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June – The Goddess of Marriage

Garden Rose

Guest Blogger: Jenn McJunkins

Did you know the name for the month of June stems from the Latin name Junius “of Juno,” the Roman goddess of marriage? Juno also represents the wellbeing of women. In the flower industry we see June as the thick of wedding season. I had always thought that was because June is when summer officially starts. The weather is better in June and schedules are more flexible in the summer time… However, it seems there is a much deeper meaning to all things “June wedding.”

The flower for the month of June is the rose. Again, I thought people just really liked roses! I mean let’s face it, what’s not to love? They are beautiful (stunning really), they come in hundreds of colors, their scent can be out of this world, and you know they will last in wedding work. It’s no secret that roses are very symbolic flowers. When we think of romance we often think of Valentine’s Day and the ever so popular dozen red roses, but they symbolize so much more! Along with romance and passion, roses also symbolize love, honor, faith, beauty, devotion, sensuality, intrigue, wisdom and timelessness. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a recipe for marriage to me!


Garden Rose


The symbolism continues. Moonstone, opal and pearl are some of the stones of the month of June. Pearl is amongst the most popular to wear on your wedding day…aside from diamonds. Usually they are pearls that have been passed down from generation to generation, which makes complete sense because pearls symbolize wisdom, wisdom that has been acquired through experience.  They are also known for their calming effect and have been said to balance karma, keep children safe and strengthen relationships.  Again, all great ingredients for a happy marriage!

So I ask this, is June one of the most popular wedding months because of the symbolism or is this all just a weird cosmic coincidence?

Here is a Pinterest board to inspire all summer time weddings!

Rose pictured at top: Garden Rose Romantic Antike

New 2013 Garden Rose Varieties

I LOVE being able to share with you anything new and today I get to do just that!  One of our major design contest sponsors, Alexandra Farms, just announced their new 2013 garden rose varieties.  They are constantly testing new varieties at their farm in Tocancipa and have tested over 500 rose varieties already!

Alexandra Farms has approved 10 garden rose varieties for commercial production next year. A few of these will be available in solid boxes starting in May 2013 – below is a sneak peak.

P.S. Please be aware that new varieties are always tough to get in quantities.  When ordering specific varieties, no matter the product, always have back-ups planned with your rep.


Precious Moments: is along lasting, symmetrical, light purple variety with excellent lasting qualities.


Cinnamon Spice: is a brown or terracotta rose with a bright yellow center and terrific dark green, shiny foliage.


Perfumella: is a large, peach colored, deep cupped rose with a strong myrrh fragrance.


Lemon Piano: is the newest member of the Piano family and is a light green version of our round deep cupped shaped collection.


Code 4575: is a fabulous white rose with hundreds of petals forming a symmetrical but somewhat disorderly center.


Gospel: is fragrant, dark purple and fabulous! Large heads with delicate stems, hundreds of petals and what a shape!

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