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Introducing… A Minute With Mayesh


We are so excited to introduce our brand new series, A Minute With Mayesh! In this series, we’re breaking down our monthly Mornings With Mayesh content into bite-sized pieces. Each video will focus on one topic so you can get information on the things that you’re curious about. Full of flower tips, business tricks and everything in-between, you don’t want to miss it!



In this episode we talk about gold rose varieties, their availability, and more – check it out below!




Wondrous Brown Lisianthus



We are so excited to introduce this brand new lisianthus variety grown exclusively for Mayesh by Montana Lisianthus. Read more about Montana Lisianthus here – one of our favorite growers in our Luxe Blooms line!



These beautiful single blooms have touches of light brown, nude and peach tones, and are the perfect color for the quickly approaching fall season! As this is a new product, quantities may be limited – connect with your sales rep to find more info about availability.




Mayesh Minute: Queen Anne’s Lace

Blog-queen-annes-lace (3)

Today, David reviews many different types of Queen Anne’s Lace: Ammi majus or Green Mist that is very hardy and can be harvested all year long; Ammi Queen Anne’s Lace that is the standard; Chocolate Lace that comes in various of shades of white, marsala pinks and deep burgundy; and Wild Lace that is only available during the summer months.

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo Recap

Great Lakes Floral Expo


Guest Blogger: Andy Arthur


This past weekend, the Michigan Floral Association hosted the 2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo at the Devos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This was an eventful weekend filled with multiple education sessions, trade fair, and numerous design competitions.  Mayesh sponsored two of the hands on education sessions – “Events…Selling and Designing Profitably” featuring Robbin Yelverton and “Weddings – The Next Level” featuring Tracy Park.

Our booth in the trade fair featured Dutch Product from Tuning Flowers and novelty plants from Ravensbergen Greenhouses in Canada.  From Holland we had Vanda Orchids, 15+bloom Cymbidiums, Walter Grootscholten Phalenopsis Orchids, color enhanced Echeveria and new varieties of novelty tulips.  The Phalenopsis in particular were a HUGE hit, and almost everyone that walked by stopped to comment on them. In plants there were Oxalis, Stephanotis vine hoops, and Rex Begonias.  Conseulo Lovelady and Megan DeMara from Mayesh Detroit coordinated the rest of the display items and were our staff for the weekend.  The two very talented designers from the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Laureen Williams & Marie Carnell, used their amazing abilities to put the booth together with the product provided.  Mayesh was the only floral wholesaler with a booth at the trade fair, and was very well received.

Saturday night festivities included the President’s cocktail reception, followed by the “Together We Bloom” banquet. The current MFA President and Mayesh Design Star, Jerome Raska was the host for the evening at the dinner as well as presiding over the Designer of the Year Run Off. During the Industry Awards portion of the dinner, Mayesh Detroit was recognized as “Michigan Wholesaler of Year 2016”, as voted on by peers in the industry. Andrew Arthur was on hand to receive the award on behalf of the company, with Megan and Conseulo in attendance for moral support.


Great Lakes Floral Expo

Great Lakes Floral Expo

Great Lakes Floral ExpoGreat Lakes Floral Expo

Flower 411: Anemones, Gardenia, Tulips & More

Flower 411


Curious as to what’s going on in the world of cut flowers? Here is a summary put together by our fabulous purchasing department – enjoy!


