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Art In Full Bloom: Disco Celebration of Color


This was the 5th annual Art in Full Bloom and I have to say, it was the best one yet! Early on in the planning stages we settled on the theme of “Disco Celebration of Color” and as a super fan of disco, I was elated! With the help of Jim McCoy we were able to create an evening of full of dancing, socializing, networking, art and live entertainment! It was kind of like Mayesh’s version of Studio 54 and what better place than Vegas, baby!

This year we partnered with The Center, a community-based organization that helps furthering the human rights and overall well being of the LGBTQ community in South Las Vegas. This partnership was a perfect fit! Not only do we fully support their cause but the staff and crew were so amazing and easy to work with – everything came together seamlessly! Together we really pulled off a spectacular event.


Of course it would not be an Art in Full Bloom event without our favorite ladies Norma and Doris! They never seem to disappoint and bring so much life to the party. As usual their performance was crowd pleaser and their all night mingling makes for some fun and interesting conversation. They weren’t the only ones with a stellar performance, though. We also had a Diana Ross impersonator that was off the charts! The DJ was spinning disco classics all night long and everyone was shakin’ their groove thing! Our Floral Fantasy winner also designed an amazing art installation “Disco Cell” which provided the backdrop to many selfies and tons of photo ops!

I can’t say enough about this event! We manage to top ourselves every year and this year was no exception! If you were able to make it this year, then you understand how it would be impossible to capture the magic of the night through a blog post! If you weren’t able to make it out this year, there’s always next year!

For more photos of this year’s Art in Full Bloom:

Thank you to everyone who made it such a special night!

For more information on the center visit:


Interview with The Blooming Bud

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Happy Friday, everyone! If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw this week’s takeover with Cynthia Sanchez of The Blooming Bud. She gave us a peek into her dreamy, Southern California floral designs, ranging from pretty pastels, to natural, foliage inspired designs, to cake… so many beautiful cakes! (Okay now I want cake). We caught up with Cynthia to ask her a few questions and learn a bit more about the designer behind the takeover. Be sure to check out The Blooming Bud on Instagram too!


To start, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself, and how you found yourself in the flower industry! 

I am a wife and a mother to one beautiful twelve year old pit bull. Most days you’ll find me trying to run this crazy little business I call The Blooming Bud, but on my time off you’ll see me in my garden, doing yoga, or having fun with my husband. I have been doing floral design on and off for twelve years now. I started working at my first flower shop back in 2003, and to my luck it was a very nice high end flower shop which specialized in retail floral displays. Working at this flower shop is when and how I realized I loved working in a creative field. I think this is also when I realized how much I enjoyed creating beautiful things and working with my hands. After working here a few years and only being 19 or 20 years old, I didn’t know I could and would actually end up having a career in floral design. I ended up going to school and studying what I thought was the next best thing, Interior Design. While going to school I still worked on and off for different flower shops/designers on occasion. After graduating with my Bachelors Degree in Interior Design I landed a very good job at one of the top commercial design firms here in Orange County. While there were plenty of fun and rewarding things about being an Interior Designer, I would always remember that I was my happiest when I worked with flowers. Fast forward a couple of years and in 2012 I married my wonderful husband who has been with me since the very beginning of my flower career back in 2003. Once we got married, I had him to fully support and encourage me to follow my dreams and become a floral designer again. I jumped in head first in February of 2013 by starting this business and I haven’t looked back! Every year has been a blessing and every year has been better than the last. Next year I hope to be more adventurous with my designs and push some of my creative boundaries!


The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography


While perusing your website, I saw that your degree is actually in Interior Design. Mine is too! I’m curious as to how your background in design comes into play now as a floral designer? 

I feel like my background does come into play a lot in my role as a floral designer, which always makes me really happy. Floral Design, like I mentioned, is what made me want to pursue something like Interior Design in the first place, and although I wasn’t happy having a career as an Interior Designer I did always enjoy the designing part of that job. I find that although I’m focusing on the florals now, I always jump into my designer mode in the beginning stages of my process with my clients and a lot on the actual wedding days as well. In the beginning stages while working with us, I always like to see what somebody has pinned in their inspiration boards. Some people don’t like to use Pinterest too much (because let’s face it, some of these boards are all over the place) but it really helps me see what kinds of things they like, what look or atmosphere they are going for, what kind of person they are, etc. I then try to enhance and improve some of those design elements in my own way. I still want to be true to their vision of their wedding, but I want to be able to use my expertise and design style to help bring that vision to life. This was a lot how I used to approach my design projects as an Interior Designer. I analyzed what the client liked and what they needed, I saw what we had to work with, and then I went from there.


