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Memorial Day Flowers 2015 Recap and Pictures

Memorial Day Flowers 2015

We wanted to share with you some of the stories and pictures we received from customers who participated in the Memorial Day Flowers Flowers event.  Read on to get a feel for how thousands of flowers were used to honor our U.S. service men and women who are no longer with us.


Intimo of Portland, OR

Intimo is an event florist. We have been in business for 2 years, though I have been a florist for 18 years. I started the company because I wanted to be part of a business that made people feel good. We are committed to doing our best to make every client feel absolutely special from start to finish. I used to work as a corporate coach and decided life was too short to be stressed out all the time. My employees love that the only rule I have is – No Stress. If we aren’t having fun – then I make sure we stop and bring it back.

I was raised by my Grandfather, an Army Colonel who died from cancer that was from being doused in Agent Orange as he fought in the front line of the Vietnam – his third war after WWII and Korea. I spent many holidays with him in military hospitals and have never seen illness like the people in VA’s.

When I contacted Jake and Amy at the Portland Flower Market – I knew I wanted to follow in the tradition of my Grandfather who always said to honor the dead and celebrate the living. I was thrilled when I was selected to receive the flowers. I made arrangements with the VA Hospital in Portland and delivered a rose to every single person who was hospitalized, receiving dialysis, was in the ER, or was a member of the military and working on Memorial Day. On each flower was a note attached about the importance in remembering the fallen heroes of the world. Because the people in the hospital could not attend ceremonies and family BBQ’s, the flowers were intended for them to use in their own personal way to take a moment to honor the fallen and also honor the fact that they were too ill to participate.

On many floors of the hospital, the nurses gave the roses to people in the rooms. On the dialysis floor and in the ER, people were eager to talk to the “ladies with the roses.”  Many men were reluctant to receive them, but as soon as I refused to take no as an answer – smiles broke loose. In the ER were two gentlemen who I’m sure were terminal. One refused, but I noticed a ladies jacket on the chair beside him. I asked if it was his wife’s and he said yes. I asked if he thought she would like one and he lit up. I know he was in a lot of pain. I handed it to him as his wife walked in and he gave it to her. The tenderness and love, I will never forget it. Another gentleman, who was very ill, said he didn’t want one because he had no one to give it to. I said it was him to have something prettier than the boring room he was in. We talked for a good while about his life. He talked a lot about his coming death. When a nurse walked in and asked where he got the rose, he said it was for her. He was a big flirt. She lit up and gladly took it. I left him a small pile of roses to give to the ladies and I could tell the rest of his day would be full of flirting. We hope it made a difference.

Sadly only one volunteer showed up to help me, but the difference the event made for her was tremendous. She has a son who has been unable to cope with his PTSD and is currently homeless and goes missing for long periods of time. No matter how hard she has sought treatment for him, it just hasn’t been successful. For her, her son is a fallen hero becasue his time took him away, but left his body. Being able to celebrate in a way not linked to cemeteries meant the world to her.

In the end we had about 50 roses left, so I walked to the nearest cemetery with our wagon and mascot, Winston. At first I started decorating graves without flowers, but decided since there were many more graves than I had flowers for I would rather leave them for families so that they could have a more personal experience. The cemetery had a station set up with tools, snacks, and flags for people to use. The volunteers were overjoyed to have a bucket of roses to add to what they offered. A couple families took flowers while I was there and were overjoyed to have something to make the day more meaningful. It was touching to watch a young boy learn about the meaning of Memorial Day from his Grandmother.

My only regret in the day was not having enough time to let people know they could participate and volunteer and also that I did not get many photos. Next year – with or without the support of Mayesh, I will deliver flowers to the  VA again. They had never received a donation like it. The staff were moved beyond words and the heroes spending the day there appreciated the gesture tremendously.


The Flower Lady of Phoenix, Arizona

“In recognition of the sacrifices made by members of the United States Armed Forces, and volunteering our time on behalf of the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, my sisters and I arrived at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, in Phoenix, a little before 7 a.m. on the holiday. With roses, a banner and brochures provided by the Foundation, plus additional roses provided by private donors, we distributed over 380 long-stemmed roses to persons who were attending the 2015 Memorial Day Ceremony. And, with additional flowers donated by Mayesh Phoenix, we also distributed 35 vases filled with bouquets of mixed flowers.