Product Updates
Acacia Bagged- available
Agonis Green- very limited
Agonis Brown- available
Almond branches- pink only available
Anemones- local are available
Apricot blossom- available
Artichokes – mostly green, chocolate are very limited
Artichokes Baby – mostly green, chocolate are very limited
Aster Matsumoto Lavender- very limited
Astrantia-import-frequently held
Bells- local are back on
Boronia heather  not yet ~ probably sometime in March
Bouvardia- Local very limited, available Dutch import
Brunia Green- finished ( local berzellia)
Brunia silver-finsihed
Bupleurum- local limited
Calcynia/ Thrypotmine-local pink only
Celosia-not available
Cherry Blossom- available white and pink
Cosmos chocolate- import only
Coxcomb-not available
Craspedia- limited locally
Dahlias- EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!  Did I say hard to get?
Delph light blue and dark blue- Local is on
Delph White- almost impossible to get
Delph Hybrid- coming on locally, white as always is limited
Eremurus- import only- gets held frequently
Eucalyptus gunni/parvafolia- limited but seeing moon lagoon
Freesia- coming on locally
Freesia Super  heavy white, colors available somewhat limited right now…coming
French Tulip- Flaming Parrot- local coming on
Gardenia-numbers are coming back up
Genestra- import and local
Hydrangea – import
Jasmine- available but limited
Larkspur-  limited
Lisianthus- very limited locally but short and pricey
Magnolia blooming -NW still tight buds, maybe some in Calif more developed
Passion vine – available no flowers
Peach Blossom- available
Peony- import
Piers Japonica- local just now hitting, will be gone quickly
Plum Blossom-not available
Poppy Hybrid- import
Poppy Pods- should start early march
Protea-Blushing Bride-finished
Protea- King Pink- very limited
Protea pincushion- coming on locally orange
Protea- Pink Ice – available
Protea- Whites  -extremely limited
Quince blossom- finished
Queen Anne’s lace – very limited
Queen Anne’s Lace- Chocolate-available
Raspberries-Not available (sub Blackberries)
Riceflower- hot pink only
Scabiosa Black/Burg- limited locally
Scabiosa White  limited locally
Scabiosa Pods- very limited
Smilax-Bag- available
Smilax- Southern – available
Snapdragon peach- almost impossible to get
Snowberry- not available
Statice – purple available, colors limited
Stock- #1 and #2 grade
Sunflower- green center- limited
Sunflower-black center- limited
Sunflower-bi color-limited
Sunflower- Chocolate-Limited
Sunflower mini-available black center only
Sweet pea-import
Trachelium green –import
Tulips regular- local and import available
Tulips-Frilled- good Dutch selection, white local only
Tulips- Parrot- good dutch selection, local limited
Tweedia- gapping locally, avail Japanese but pricey
Veronica local production starting…limited
Viburnum Berry – NZ redish/purple available only
Waxflower- Local is on, regular and hybrids- also tints


Interview: Anthology Co.

Anthology Co. Instagram Takeover


Happy Monday, flower community! Just a little over a week ago, Veronica Cicero of Anthology Co. in Miami took over our Instagram for a couple of days, and it was fabulous. She hit us with colors, designer tips, and some super unique designs (the fireplace overflowing with flowers & the hanging bench were two of my favorites!) As is tradition, we asked her a few questions so we could get to know the designer behind the flowers. Be sure to head on over to the Anthology Co. Instagram to see more! (Above photo by @giannycampos)


So to start out, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you found yourself in the flower business!

I would say it was a multi-step process, from an early age it was clear that my path would be in some sort of creative field. But, it was shortly after graduating from art school in Hunter College, New York that I started decorating parties for friends and visiting the flower market that I discovered floristry was an outlet that really moved my heart as an artist.

How would you describe your design style?

Playful, Unexpected, Textural


Anthology Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @elainepalladino

Anthology Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tolovephoto


New York and Florida are definitely two different cities! Have you found that you’ve had to adjust your style from city to city?

Miami was very receptive of my style from day one, I think the event industry down here was desperately craving a switch from the overly manicured Hydrangeas and Roses.


Aside from floral design, what else does your event design entail?

From setting the table with the whole Jazz to creating an experience where guests are transported to a place or a period in time.
Anthology Co. Instagram Takeover

Anthology Co. Instagram Takeover

Photos by @katielopezphoto


What trends do you see happening in flowers right now?

More and more people are understanding the importance of enhancing venues and event spaces by their own features: colors,shapes, materials…. etc


  Anthology Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @pabelonastudio

Anthology Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @carolina_guzik


Let’s talk tools. Favorite florist tool, and favorite social media app for marketing yourself?

Japanese Sakagen clippers from Jamali Garden… the monster of Instagram!


What is your favorite or most memorable event or shoot you have been apart of?

I got to transform Gotham Hall in NY into a Rainforest – from the very narrow entrance completely covered by tropical plants, the overtaken old bank’s railing cover with wild vines to a 22′ tall Bamboo installation in the space… it was the magical Amazon in the center of the concrete jungle.


What is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself during your first year of designing?

Take business classes!

   Anthology Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @carolina_guzik

Love her work? Head over to our Instagram to see the rest of her whimsical takeover!

