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Top 10 Flower Pulls

top 10 Mayesh Flower Pulls

Some of my favorite posts to Instagram and Facebook this past year were the gorgeous flower pulls artfully arranged by Mayesh LAX Shipping’s Kelly Girard. She is a serious force and has inspired thousands with her famous Mayesh Flower Pulls! In 2016, Kelly created about 300 of these beauties and she was so kind to go through all of them to pick her top 10 favorites! Kelly described the process as difficult saying that it was like “choosing a favorite child”, but her labor of love is below to show you her very favorite flower combinations including a short description and the month that the pull was complete. Thank you Kelly!! I hope that you enjoy and would love to know which one is your ultimate favorite! And no cheating, you have to pick just one … 

Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Gorgeous Spring Palette of Peach, Coral, Butter Yellow, and Shades of Pink :::

Local garden spray roses, fruiting branches, vines, dahlias, novelty tulips, sweet peas, with other frilly and fancy blooms!

:: JUNE ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Hot Summer Palette of Burgundy, Coral, Plum, Peach, and Red :::

Protea, berries, crocosmia, garden roses, cottage yarrow, scabiosa, and other wild garden textures!

:: AUGUST ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Rustic Fall Palette of Bronze, Coral, Burgundy, Peach, Terracotta, Chocolate, Rust, and Red :::

Amaranthus, rosehips, strawflower, zinnias, celosia, ball dahlias, french tulips, fruiting branches, with other gorgeous fall focals and fillers!



Mayesh Flower Pull

:: A Cool Winter Palette of White, Bronze, Cream, and Beige :::

Eremeres, sweet peas, pieris buds, garden roses, astrantia, peonies, and other delicate accents!



Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Rich Jewel Tone Palette of Coral, Chocolate, Hot Pink, Red and Burgundy, With Accents of Peach and Bronze :::

Blooming euphorbia, dahlias, peonies, garden roses, hyacinth, anemones, and other saucey showstoppers!



Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Romantic Palette of Blush, Cream, White, and Shades of Peach :::
Poke weed, snowberries, blushing bride, garden spray roses, ranunculus, gomphrena, zinnias, and other fabulous blooms!

:: JULY ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Bright and Bold Palette of Coral, Orange, Peach, Red, and Hot Pink :::

Foxglove, kalanchoe, poppies, blackberries, godetia, pepperberry, polygonum, with other wild and crazy blossoms!

:: JULY ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Muted Pastel Palette of Blush, Peach, Mauve, Lavender, and Beige, With Accents of Plum, Chocolate, and Bronze :::

Strawflower, antique carnations, chili peppers, astrantia, novelty tulips, garden roses, lisianthus, cosmos, and other garden accents!



Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Feminine Palette of White, Coral, Shades of Pink, and Peach :::

Giant coxcomb, dahlias, garden roses, anemones, scabiosa, astilbe, garden spray roses, with other loose and delicate textures!

:: AUGUST ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Dark and Moody Palette of Plum, Purple, Burgundy, and Chocolate, With Accents of Mauve, Lavender, and Blush :::

Antique hydrangea, variegated ranunculus, allium, lilac, sweet peas, hellebores, clematis, blackberries, lophomyrtus, with other rich and wild accents!


Floral Design Elements: Wreath Centerpiece with Shawn Michael Foley

How To Floral Design: Holiday Wreath Centerpiece

For the final installment of his Mayesh Design Star series, Shawn leaves us with a beautiful winter wreath centerpiece. Stepping out of the traditional holiday color pallet of red and green, Shawn focuses on blue tones that represent the cold winter months.

We would like to thank Shawn for an awesome design series. He knocked it out of the park bringing us fresh and innovative design. You’re a rock star Shawn!

Featured product: Magnolia leaf, pine, cedar, dark blue delphinium (volkerfrieden), raspberries, anemone, dutch blue hydrangea.

*** Some items featured are not in season during the winter***

Materials used: Wire wreath form, Oasis foam, U-glu dashes, ribbon.

Floral Design Elements: Holiday Topiary with Jerome Raska

How-to Floral Design: Fall Topiary

In the last installment of his Mayesh Design Star series, Jerome makes a not so traditional holiday topiary for the harvest time of year. This a great trans-seasonal design that will look perfect on any tablescape or buffet table.

We would like to thank Jerome for an incredible design series! We hope he has inspired you as he inspired us! It was a pleasure working with you, thank you Jerome!

Featured product: sheet moss, angel vine, apples (not sold by Mayesh), pincushion protea, hypericum berry, Confidential rose, hydrangea, rose hips, craspedia, scabiosa pods and cymbidium orchids.

Materials used: floral foam, hyacinth sticks, Design Master Rose Gold spray paint, pheasant feathers and water tubes.


