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Alexandra Farms Meet & Greet // Mayesh Las Vegas


Mayesh Las Vegas would like to invite you to a Meet & Greet Event with Alexandra Farms!

Mayesh has an exclusive with Alexandra Farms, an excellent quality grower that grows David Austin Garden Roses and other varieties of Garden Roses.

See all the varieties that are “Exclusive” to Mayesh on display. Maria from Alexander Farms will be providing a presentation on the varieties, post-harvest quality procedures etc. Coffee and pastries will be served!



Mayesh Las Vegas | 3950 West Diablo #B11, Las Vegas, NV 89118



Tuesday March 21st, 2017


For more information about the event, please contact your Mayesh sales rep at 702.739.0418 or email one of the following:  |  |

Mayesh Luxe Blooms: Alexandra Farms

Voyage Garden Rose

Joey from Alexandra Farms gives you a tour of some of the latest in garden roses, including David Austin Garden Roses and a couple trial varieties that aren’t being produced commercially yet. Princess Kishi (brand new), Mariatheresia, Carmel Antique, Princess Charlene, Myra’s Bridal Pink, Constance, Tess, Princess Miyuki, Voyage, and Ashley. Contact your rep for more information. If you don’t have a rep, please use our contact form.


My Trip to Colombia: Alexandra Farms

Alexandra Farms


So you may be thinking, we’re still talking about her trip to Colombia? To which I would respond, hello… Thanksgiving! I assumed most of you would be gorging on turkey, stuffing and football last week, and not necessarily paying attention to my awe-inspiring blogging skills. But now that we’re all back to reality, I thought I’d hit you with one more, and it’s a good one. Garden roses are one of my favorite flowers, especially those of the David Austin variety. While in Colombia, I was lucky enough to be included on one of Alexandra Farm’s tours, followed by a delicious brunch, followed by a bumpy bus ride back to Bogotá. But I won’t go into that bus ride, we’ll focus on the garden flowers here, but I might stick in a picture or two of the food, just to remind you of all the delicious food you got to eat last week. Here goes…

Alexandra Farms is located about an hour and a half outside of Bogotá, though locals would probably tell you it’s a half hour. But don’t believe them. Always assume your “twenty minute drive” is going to take at least an hour, traffic in Bogotá is crazy! But I digress. Alexandra Farms is home to a wide variety of garden flowers, currently offering thirty varieties from a handful of breeders and twelve David Austin varieties (swoon). Sidenote: They are one of the select few farms chosen by David Austin to help test and grow the varieties he has selected for the cut flower industry, while keeping the integrity and fragrance of Old Garden roses. Pretty awesome. Anyway, so how did they come up with these forty-two varieties, you ask? By testing the breeds, that’s how.


The Process


The process of testing different varieties is a very slow process, taking up to three years to achieve the first commercial launch of a new variety. Once they have selected their favorites, they move into the production phase. Each flower is different, so the farm has to adapt to each variety, and create technological innovations to commercially cultivate them. Something I found interesting was how they split up the work. They specialize workers by variety, giving each worker responsibility over a particular set of beds. Each worker knows the ins and outs of their variety, and works hard to grow the highest quality flowers possible. The final step of production is postharvest. Once they have been cut, they are put in hydration buckets until it is their turn to go through classification. Their foliage is removed and they are then sorted into categories based on length and cut point. Garden roses are more delicate than all other roses, so they must be handled very carefully during this process, as well as packing, storing, and shipping.

Our tour was pretty spectacular, and smelled damn good too! We started with a tour of the variety testing areas, then saw production, and finished with the postharvest and classification processes. Here are some pictures of the tour:



Thanks again to Alexandra Farms for a great tour, and a special shout out to Maria for being a fabulous tour guide and dinner host the night we arrived in Bogotá! I hope you have enjoyed following my first big trip in the business, and hope to have more to share with you in the future!


The Mayesh Minute: Juliet Garden Rose Substitutes


Spring is in the air, which means wedding season will kick into high gear soon.  With David Austin Juliet garden roses still being requested by brides across the country, we can promise you that the demand will still greatly out weigh the supply once again.  I hear your collective groan, but it is our job to suggest alternative peach roses that you can present to your brides.  For Juliet substitutes, David Dahlson presents the following varieties:  Campanella, David Austin Edith, Carpe Diem, and peach Finesse.


Campenella Rose:

David Austin Edit:

Carpe Diem rose:

Peach Finess Rose:

White O’Hara Garden Roses

White O'Hara Garden Rose


Guest Blogger: David Dahlson


Billowy white clouds abandoned upon the bright blue celestial canvas.
Bright white cotton sheets giving sinuous contours to warm afternoon breezes.
Double scoops of French vanilla ice-cream.
Tulle and ivory damask gathered in trembling hands.
White O’Hara


Mayesh has wonderful wholesale roses for all manner of weddings, events and romantic occasions including the gorgeous garden rose, White O’Hara.

Baronesse, Mariatheresia & David Austin Charity Garden Roses



One of our great suppliers of garden roses, Alexandra Farms, sent over some beautiful pictures of Baronesse, Mariatheresia, and David Austin Charity to share with you.  Get out your pinning button because you will surely want to add these images to your inspiration boards!