From Field to Float: The Early Stages

Phoenix Decorating Rose Parade Float


Remember when I said we were going to start this process from the ground up? And that you’d find out what I meant later? Well, later is now. In this segment, I wanted to show you the two biggest components of the float in their beginning stages. What might those two components be? Yep, that would be the flowers (thank you Captain Obvious) and the structure of the float itself.

If you follow our blog, you probably remember seeing a post or two (or five) about my recent trip to Colombia, and more specifically, a farm tour of Liberty Blooms. While we were at Liberty Blooms (also our hosts during our stay in Medellín), we were able to get a sneak peek at the flowers they were growing for us specifically for the Rose Parade. My aunt Pam, AKA our Director of Purchasing, is in charge of all the Rose Parade activity, so it was pretty cool for her to get to see her order in the ground.


The timeline for the beginning phases of the floats goes something like this:


On Phoenix Decorating Company’s end, once the sketch of the desired float is approved, they start working on the materials that will be used to decorate it, whether it be flowers, seeds, grains, vegetables, etc. They then submit the first flower order. Once the float starts to take shape, Phoenix will get a clearer idea of the areas that need to be covered and re-calculate the numbers. Phoenix Decorating Company has a mathematical formula for the products they use and what coverage they get out of each one of them. As the float continues to progress the calculations for materials are re-checked.

On our end, we work to make sure they will get all the materials they need in time. Our Purchasing Department starts working on the order with our farms around mid-June (see, this is a long process folks!) to ensure that we will have all the colors we need, as nobody else wants anything but red and white during December… Merry Christmas y’all!

We always start with pom pons first, which is what we get from Liberty Blooms. These have to be programmed for us because we use so many fall type colors that if we didn’t have them grown specifically for the parade, we wouldn’t be able to find them. Poms usually take about thirteen weeks to grow once they are planted.

Next up is carnations, whose growing cycle takes about 28 weeks, and following that is the rest of the bulk items. During the growing processes, we constantly monitor the crops to make sure they will be on time. By the time our trip rolled around in late October, our poms were small but well on their way!


Rose Parade poms in late October


Rose Parade Field to Float


And here are some photos we just received about a week ago (first week of December).

Quite a bit taller with just a few more weeks to go…

Rose Parade Field to Float

Rose Parade Field to Float


And now for the float! The following images show the skeletal structure of the float before any dry material goes on. It all starts with the initial concept and sketch, and from there they start building the bones and mechanics.



Skeleton structure of Western Asset’s float, “Let Your Imagination Run Wild!”

Photo credit: Matt Lirag – Western Asset


Once the structure is complete, the float is painted to act as a guide for all of the dry material and flowers that will later be put on, kind of like a “paint by numbers.” Last weekend they began with the fresh dry decór, like seeds and grains, and fresh flowers won’t go on until a few days before the parade!


Phoenix Decorating Rose Parade Float


Hope you enjoyed learning about the early stages and planning that goes into these beauties! Keep following the journeys of the float and our flowers in the upcoming weeks – can you believe we’re only two weeks from Christmas, and three from the Rose Parade?!

Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Mossy Branch & Victorian Birch

Mossy Branch & Victorian Birch
In this Mayesh Wholesale Flower Product Showcase, Beth O’Reilly shows us the opposite sides of the branch spectrum with mossy branches and Victorian Birch. Each branch adds a whimsical element to any design.

Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Fall Foliage

wholesale fall foliage branches

In this edition of the Mayesh Wholesale Flower Product Showcase, Beth shows us beautiful fall foliages that really bring the spirit of autumn to your designs and event work.

Featured product: Cotinus, oak leaf and liquid amber.

Interview: Carte Blanche Design

Carte Blanche Instagram Takeover


Last week, we had yet another terrific takeover on our Instagram – this time by the lovely Randi Eshelman of Carte Blanche in Arizona. We caught up with Randi to ask her a few questions about her love of flowers, her opinion on current trends, and how she got where she is today!

So tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got started in the flower industry?