Floral Design Elements: Halloween Inspiration


In this month’s Mayesh Design Star video, Shawn shows us a very cool technique on how to turn ti leaves into raven feathers to create a not so typical Halloween inspired design.

Featured product: Black ti leaves, burgundy tree peony, cymbidium orchids and mokara orchids.

Materials used: foam raquette and porcupine quills.

Floral Design Elements: Fall Harvest with Jerome Raska


In this edition of his Mayesh Design Star series, Jerome makes a beautiful harvest arrangement to kick off the fall season! This design is loaded with texture and has a lot of cool terracing effects! Enjoy!

Product featured: Birch branch, lotus pods, Milky Way aspidistra, millet, crocosmia pods, sunflowers, Jester leucadendron, transparent oak, hypericum berries and Matilda roses.

Materials used: oasis foam and chenille wire.

Mayesh Minute: Hops

wholesale hops vine

Learn all about Hops (or the hop vine) in this edition of the Mayesh Minute perfect for your wedding and event designs to use as a garland or stem.

The hops season is roughly about 1 month – starting mid-July through mid-August.

AIFD Symposium 2016: Couture Collective

Blog-title-aifd-couture (1)Featuring Shawn Michael Foley CFD & Stacey Carlton AIFD, CFD

For our last and final piece about AIFD Symposium “Inspiration”, we leave you with “Couture Collective”. What an amazing show put on by Stacey Carlton and our very own Mayesh Design Star, Shawn Michael Foley. There are no words to describe how cool, creative, edgy, stunning and brilliant it was… ok maybe there were a few words but they still don’t do it justice!

We hope everyone had as good of a time as we did at this year’s Symposium. There were so many awesome pieces during Couture Collective, so we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to highlight on the blog, and the rest can be found here! Enjoy Couture Collective.

flower dress

flower crown and flower skirt flower cape couture flowers flower dress flower cape floral headress flower skirt and necklace

Shawn & Stacey!

Shawn & Stacey

AIFD2012: Grace Ormonde & Ian Prosser – Wedding Bouquets

One word, BOUQUETLICIOUS!  Yes, if I had to make up a word to describe Grace Ormonde and Ian Prosser’s part of the program that showed off amazing bouquet designs, that would be it.  We snapped close to 80 pictures for just the bouquets and below you will find a few of my faves.  Some of these pics do not give the proper justice that these floral design deserve, but a glimpse is worth it.  For real, if you have been debating on whether or not to attend an AIFD Symposium, I think you should go.  My brain was on overload the whole time and I felt so inspired when I came back home, and I don’t even design flowers as a career!

I know many designers participated in creating the bouquets for this program, and unfortunately I do not know who did what, but I can tell you who designed the composite bouquets.  Can you guess??? Yes, our 2012 Mayesh Design Star, Mandy Majerik AIFD, PFCI.  Gotta love the composites that she comes up with!!



So which is your favorite wedding bouquet?

P.S.  If you missed the 1st 2 posts in this series, check out:

AIFD2012: Grace Ormonde & Ian Prosser – Wedding & Event Decor

AIFD2012: Grace Ormonde – Floral Headpieces

AIFD2012: Grace Ormonde & Ian Prosser – Wedding & Event Decor

Well, this is post #2 from Ian Prosser’s and Grace Ormonde’s AIFD 2012 Symposium program.  Now I will focus on the wedding and event decor part of the show, where we were shown 4 different vignettes ranging from global to modern.  Oh, and did I mention that our 2012 Mayesh Design Star, Mandy Majerik AIFD, PFCI, was a part of the show??  She did such an beautiful job and we are so proud of her!  Go Mandy!  (I can’t wait for the bouquet post that I’ll publish next … a few of Mandy’s really cool composite bouquets will be spotted!)

Love to hear which is your favorite in the comments below!

P.S. Are you going to the 2013 AIFD Symposium??


Garden Rose Inspiration eBook

The beginning of the year was jammed packed with exciting events, so it took us until now to have our 2013 Design Contest ebook completed, but I think it was well worth the wait!!

Our newest ebook is filled with hundreds of garden rose floral designs which are organized by location.  Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties with the pictures from our Riverside branch and they were not able to be included.

It takes many Mayesh vendors & partners to make our national event a success and I wanted to say thank you again to Alexandra Farms, Green Valley Floral, David Austin Roses, AIFD, and Elizabeth Demos (author of “Vintage Wedding Style”) for sponsoring our contest prizes and product! You all have been so generous and we greatly appreciate your support!

Last, but not least thank you to the hundreds of talented floral designers who took part of our yearly floral design contest!  You rock!

Enjoy and be sure to share with your fellow floral friends!


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