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Floral Perspective: Vertical Floral Armature with Tony Medlock AIFD

In his last installment as a Mayesh Design Star Finalist, Tony Medlock AIFD shows us how to build an armature out of contorted hazelnut branches. Without using a water source he builds impact by plugging in long lasting flowers and other product that will dry nicely over time. This armature is built to last… at least for a little while.

If you are #TeamTony, this is your last chance to support him by watching his video during the month of October!  And stay tuned, as next month our 2015 Mayesh Design Star winner will be announced!


Floral Perspective: Autumn Floral Feast with Beth O’Reilly AIFD

In her last installment of the 2014 Mayesh Design Star Contest series, Beth O’Reilly AIFD TMF shows us how to make a structural arrangement using stacked Oasis foam disks inside a beautiful container from UCI’s Current collection. This arrangement is perfect for an entry way of a fall wedding, food tables, or even corporate events. The added element of fruit really gives it an organic and fresh vibe; not only does it look delicious, but it can be a useful vessel for flowers!

If you are #TeamBeth, this is your last chance to support her by watching her video during the month of September!

Featured product: Green Goddess calla lilies, calla lily foliage, coral dahlias, green hydrangea, maple leaves, coral coxcomb, rose hips, kiwi vine, grapes, apples and papaya.

2014 Mayesh Floral Fantasy Contest

2014 Mayesh Floral Fantasy


Today we are announcing a new contest that will award 1 floral designer the opportunity to create their dream design just for the sake of art! Mayesh’s customers have until September 30th to submit the details of what their floral fantasy entails. A panel of Mayesh judges will select one lucky designer who will fly to Las Vegas, be provided flowers and a space to design. The floral art piece will be displayed at our Art in Full Bloom event on November 14, which is a benefit for SafeNest. Not only will the designer be given an opportunity to create a piece of floral art, they will be an attraction for a great event that raises money to help those affected by domestic abuse.

Other than space requirements and the provided budget along with a few other parameters, floral designers are free to dream up the most amazing design they can possibly come up with.

Education and community is key to Mayesh. We have conducted other traditional design contests in the past, but we wanted to take our contests to the next level. We thought what better way than to introduce floral art and creative freedom to the mix!

Entering is easy.

  1. Go to the contest registration page
  2. Select either the “Floral Art” or “Floral Fashion” category
  3. Describe your floral fantasy design
    1. Must be within 6 feet tall, 8 feet wide, 3 feet deep dimensions
  4. Upload a sketch of your design (.jpg only)

Dream up your most creative & inspired design and you may be granted your own floral fantasy! Good Luck!


Grand Prize (1)
Trip for 2 to Las Vegas includes:

  • Flowers, greens, and floral supplies to create your floral fantasy (see rules below).
  • Design will be displayed at this year’s “Art in Full Bloom” event (Las Vegas Mayesh) on November 14
  • Promotion of you and your design on our blog and social media.
  • Round trip tickets for 2 to Las Vegas, NV.
  • 1 Hotel room for 5 days and 4 nights
  • Itinerary:
    • fly out Wednesday
    • design Thursday
    • design Friday with benefit that evening
    • Saturday is a free day
    • fly home on Sunday


  • The design needs to fit within a 6 feet tall, 8 feet wide, 3 feet deep dimensions
  • Floral budget will be $1500
  • $300 budget for supplies
  • 2 days to create the masterpiece
  • All design and creation will be done on site at our Las Vegas branch
  • Mayesh will process all fresh product


Fill out the registration form, describe your floral fantasy, and submit a .jpg image of a sketch detailing the design by September 30, 2014. Please be as specific as possible, include any background information.


Winners will be selected by a panel of Mayesh judges.

Important Dates

  • September 30th: last day to enter the contest
  • October 10th: Winner will be announced
  • November 12th: Fly to Las Vegas, NV
  • November 13/14: Floral Design Day
  • November 14th: Art in Full Bloom benefit will be held
  • November 15th: free day
  • November 16th: Fly home

Fine Print

  • Contestants must be current customers of Mayesh Wholesale Florist.
  • One entry per person.
  • Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc. reserves the right to close registration at any time should the number of respondents become unmanageable.
  • Mayesh reserves the right to change the parameters of the contest.
  • By registering for the event, you are agreeing to all terms & conditions set forth above.
  • Completed design and photos become the property of Mayesh Wholesale Florist and may be used in promotion and publicity.
  • Dates and times are subject to change based on need.



Floral Perspective: Mill Stone & Pallets with Patience Pickner AIFD, PFCI

In her last installment for the 2014 Mayesh Design Star Contest, Patience will show us how to create a rustic design using pallets, Mill Stone containers from UCI and elements taken from nature. This design would work great at any event!