I have always loved working with flowers, however, when I was younger I didn’t believe a career as a floral designer was feasible, so instead, I worked in Commercial Real Estate for several years. Fast forward 10 years later, I really wasn’t enjoying the career path that I was on, so I started researching weddings and floristry, and I fell in love with the soft, organic, artistic floral design that Flowerwild, JL Designs, and others were creating. I freelanced for a little while, getting my feet wet, while continuing to work full-time. Then, four years ago, I started my own company. I started off VERY part-time, doing friend’s weddings and parties, and getting referrals from them. I was juggling two small kids at the same time, so I was unable to invest a lot of time in my business. However, in the last couple of years, I made a commitment to really work on my business and I am really blessed to have it where it is today.  I have no real formal training, I didn’t grow up in the flower business, and I left a stable career of 10 years, but I am so thankful that I made the leap to do something that I was really passionate about.


I adore your name, Carte Blanche! How did you decide on this to represent you and your brand?

Thank You! Carte Blanche loosely means – “whatever you desire”. Years ago, I had an unfortunate experience with a florist when I was planning my own wedding. I saw a beautiful wedding in a magazine (before pinterest, ha!) and I wanted to find a way to use it as a springboard for the inspiration for my own wedding. The florist basically knocked it down right away and said I should do something else. It was very sad to me and left a lasting impression. I did find a florist that took my idea, ran with it, and it ended up being perfect! So, when I was developing my branding and thought process behind our name, I wanted to convey to my clients that it is okay to dream!It is our passion to see their vision developed into a beautiful reality.


You offer both floral design and event styling. Do clients generally ask you to do both, and if so, do you prefer doing the whole shebang, or just focusing on the flowers and collaborating with other event stylists?

Right now we are focusing most of our time on the flowers and floral design. I love designing the arrangements; flowers just make me happy. We also design a handful of events for a few clients each year, however, it is not the main focus of our business right now.


How would you describe your design style?

Organic, Nature Inspired, Soft, Romantic. I really love using beautiful, full blooms in my arrangements, such as garden roses and ranunculus.


Carte Blanche Instagram Takeover

Photo by @danielkimphoto

Carte Blanche Instagram Takeover

Photo by @andrewjadephoto


What trends do you see happening in wedding flowers right now?

I am seeing a few floral designers moving toward tropicals, whether they are phalaenopsis orchids, or large banana leaves. Tropicals have typically been used with very modern designs, but I am enjoying how florists are bringing them into very wild, organic compositions.


Which flower varieties are you really excited about for the upcoming season?

I am looking forward to using one of my all time favorites, the Hellebore flower. I love how it is such a delicate and beautiful flower. I feel like whenever I add it to one of my arrangements, it creates a little magic. I am also looking forward to all of the Japanese product Mayesh sources. Those flowers can’t be beat! They are simply stunning.


Carte Blanche Instagram Takeover

Photo by @melissajill

Since your wedding season generally starts a bit later due to hot, Arizona summers, what do your summers looks like in terms of floral design?

Summer for us in Arizona is probably a lot like other florists’ winters. I try to catch up on everything that I couldn’t get to in the Fall and Spring seasons, like paperwork, networking, and sleeping! 🙂
Let’s talk tools. Favorite florist tool, and favorite social media app for marketing yourself?

My favorite tool is probably a sharp, straight edged knife. I just seem to work faster with it than with clippers.

My favorite social media tool, by far, is Instagram.  I enjoy it so much more than other social media tools because I am very visual. It has allowed me to connect to clients as well as a wonderful floral community. It also saves me time because I can display my work quickly without having to blog all the time.


What’s the most memorable or favorite event/shoot you’ve worked on?

A few shoots come to mind but one that sticks out the most was when we created the floral design at the Luminary Workshop hosted by Daniel Kim Photography. It was an all day workshop for film photographers. We helped create three separate styled shoots for them (A boudoir shoot with a suspended garland over the model, a bride and groom shoot with several elements, and a single model with florals). It was challenging and so much fun at the same time. I enjoyed it because each of the three shoots was so different from one another.


Carte Blanche Instagram Takeover

Photo by @danielkimphoto


What is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourselves during your first year of designing?

Be true and confident to who you are as an artist and designer. Everything always looks better when your soul is inspired. This is something I have to remind myself even now. And continue to invest in yourself and furthering your understanding of floral design, whether it is taking a workshop, joining a community of florists that you can learn from, or just plain practicing. There are always new things to learn and new friendships to forge.


Carte Blanche Instagram Takeover

Carte Blanche Instagram Takeover

Photo by @melissajill

Carte Blanche Instagram Takeover

Photo by @charitymaurerphoto


For more drool-worthy Carte Blanche designs, check out her Instagram! Enjoy!

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