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Francoise Weeks Workshop: Floral Shoes

Francoise Weeks Workshop: Shoes



Hi there! Hey! Hello! Welcome to part two of my Francoise Weeks design workshop saga. We left off on me abandoning my project and breaking for dinner.  Once our bellies were full and some energy had been restored we moved on to the main event, the thing that I was the most excited for… SHOES! The shoes are one of Francoise’s signature designs. When I first got hip to her style, the shoes were my favorite! Now that I had a few designs under my belt and was feeling a little more comfortable I was ready to dive right in and make my very own floral shoe!

Francoise did her demo and released us into the wild (aka workspace) to once again pick out our product and let our creativity run free. Since the beginning of the day I had been thinking about what I would do with my shoe.  What product could I use? Would I work with only flowers? Only foliage? I felt prepared to tackle the shoe. I had been eyeballing some leucadendron all day; I thought it would make a scale-like effect on the shoe. I made up my mind and I went for it. I ripped the leaves off one by one and began gluing them onto the stiletto heel. As I laid the leaves in place I realized that I was laying them down in the wrong direction. Francoise had mentioned in demo the importance of the direction you lay your leaves or petals. I thought I was going the right way but the further I got it became clear that this wasn’t going to work. At this point my fingers were covered in glue and everything was stuck on me rather than the shoe itself. It looked like I had tar and feathered my own hand. I decided to rip off all the leaves I had glued and start over.

Now that I had figured out the right direction, I was in my groove and everything went smooth. I got all of my leaves down, added some petals on the toe and heel using the same technique I used with my headpiece, and finished it off with a cluster of garden spray roses on the toe. Although it was simple I loved it. It looked wearable.


Francoise Weeks Workshop: Shoes


Again I looked around the room and was blown away! Each shoe was so different. Some looked like they were found in the forest, some looked like they should be on the red carpet and some even looked edible! By the end of the class I was happy with what I made. It looked like a collection and the experience showed me that I can make stuff out of flowers – I just might not be cut out for the traditional style of flower arranging.


Francoise Weeks Workshop: Shoes


I was so impressed with how creative this group was. Not one item in both days of the class looked anything like another and all of them were extremely beautiful. Check out all the different styles of shoes below. Again, which one are you more drawn too?



Photos by Wheeland Photography

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