Featured product: liatris, ruscus, Miricle roses, pincushion protea and green thistle.

Hard goods: Mill Stone containers from UCI, Oasis blocks, moss, pheasant feathers, deer antlers, pallets and angle iron.

If you are #TeamPatience, this is your last chance to support her by watching her video during the month of August!


Floral Perspective: Outside the Vase with Beth O’Reilly AIFD

In her second installment as a Mayesh Design Star Finalist, Beth  O’Reilly shows us a new way of thinking outside the box by designing outside the vase! This is a great design technique for hotel lobbies and corporate accounts. This design is all about the structure with pops of beautiful foliage and of course, the star of the show, the Gloriosa Lily!


Product featured: Hala leaves, gloriosa lily, hydrangea, hanging amaranthus, anthurium and pleated aspidistra aka accordion leaves.

Hard goods: White cylinder containers from UCI, wire collar from Oasis, aluminum wire from oasis, midelino sticks from Oasis, wool wire from Accent Decor and mitsumata branches from Accent Decor.


Floral Perspective: Victorian Weddings with Patience Pickner AIFD PFCI

We are already on our 4th video for our Mayesh Design Star contest – can you believe it?  Patience is back to show us her floral perspective on Victorian weddings. She will show us how to make the perfect bridal bouquet using Victorian era flowers in a timeless color palette. Also, Patience will give us tips on how to make little accents to add into your bouquet and arrangements to give them that Victorian flair, ending with a great idea on how to incorporate the bridal bouquet into the head table.

Featured product: David Austin Juliet garden rose, Vendela rose, spray rose, tuberose and peiris.   Hard goods: Oasis bouquet holder, Oasis mega beads, Oasis beaded wire, midelino sticks.

P.S. We created hashtags for you to use to talk about your favorite designer.  Pick your team – #TeamPatience, #TeamBeth, or #TeamTony.  And be sure to stay tuned because in a couple of weeks, we have a special interview with Patience to share so that we can all get to know her better!



Floral Perspective: Pavé Tricks with Tony Medlock AIFD

Last but not least, Tony Medlock AIFD is our third Mayesh Design Star Finalist.

Tony will show us a few pavé tricks that will turn your trash into cash as well as letting us in on a few tips on ordering seasonal flowers. Featured product: carnations, trachelium, lily buds, roses, yarrow, eryngium, tulips on the bulb, forsythia, astilbe and scabiosa pods.

Enjoy the video!  And remember, if you love it be sure to share Tony’s video with all of your floral friends because the views & viewer retention will count towards the contest!  Stay tuned throughout the rest of the year as our three amazing finalists battle it out to be our 2015 Mayesh Design Star!


Floral Perspective: Dipped in Gold with Beth O’Reilly AIFD

In this edition of the Floral Perspective, we are pleased to introduce you to our next Mayesh Design Star finalist, Beth O’Reilly AIFD.  Beth will show us a new design trend called “dipped in gold”. This look is created by taking things from around the shop and adding a new gold, glittery finish. The main course is a dipped in gold bridal bouquet that will make your bride sparkle with glee! Featured floral product: novelty carnations, Sahara roses, Camel roses, Camel Antique garden roses, Romantic roses, Cool Water roses, Sterling Silver roses, magnolia leaves, succulents and agonis.

Hard goods used: Design Master 24KT Pure Gold spray paint, goose feathers, Oasis aluminum wire in gold, Oasis igloo and gold containers from UCI.

Because I know you are going to ask, I did ask Beth about where all the bouquet bling came from and here is what she had to say:

As far as the bling….some are from Oasis and some from my private stash. I am always looking for things to add to my collection-and all the brooches were mine, but Oasis does have a great selection of brooches which would work just as well.  The mega-beaded wire in ivory pearl was used on the bouquet along with the gold wires, 12 gauge, bullion and 24 gauge. The chain was from Oasis. The beaded sprays are something I made ahead of time from things I had. I glittered some Christmas sprays and added gold beads on the ends.
Enjoy the video!  And remember, if you love it be sure to share Beth’s video with all of your floral friends because the views & viewer retention will count towards the contest!  Stay tuned because next month, you will meet Tony Medlock AIFD our final designer competing to become our 2015 Mayesh Design Star!


Last, but not least I wanted to include a few pictures that show off all of the “dipped in gold” details:

Floral Perspective: Valentine’s Day Roses with Patience Pickner AIFD PFCI

Kicking off our year-long video contest, we are excited to introduce a Mayesh Design Stars Finalist, Patience, Pickner AIFD PFCI, in her first video for her series. Patience will show us a fun and playful way to give a dozen “florgasmic” red roses for Valentine’s Day. Featured product: plumosa, ruscus, smoke bush, waxflower, green trick dianthus, willow, lily grass and of course the roses — Freedom, Tinto, Hearts. Supplies used: UCI Metallic container, Oasis bind wire and Oasis flat wire.  Thank you to Baker Party Rentals for providing the table linens.