How would you describe your design style? 

I would describe it as whimsically balanced. Not too tailored but not too extreme either. I love to use the different shapes and textures in fun playful ways but I find that I tend to balance my designs somehow. I like things to stand on their own and be unique on its own but I love structure at the same time so I tend to design with a lot of symmetry (whether it be where I place my flowers or the colors I’m using).


The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @mallorydawnphoto

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @savanphotography

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography


What trends do you see happening in flowers right now? 

I’m personally seeing a lot more lush greens and wonderful textures as opposed to having more flowers and less greens in arrangements. I love this. All of my weddings are looking more natural all around (from the venues, to the dresses, to the flowers, etc.) and there is more attention being placed on details. 


The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo  by @lucymunozphotography

The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography

Let’s talk tools. Favorite florist tool? And in terms of social media, other than Facebook & Instagram, are there any other apps you’re using, or are those pretty much your go-to’s?

My favorite florist tool would have to be my knife. It’s pretty much the one thing that you will always find in my hand. If it’s not in my hand, I’m most likely looking for it because I have lost it. Instagram and Facebook- Those are pretty much my go to’s. I’m embarrassed to say, but I don’t really know what else is out there or how to use any of it. LOL. There’s just so much out there now, it’s so hard to keep up. So let’s hope they continue to stay relevant!


What is your favorite or most memorable event or shoot you have been apart of? 

I would have to say being with Kate and Jose Villa in Kate’s Flowerwild workshop in Santa Ynez last year. The location was amazing (Alisal Ranch). Kate and Jose were so generous and are such an inspiration. Her spirit, both their talents, and all the girls I shared this experience with made that particular photo shoot very memorable to me.


What is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself during your first year of designing? 

Be confident in your work, be confident in yourself, and don’t forget to have fun.


And incase you’d forgotten about  cake…


The Blooming Bud Instagram Takeover

Photo by @tiffanyamberphotography

Interview with Mayesh Design Star Shawn Michael Foley

Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview


Last month, you got to know Mayesh Design Star Jerome Raska, and this month, we’d love to introduce you to our second Design Star, Shawn Michael Foley! His first video was posted earlier this week and has been a huge hit – if you haven’t seen it yet, but sure to check it out here!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are, so our followers can get to know one of our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars a little bit better!

I’m a Wisconsin born floral designer, mentor and friend-tor living in Birmingham, AL.  I’m one of the lead wedding designers of HotHouse Design Studio.

My passion for creative expression and curiosity has fueled my drive in the floral industry. I am best known for my “Human Form Project.” An annually themed floral art/fashion series showcasing a fusion of beauty, blooms, and body.

I have been honored to have been published in several European magazines including Flowers World and Blomter.

My heart lies in education and I strive to push the art of flowers to sharp new places.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photo by BC Photography

How did you end up in the flower industry? Was it intentional, or did it just “kind of happen”, as many people in the business claim?

I fell into this industry quite by accident. I simply answered a want ad for a floral designer with absolutely no experience. They told me the hired me solely because of my personality, which is good considering I didn’t have a CLUE as to what I was getting into! After only a few months I started to fall in love with flowers and the industry as a whole and I haven’t looked back since.

How would you describe your design style?  What trends do you see happening in flowers right now?

I would say my style has a European tone to it.  I love to incorporate botanicals that aren’t just blooms and flowers.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photo by The McCartney’s Photography


Currently with Trends, in my market you are definitely seeing a split in styles. If it’s garden and gathered you are seeing a ton of greenery, they love it they want it can’t get enough of it.

OR!  They want super clean, classic, larger blooms like garden roses, peony, dahlias etc and little to NO foliage at all.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photo by The McCartney’s Photography


Favorite flower? 