When I say this was an emotional endeavor, that is an understatement, as many of the attendees who accepted these flowers were brought to tears, many wanted to give us hugs, and many more stood up straighter with pride … smiling and telling us how they would then place the flowers at the burial site of their parent, grandparent, brother, sister, spouse ….

Before we left the cemetery, we took a few minutes to visit a grave site which was personal for us, and we had the privilege of placing a rose next to our friend’s marker to honor his service. While we were doing that, we were thrilled to watch the Primary Trainer Squadron of the Arizona Antique Airplane Association as they performed a missing man formation overhead with their bi-planes.

On behalf of my sisters who worked with me, Sandra Smith and Susan Chatterjee, and myself, I would like to thank my floral supplier, Mayesh, for providing us with the opportunity to volunteer on behalf of the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation. Belonging to a family with many members who have served (and are still actively serving) in the military, including our late father (a Marine who fought for Iwo Jima), and our late brother (an Army helicopter crew chief who served 2 tours in Viet Nam), it was our true honor and privilege to give a little bit of our time to support this wonderful event.”


Hilary’s Flowers of El Segundo, CA

“Since my sons Boy Scout troop travels to Kern River over Memorial Day, we have taken the roses with us and donated them to the Kern Valley Cemetery for the Memorial Day ceremony, for the last two years.

They are so happy we have been giving them these beautiful roses.

I also set some aside for the woman’s groups that help out with the ceremony the Woman’s Auxiliary and the Daughters of the American Revolution.

We did 4 large arrangements of red roses to go into their large urns at the Veteran’s wall.

I was also able to donate 2 smaller arrangements to the El Segundo United Methodist Church for their Memorial day service this year. This is our Troops sponsor in El Segundo so it seemed fitting.

After the ceremony at the cemetery they will take the flowers to two assisted living homes and two other local gathering places in town for everyone to  enjoy.”


The Tulip Tree of Glendale, AZ

“A friend took her 8 children and distributed flowers there, we took  96 bud vases to the VA Care Home on Indian School and  3rd Street.  One of the vets sang “Some Enchanted Evening”  to us. One lady vet (WWII) I spoke to for quite a while, was crying, red roses are her favorite flower, her husband (who was also a vet) always gave them to her. She asked me if I thought someone would place flowers and a flag on her husband’s grave since she was unable to get there (he is buried in the VA Cemetery at Chapel Hill).  I told her florists across the U.S. were going to different cemeteries, and flags were definitely placed on all military graves.

Thanks to the farm and Mayesh for helping us to participate on this day.”


Boulder City Florist of Las Vegas, NV

We went to the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery The lady with the pictures lost her fiancé in WWII Everyone loved the roses Please like my Facebook Boulder City Florist And you will see more Thank you so much Kris Thompson


Carlsbad Open House

Carlsbad Open House


If you hadn’t heard, a couple of weeks ago our Carlsbad location threw a fabulous (and very successful!) Open House. As a fun pre-wedding season theme, our team down in sunny San Diego decided to focus on roses and garden roses, promoting them for the upcoming wedding season. They also used this as a charitable opportunity, with all money raised going to Heliotrope for Hospice, a local non-profit run by Diane Citrowske. Heliotrope is an awesome organization that repurposes event flowers into new arrangements to deliver to local hospice care patients, working with local event designers, wholesalers, and even Trader Joe’s to get these weekly flower donations. Because they have no funding, we love to help raise money for them whenever possible, and this was the perfect occasion to do that! They had forty Miche handbags donated to sell for fundraising, and ended up raising over $500 for Heliotrope! Congrats Team Carlsbad!

The other exciting part of this event was the team of volunteer designers who set up tables and did small presentations throughout the day. On top of starting Heliotrope for Hospice, Diane is also a local designer, educator, and AIFD certified, and helped put together this talented group of designers for us – Maryanne Mertz, Kristen Larson, Adrianne Smith, Annette Gomez, and Sara Eaton. Last but not least, Adelena Whittaker from Fleurology attended the event to share about her recent symposium and give us a taste of upcoming events – very exciting!

The turnout was awesome, customer interaction was bountiful, and the room was constantly abuzz. We’re so proud of our Carlsbad team for putting on such a wonderful and charitable event!


