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Garden Rose: Haiku Perfumella

True story.  Back before my floral days, I was employed at an insurance company working on tech projects.  I worked with a guy who decided we should have Haiku Thursdays.  So each Thursday, he would pick a topic and each member of our team would write a corresponding Haiku.  Well, I’m feeling a little inspired seeing that it is Thursday AND I just received a picture of the Haiku Perfumella garden rose in my inbox today!  I’m a bit rusty, so here goes nothing . . .


Morning dew Haiku
From the garden I spied pink
Perfumella, yeah!


Garden Rose Haiku Perfumella


Feeling inspired?  Write your own Haiku and share it in the comments below! I just follow the 5, 7, 5 syllable rule keeping it simple & fun!

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