My favorite flower really changes a lot.  I love so many of them for their different personalities. If I had to choose just one I am a huge sucker for a chocolate/black Dahlia. Sentimentally though, my favorite flower is the chrysanthemum.  I remember picking them for my grandma and grandpa before school when I was young. Their fragrance still reminds me of them to this day.


How do you hope to inspire your audience as one of our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars?

I want to bring Mayesh viewers a sense of fun and show them some fun tricks that are simple to pull off but look complex once finished. We all need to remember that we LOVE flowers and we can’t let the day in and day out aspect of the business let us forget that. Flowers are beautiful, fun and exciting! Let’s dive in together and create amazing floral things!


And as a follow-up, what do you want them to take away from your videos?

That one new trick that helps you land that client.  That one new idea that refreshes your imagination… and that one spark that refuels your passion for flowers!


Lastly, what is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself during the first year of designing? 

It’s not a race, enjoy the journey.  Also, weird/funky does not equal good, self-editing is the key to success.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photos by BC Photography

Interview with Mayesh Design Star Jerome Raska

IMG_5215 (2)

As many of you know, this year we selected not one, but TWO Mayesh Design Stars! They’ll be switching off months, and this January we kicked off 2016 with designer Jerome Raska of Blumz by JR Designs in Detroit, MI. We thought it would be fun for you to get to know our Design Star’s a bit better, so we asked them a few questions – up first, Jerome!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are, so our followers can get to know one of our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars a little bit better!

Growing up in a small rural community in Michigan about 50 miles north of Detroit have a college background in textiles and business management.  I have been in the floral industry for over 25 years, starting out in the fashion industry as a visual merchandiser and fashion coordinator.


How did you end up in the flower industry? Was it intentional, or did it just “kind of happen”, as many people in the business claim?

With my visual merchandise experience as a foundation, I worked at a farmers market in the summer months selling garden flowers for family members, creating bouquets and eventually doing some intimate weddings. Was presented an opportunity to buy a small floral shop and jumped at the opportunity…


How would you describe your design style? What trends do you see happening in flowers right now?

The key to being a good designer in retail today is to be versatile… I can create many styles of design, however, my favorite is anything that involves natural free flowing product much like it grows in nature partnered with mosses and branches.


Favorite flower? 

Really, whatever I am working with at the time…. I like them all for different reasons


How do you hope to inspire your audience as one of our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars?

My goal is really to offer tips and tricks for good mechanics as well and inspiration to create…. Allow the product you are working with to guide you in the placement and final design.


And as a follow-up, what do you want them to take away from your videos?

Great design is awesome, impeccable mechanics are not optional and pricing for profit is essential to continued existence.


Lastly, what is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself during the first year of designing? 

The first year and really ALWAYS, be open to suggestions and learn from everyone you come in contact with!  Floral design is a journey!

The Lonely Bouquet at Della’s Maple Lane Florist

It was brought to my attention that we helped inspire some florists to carry on with The Lonely Bouquet mission long after our national Open House & Lonely Bouquet Design Day, which was held this past June.  So when I saw an email from our Detroit branch letting us know about Kristyne Carian-Case of Della’s Maple Lane Florist, I knew that I had to interview her to get more details.  If you only have a minute to read through the interview, then be sure to skip to the 7th question below (“I’m sure you have heard back from many of the recipients – any particular story that stands out from the rest?”), but be sure you have some tissues handy!  I seriously love the power of flowers!!


When did you start The Lonely Bouquet for your shop?

We started right after the Mayesh open house, around July 5th or so.  It was slow and that is why I had extra flowers around the 4th of July, so I decided to try it.  I would rather give away my flowers and let someone enjoy them than let them die in my store and throw them away!!  I also love doing things like this – it makes people very happy!!!


What kind of response do you get from your community?

The people who have received the bouquets send the most touching emails or post them on our Facebook page. They are REALLY making peoples days, cheering people up, and traveling all over, someone who finds one may not keep it themselves, they may give it away to someone else.


When did you first hear of The Lonely Bouquet? I heard about the Lonely Bouquet idea from Mayesh Wholesale, they were doing it as part of their open house and I could not attend.  I thought it was a great idea.  I do a lot of similar things to the Lonely Bouquet so I am always looking for ideas to brighten the day of unsuspecting people.


