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Flower 411: January 2018

Flower 411


We hope you’re having a great start to 2018! Here’s the current lowdown on product availability going into the New Year from our awesome Purchasing team!





Acacia yellow bagged

Blossom forsythia

Blossom quince – pink and white

Hyacinth Local

Pussy willow fantail

Pussy willow whips

Ranunculus Butterfly – Import

Ranunculus – Local

Spirea- Japan only (limited & expensive!)

Sweet Huck  deciduous




Alchemilla Mollis – import

Allium-bullit- import only (Dutch)


Amaryllis- Import

Anemone – local

Aster Matsumoto

Astilbe – Import

Astrantia – Import

Banksia – menziesii – Local and some orange

Banksia- Coccinea and Formosa- Import only

Bear Grass Super

Bells- Local – Winter crop- spaced blooms

Birds – local

Blackberries- Import

Bouvardia- very limited locally (no light pink grown in USA) – go import (has all colors)


Campanula- import only – very expensive!


Clematis – Dutch only – no White

Cosmos Chocolate


Craspedia – local and import

Cyclamen Blooms – Import

Cymbidium – Large or Mini

Delph bella dark and light blue – expensive

Dianthus Green trick or Green Ball- local or import

Dianthus Gypsy


  • Greenhouse dahlias from our year round dahlia growers now available. 
  • Basic Colors, Burgundy, red, light pink, pink, Hot pink, purple (dark lavender-lagoon), limited orange, White & Café au Lait
  • Ball Dahlias – done for the season

Dogwood branches – flowering- tight bud, no flowers, still tight bud

Dogwood branches- colored wood in red, pink, or green/yellow (not blooming – leafless)

Eremurus – import

Genestra – local and import

Gloriosa short- Dutch

Gloriosa – Long Dutch or Japan

Godetia – Import $$$$

Gomphrena – all colors

Flowering Branch – Tulip Magnolia Blossoms

Foliages – lots of varieties painted gold and silver

Freesia – local just starting $$$ – plenty from Holland

Freesia – Super $$$$

Fruited Branch Persimmons

Gerbera Canada

Heather Hot pink

Heather White

Helleborus – Import

Hyacinth – import or local

Hyacinth- muscari blue or white – import

Hydrangea  -import

Jasmine vine no flower


Jasmine foliage

Kalanchoe – import

Kangaroo Paw – Import

Kochia – import


Lindera Green Berry Branch – Japan

Lisianthus – import

Lily of the valley – import – $$$

Manzanita /natural and sandblasted

Magnolia – local California and Florida

Nandina berried


Ornithogalum – white, yellow, orange- Import

Ornithogalum Arabicum – Import

Passion vine foliage

Pepperberry hanging – has no berries

Pepperberry Upright

Peony – all colors (except Burgundy) available

Phlox – import

Pieris  Bud-form pieris in good supply, still tight bud, no flowers until January

Privett – black berries

Protea pink duke

Protea Pink Ice

Protea queen/ Pinita, Lady Di, Ceres, Andrea

Protea Brenda

Pincushion Protea (Leucospermum) mostly orange, local and Hawaii, import is finished

Ranunculusimport – Dutch, Italian, Japanese

Rose Hips –Red

Scabiosa – Dutch

Scabiosa – Japan $$$

Scabiosa Pods

Scented Geranium

Southern Smilax



Sweet Pea – Japan

Sunflower – black center

Sunflower –Mini- Black Center

Trachelium Import


Tweedia – local or import

Veronica – Local and Import

Viburnum Snowball – Import

Viburnum Tinus Spring Bouquet-Tall-Portland

Waxflower – local





Anemone – import & Local AVAILABLE

Artichokes – all size and colors  GAPPING

Birch Victorian – AVAILABLE

Brunia Silver – almost finished

Calicarpa-  Beauty Berry

Delphinium Belladonna White

Delph hybrid all colors, especially white

Eucalyptus Gunni

Eucalyptus Small leaf  (moon lagoon, gumdrop, parvifolia, bonsai)

Freesia Super- local-$$$$

Gardenias – VERY LIMITED

Gomphrena White

Lisianthus – Local


Papyrus Lions Head – advance notice required

Poppy Assorted Icelandic – import only and extremely limited

Protea – Protea Blushing Bride

Protea white – import finished and local very limited

Sage Green- very short height right now

Strawflower- yellow, bronze/orange, purple only

Sunflower-green center




Allium – all types finished except bullit

Anemone Japanese

Bear Grass – Super length


Chamomile yellow daisy – no one grows this anymore

Clematis – local – Grower has severe damage- will not cut any for all of 2018

Cosmos – pinks and whites

Cotinus Blooming

Cotinus Foliage


Crocosmia Flower

Crocosmia Pods

Fruiting Branch Pomegranate

Ginger Beehive

Grevillea Asplendifolia- Magnolia type

Honey Suckle

Hydrangea local

Hydrangea lacecap

Hydrangea peegee

Kumquatsrestricted movement by the Department of Agriculture- not available until further notice

Lace Flower

Leucadendron Jester

Lunaria – finished for the season


Nigella- finished until spring crop starts

Oregano Kents Beauty and Hopley’s pink

Pampas Grass – try dried vendors

Poppy Pods

Protea King white



Stephanotis Vines

Sunflower – bi color, teddy bear or chocolate

Thryptomene/Calycina – Import


Above photo by Nicole Clarey Photography

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