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Stemcounter by Curate: An Answer to your Business Organization Prayers



At Mayesh, we value the importance of helping our customers grow their businesses and providing resources to improve their business practices. When it comes to ordering, we all know how hard it can be to keep everything organized and get orders in on time, which is why we have been partnering with Stemcounter by Curate to help you become more efficient and make the business side of things less painful. And if we’re being honest, a streamlined ordering process is a win-win for both of us!

Let’s face it… we’ve all been up way too late putting together a wholesale list because we ran out of hours, right?

Stemcounter by Curate was built to solve that. In Stemcounter, you can build out your recipes and your wholesale list automatically generates. As one florist said it, “In 2.5 minutes you can do what used to take 4 hours of work!”

Not only that, you can create beautiful proposals super quickly with drag-and-drop from Pinterest functionality. Clients can view, sign, and pay from the same link. It’s made for florists by florists. And the coolest part? You have access to Mayesh’s flower photo library directly in the software! Interest in more info? Check out their event software here.




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