Was there anything specific that happened to prompt you to continue creating/abandon Lonely Bouquets

Well I couldn’t attend the open house and do one at Mayesh and this particular week I had a ton of Birds of Paradise & foxtail, so made a sample for my designer and she made up 20 to start with.  We used a cheap red container, 2 birds, red gerberas, yellow roses and statice, they were simple and elegant. I would much rather give my flowers away than throw them in the garbage, so when I see I am long on certain items I give my customers bonus flowers in their arrangements, mixed bouquets etc…or have a nomination on our Facebook page of who may need flowers and why, I usually pick them all and send out arrangements to people who need them for various reasons.  Here is the first one we did:

How many have you dropped/left/abandoned already?

I wish I would have counted them from the start, but to date it is approximately 200 or more. (I am guessing based on the cases of containers I have used.)  We generally stay in the city of Troy, MI and drop them in the entrance of a store, in an office building lobby, a parking lot, an outdoor restaurant table that is empty, the hallway of the hospital, the hallway or elevators of doctors offices, even the parking lot of the funeral home!!  We do it as we are making our normal deliveries and I have a driver that comes in now and her and her son or daughter will go out for the day and drop them all over.  She donates her time and uses her own vehicle because she wants to do her part in making people happy too.  I very seldom pay her, she won’t let me (but when she is making deliveries and doing this, she is being paid)!!


How long do you plan on creating your own Lonely Bouquets?

I had planned on stopping at the end of July, but we find ourselves making more and more, because the stories we are getting back are making us very happy!!  It really brings us great joy to read them, so I think I am going to continue at least until the end of August.  I am kind of ordering more flowers than what I need to have an excuse to make more.  People that have heard have donated vases to us and I’ve called my wholesalers for some cheap container options.  We are having so much fun with it!!  There are a lot of the stories on our Facebook page, and if you read some of them you will understand why we want to continue.


I’m sure you have heard back from many of the recipients – any particular story that stands out from the rest?

The story below was called into us, so as soon as my employee, Michelle, got off the phone, (and in tears!!) I set her up on our Facebook page to tell her story:

We just received the most touching Lonely Bouquet story…
Gail Bedell was at Troy Beaumont last week, taking her daughter, Cali, to her regular treatments for the severe health issues she’s having. That day happened to be Cali’s 47th birthday, and on the way to treatment that morning, Gail had told her that she didn’t have enough money for a birthday present, due to overwhelming medical expenses. While at the hospital, Gail walked outside and saw a man set down a floral arrangement and leave. She thought it was odd that he had done that, and walked over only to see that it was a Lonely Bouquet! She took the arrangement home and hid it so Cali wouldn’t see it and made a card to go with it. When her and Cali got home, Gail surprised her with the flowers! Cali was SO surprised and expressed to her mom that she shouldn’t have done that because they couldn’t afford it. Gail told her that she didn’t buy them, and told Cali the story about finding the Lonely Bouquet. Gail told me that they both sat there and sobbed, and couldn’t believe the greatest act of kindness they had both ever seen. Gail said she is so extremely grateful that we did that and that she was the one to find them! She carries around the pink note attached to the Lonely Bouquet, and told us that she shows it to everyone, at least 20 people she has shown so far. She plans on showing it to everyone she comes in contact with, to let them know what we did for her that day.


I see you have received news coverage, how did that end up happening for you?

The driver who was doing this for me emailed the Troy Patch to let her know what we were doing.  She says she’s sick of all the bad stories and thought this would be a good one.  The woman from the Troy patch did a great job on the story, here is the link to the story:


Are there any other activities that you participate in, other than The Lonely Bouquet, to give back to your community?

We do give-aways on Facebook for flowers – we ask people to nominate someone who deserves them and why.  We gave away a 5 pound Sanders chocolate Easter Bunny at Easter, an Origami Owl necklace at Mothers day, and of course we donate all kinds of things from gift cards to flowers and things for local school fundraisers or teacher appreciation or whatever.  I donate as much as I can, especially to schools and the elderly or good organizations that are local here in Troy.


If our readers want to connect with you, what is the best way?



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