Carlsbad Open House

Carlsbad Open House

Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day June 26, 2015

lonely bouquet 2015


Calling all Mayesh customers!

International Lonely Bouquet Day is officially held on June 28th this year. In celebration, we thought it would be fun to help hundreds of florists spread happiness and the love of flowers through our next Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day being held just a couple days before on Friday, June 26th!

The event will take place on the Friday before the International official date. We will provide a great selection of complimentary flowers for you to create a bouquet, we will snap a picture, and then you, the designer, will leave the pretty posie for an unsuspecting recipient. For those of you who may not know about The Lonely Bouquet, here is a quick summary: it is a global initiative with a goal of making strangers happy with flowers. Participants create a small bouquet, add a “take me” tag, and leave the bouquet somewhere public to be found and taken home.


Friday, June 26, 2015 (during store hours)


At all Mayesh locations nationwide



  • Mayesh will provide an array of flowers free of charge to design your lonely bouquet on the June 26, 2015.Local Mayesh customers must come to their Mayesh location to design their bouquet.
  • For shipping customers, please let your Mayesh rep know that you are interested in participating and they can pull together some blooms for the bouquet to ship with your order.
  • Shipping customer must submit a photo of their completed Lonely Bouquet to
  • Mayesh will provide Lonely Bouquet tags to attach. Please bring a business card that you can attach as well.
  • Besides Mayesh flowers, designs may contain any other accessories and use any container, as long as it is provided by the designer.
  • For shipping customers, we recommend you ship an order some time between June 18th – 24th 2015. Please work with your sales rep on the details; participants assume freight costs.
    Participants must be current customers of Mayesh Wholesale Florist and in good standing.
    Submitted photos become the property of Mayesh Wholesale and may be used for promotion and publicity.



We would like to help spread the word of The Lonely Bouquet as much as possible. When participating, please consider visiting the website below to register the bouquet that you will abandon. Once the bouquet is found, the recipient can officially adopt the bouquet and be added to the official Lonely Bouquet map!



Gearing Up for Memorial Day Flowers 2015

Memorial Day Flowers

Under the #MayeshGivesBack initiative, it is important that Mayesh doesn’t just sell flowers, but that we take the extra step for our community as well. This is where Memorial Day Flowers comes in. For the third year in a row, Mayesh has teamed up with the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation to celebrate the men and women who have served our country and are no longer with us by donating over 5,000 roses nationwide.  To get thousands of flowers to 23 customers across the country, it takes many special partners.  Our efforts could not be possible without Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, Greeenrose & Agronatura (amazing & generous rose growers), UPS, and our customers.

Our customers will be handing out the roses at local cemeteries, Memorial Day events, parades and more.  Be sure to check back soon, as we will post some of the wonderful stories that will surely happen because of this movement.

Memorial Day Flowers Foundation’s mission has a reach much greater than the work accomplished with Mayesh.  In fact, the foundation’s centerpiece is their efforts at Arlington National Cemetery, where over 120,000 roses will be distributed to be placed on headstones.  In addition, the foundation works with wholesalers similar to Mayesh and other organizations – that is another approximately 35,000 roses to help honor our fallen soldiers!  For more information on the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, you can visit

What are your Memorial Day holiday plans?


Memorial Day Flowers 2015

Memorial Day Flowers 2015

Memorial Day Flowers 2015

Memorial Day Flowers


It is that time of year when we need to start preparing for Memorial Day Flowers!  This is such an amazing program to recognize and honor those that have served our country with flowers!  So if you are a florist who wants to get involved in their community’s Memorial Day festivities, please let your Mayesh branch and sales representative know asap.  We are making 40 kits available to our customers for just a $40 charge (the kits are $250 on the Memorial Day Flowers site)!!  Each kit contains 250 roses, 250 handouts and 1 banner.  Please keep in mind that we are trying to spread the kits around the country and are striving to have 2-3 go to each branch.  Note that we are only making these kits available to our current Mayesh customers.  Last, but not least, we wanted to say thank you to Greenrose, an Ecuadorian flower farm and one of our rose vendors for donating these roses!

Read our past blog post showing some of the goodness that this program does!  I cannot wait to see and hear about Memorial Day Flowers 2015 – get the tissues ready!

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