black magic roses, burgundy anemones,  rose hips and astrantia.

Materials: Oasis MaxLife foam and vintage black amethyst glass wear.

Floral Design Elements with Jerome Raska: Designing With Bulb Flowers

Floral Design Elements with Jerome Raska: Designing With Bulb Flowers

Happy New Year!! We are kicking off 2016 with our new Mayesh Design Stars – Jermone Raska and Shawn Michael Foley. We are super excited to share with you our fourth year of floral design videos with the guys alternating months and up first is Jerome.

In the first installment of his Design Star series, Jerome uses tulips on the bulb along with other natural materials to create a floral design that brings nature into your home.

Featured product: Mossy Branches, bulb tulips, birch branch, moss and angel vine.

Materials: Ceramic container, duct tape, floral foam, glue pan, wooden floral picks, and paper covered bind wire.

Inspired Floral Design with Beth O’ Reilly: Holiday Parallel Design


In this final installment of Inspired Floral Design, Beth O’Reilly takes a more modern approach on a holiday centerpiece. This parallel design would work great on a tablescape, as a mantel piece or in an entry way. Such a great wrap to Beth’s year as our 2015 Mayesh Design Star!

Featured product:  Cedar foliage, equisetum (horsetail), mini calla lilies, jasmine vine, ranunculus, cymbidium orchids and viburnum.

Hard goods: Water tubes, wire, hyacinth sticks, floral tape, yarn, hot glue, Oasis bullion wire, Oasis raquette and midollino sticks.

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