Baronesse and Mariatheresia are great pink roses. Baronesse is the darker of the two, more of a medium pink and Mariatheresia the light pink version. Both have the exact same shape of an English garden rose: a full rosette that starts off rather small, but opens all the way flat into a incredibly large bloom. They have great vase life of 8-10 days in the vase after 5 days of shipping and they have no fragrance.






A relatively new variety of David Austin garden rose is Charity – a Mayesh exclusive.  Being a new variety also means that quantities are extremely limited, so please be patient with us when ordering as we may not be able to provide them to everyone that orders.  This beauty consists of about 153 fragrant pale pink petals with peach overtones and a prominent green stamen.

The pictures below have been provided by


Peony Peony Peony Peony


Exclusive Flowers: Blushing Hills Garden Roses

Blushing Hills Garden Roses


I have an exciting new product line to announce!  Mayesh is expecting our first delivery of exclusive garden roses from Blushing Hills Garden Rosesto land around April 16th. Depending on mother nature, we should be able to carry these American grown cut flowers until mid-October.  Carla Jacobsen, the owner of Blushing Hills Garden Roses, has been in the business of growing garden roses for about the last five years.  On her farm visit, Pam Uranga, Mayesh’s Purchasing Director, stated that she has never seen such beautiful and healthy plants! Carla’s background is in the floral industry and she had an event business up until a couple of years ago. What started as a hobby and growing for her own consumption turned into Carla becoming a garden rose grower. Because of her floral background she has picked great varieties and the perfect color palette for weddings and events.  Be sure to visit their website to view all of Blushing Hills’ beautiful garden rose varieties.

We are planning a farm tour in the next couple of weeks and will be bringing the camera to create a very special video showcasing these amazing roses.  In the meantime, Blushing Hills Garden Roses was very generous in providing the swoon-worthy images you see below.  Enjoy and “pin” away!!

P.S. If you are in the floral industry and are interested in working with Mayesh, you may connect with us via our “Contact Us” page or call 888-462-9374.


“Alisal Adobe”

Photographer: Erin Hearts Court (
Stylist: Renaes Bouquet (
BH Roses: Evelyn, Classic Woman, & Heritage Roses


Blushing Hills Garden Roses Blushing Hills Garden Roses



“Blush Villa”

Photographer: Jose Villa (
Stylist: Stylist: Mindy Rice (
BH Roses: Evelyn, Classic Woman & Heritage


Blushing Hills Garden Roses Blushing Hills Garden Roses Blushing Hills Garden Roses Blushing Hills Garden Roses Blushing Hills Garden Roses



“Hot Coca”

Photographer: Michael & Anna Costa (http://MichaelAndAnnaCosta.Com)
Stylist: Mindy Rice (
BH Roses: Hot Cocoa, Yves Peagent


Blushing Hills Garden Roses Blushing Hills Garden Roses




Photographer: Jose Villa (
Stylist: Mindy Rice (


Blushing Hills Garden Roses Blushing Hills Garden Roses Blushing Hills Garden Roses



Proflora 2013: Alexandra Farms Garden Roses

On October 3rd, a couple members of our purchasing team, Pam Uranga, Director of Purchasing , and Peter Sessler, Director of Rose Purchasing, met up with one of our great rose growers, Alexandra Farms.  I was told that the Alexander booth at Proflora was the biggest garden rose display in the world ever!  Pretty cool, right?!

David Austin, Jr. was also in attendance and we got the inside scoop that Alexander Farms with be increasing their David Austin production while introducing a few new varieties within the next year!  Exciting news for all of us garden rose lovers!

Check out some of the pictures from their fab display!


Alexandra Farms Alexandra Farms Alexandra Farms Alexandra Farms Alexandra Farms Alexandra Farms Alexandra Farms Alexandra Farms Alexandra Farms Alexandra Farms

Garden Rose: Haiku Perfumella

True story.  Back before my floral days, I was employed at an insurance company working on tech projects.  I worked with a guy who decided we should have Haiku Thursdays.  So each Thursday, he would pick a topic and each member of our team would write a corresponding Haiku.  Well, I’m feeling a little inspired seeing that it is Thursday AND I just received a picture of the Haiku Perfumella garden rose in my inbox today!  I’m a bit rusty, so here goes nothing . . .


Morning dew Haiku
From the garden I spied pink
Perfumella, yeah!


Garden Rose Haiku Perfumella


Feeling inspired?  Write your own Haiku and share it in the comments below! I just follow the 5, 7, 5 syllable rule keeping it simple & fun!

Garden Roses Grown Exclusively for Mayesh Wholesale Florist

Alexandra Farms Garden Roses


When you see the sticker below on our Alexandra Farms garden roses, you know that you can only get them at Mayesh!

The following varieties are being grown exclusively for our customer, you:

Precious Moments: dark lavender

Alexandra Farms Garden Roses Alexandra Farms Garden Roses


Gospel: Dark Cherry

Alexandra Farms Garden Roses

Alexandra Farms Garden Roses


Lime Piano: Green and cream

Alexandra Farms Garden Roses

Alexandra Farms Garden Roses


Cinnamon Spice: Brown

Alexandra Farms Garden Roses

Alexandra Farms Garden Roses

Which is your favorite garden rose variety??


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