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Mayesh Phoenix Partnership with Gompers

Mayesh Phoenix Gompers


As many of you know, giving back and partnering with charitable organizations is a big priority for Mayesh. From our Art in Full Bloom event in Las Vegas with AFAN, to our yearly Lonely Bouquet Day, to toy drives and adopting families over the holidays, there’s nothing we love more than helping those in need.

And that is no different for our Phoenix branch. Mayesh Phoenix has been partnering with Gompers for the past two years, a local organization that works with people with disabilities to help develop innovative opportunities, and assist these individuals in achieving their highest level of independence in the community. Mayesh Phoenix employs two of these individuals, Jeff and Eric, to do warehouse work, help in the cooler and clean buckets. They have been with us for almost two years, and according to Phoenix team member Krista Hamas, they “truly are our happiest employees who have become such a valuable part of our staff.” Now let’s get to know them a little better!





Mayesh Phoenix Gompers


My name is Eric, I am 33 years old. I have been with Mayesh Phoenix for 2 years now. My main jobs are maintaining the bucket line and keeping our location super clean. I work with Mayesh Phoenix through an organization called Gompers Az. Their mission is to empower disabled individuals and help them find jobs within the workplace. The very best part of working at Mayesh is that I make my own money, and that I get to smell the flowers everyday. Francisco Mora has been teaching me to make garland. I love it here. In my spare time I love to workout and watch the Power Rangers on TV.





Mayesh Phoenix Gompers


My name is Jeffrey. I am 35 years old and have been with Mayesh for over 2 years now, Along with Eric, my main responsibilities are maintaining the bucket line and keeping the warehouse clean. I love coming to work everyday because I get to see my friends, and I get to talk to people. I am very active and in my spare time I love to play soccer, swim, go bowling and go to church.



We hope you enjoyed getting to know Eric & Jeff a bit more… now check out this beautiful video Gompers created to take a peek into the different programs they work with… stick around until the end, Mayesh makes an appearance near the end!


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