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Flower Hack: Amaryllis


Amaryllis are one of the most popular flowers for the holiday season. However, their stems are fragile and can bend or break, making them difficult to use in arrangements. Have no fear though, for our very own Shelley Anders is back with one of her flower hacks!


Check our the below video to see how to fix droopy amaryllis stems step by step.











Flower Hack: Dried Hops Garland


Autumn is just around the corner, which means it’s hops season! And back with another flower hack is Shelley Anders from our Carlsbad Branch!



Dried Hops Garlands


A dried hops garland can be the perfect unique element for any event. For a dried hops garland, it’s best to hang the garland now while it’s fresh – the key is to hang it where you want it to go then DON’T touch or move it or else it will SHATTER. Dried hops garlands make a great arch display, so pre-attach it to a form now, and when your event is here, move the dried, shaped garland to the arch!



Contact your sales reps today to see hops availability in your area!



Flower Hack: Sprayed Anthuriums


Have damaged anthuriums but don’t want to let them go to waste? Check out this awesome flower hack from our very own Shelley Anders at our Carlsbad branch!







Design Master paint

• newspaper

• piece of cardboard or cardstock

• chenille stem for touch ups






1. Press firmly but gently against the side you want to leave ungilded.

2. Spray away from that side so there is no fallout underneath.

3. Give the paint a minute to rest and “set.”

4. Remove cardboard et voila!


Design Master Anthuriums

Design Master Anthuriums

Design Master Anthuriums



Design Master colors used:


Gold Medal • Champagne Gold • Copper





Tag us in your pics if you end up trying our hack (@mayeshwholesale) and let us know in the comments below if you have any other fun Design Master hacks or ways to resurrect damaged blooms!



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