Good Luck Patience!

Enjoy and look for videos from Beth and Tony soon!

Lastly, our Mayesh Design Star winner will be determined by views, viewer retention, video content, and other considerations (e.g. work ethic, working within a team, etc.) – not by voting.  So show your support by watching and sharing your favorite videos.


Interview: Bill Schaffer & Kristine Kratt

Bill Schaffer & Kristine Kratt


I had the pleasure of first meeting Bill and Kris at the 2012 The Special Event.  It was my first year attending our industry events and our first year bringing the video camera along.  I was thrilled that when I asked, Bill agreed to do a little video for us and he choose to speak about our Mayesh Destination Events service.  (P.S. Bill introduced me to our then future Mayesh Design Star, Jodi Duncan during this time too).  I’m always inspired by what I’ve seen from Bill & Kris – from their flower design sessions at the shows, to their Stars Project, the Philadelphia Flower Show, and more – that a book from this dynamic duo just feels like a natural next step.  I’m excited to share the interview below with you about the authors and their book, Taking the Flower Show Home !!


We’re on the ground floor in an elevator. Tell me the gist of your book before the doors open on the top floor.

(ok – I am assuming this elevator is in Dubai in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world) ::::: deep breath :::::  In Taking the Flower Show Home we share an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at our creative process during the 2007 through 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show where we were awarded 3 Best in Shows. It takes the reader from the moment of conception to the placement of the final stem.  The book includes many of our original sketches and drafts, in addition to over 300 photographs by some of the most talented photographers.  At the end of each chapter of the book, we include a “How To” section.  The “How To” section uses each Exhibit as inspiration for learning techniques that we actually used for the reader’s own designs.


Turns out this car is stopping frequently. Let’s avoid uncomfortable silence. Flesh out your favorite point from the book.

Our absolute favorite point from the book is page 137.  Page 137 is why we do what we do.  It is a list of the designers and friends who make it all happen each and every year.  It is the Schaffer Designs Team – our Tribe!  As our Team grew with each and every year, our designs improved exponentially and our experiences became better and better.  We dream BIG and it is this group of people that make our dreams come true.


Why did you decide to write “Taking the Flower Show Home”?

Deciding to write Taking the Flower Show Home is different than why we wanted to be authors.  The story of this book has written itself.  It just needed to be organized and put on paper.  The individual people and companies involved in the 6 years that the book encompasses needed to be recognized.  The #1 question that we had received year after year was; “How did you do that?”  We thought that it was time to reveal it to the world.  The trials, tribulations and failures and the friendship, joy and successes come together in what is essentially a love story.  The love of what we do and a love for each other that came together as each year of the Flower Show passed and culminated in our actually getting married on the center stage of the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show in front our family, friends and almost 10,000 Flower Show attendees.  It was televised to over 1 million people in our Tri-State area and seen by millions around the world on an episode of “The Cake Boss”.  OK – a little secret:  we pitched a series of ideas to a Schiffer Publishing and we were offered a multi-book deal – but – the owner of the company is actually a fan of the Philadelphia Flower Show, seemed to love this story and wanted this to be the first book of the deal.  Who were we to argue?


When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

We have been inspired by so many design books throughout our lives that became integral parts of our learning process, which made us want to share what we do in hopes of giving that same experience to others.


Who is the intended audience for your book?

Designers, Gardeners, Floral Enthusiasts and anyone who loves a good story of how an idea can come to fruition no matter what it takes – no matter how many obstacles it faces – that persistence, talent and a team working together can make anything come to life.  Though there are over 300 amazing photographs that tell the story; this book is about the story – the actual thoughts behind our process and the thoughts of many who helped us along the way.


How can our audience buy your book?

Taking the Flower Show Home, Award Winning Designs from Concept to Completion can be purchased through:

  • Schiffer Publishing
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Florists’ Review
  • Fusion Flowers
  • – you can order directly from Kris and Bill for your autographed copy of the book … We would love to sell it to you this way – BUT – it is probably the most expensive way for us to sell it – we don’t charge for the signing, but we do charge full price + shipping and packaging charges.  Now – if you happen to see us anywhere and have the book with you – we will sign it for free!!!


Bill Schaffer & Kristine Kratt Bill Schaffer & Kristine Kratt Bill Schaffer & Kristine Kratt Bill Schaffer & Kristine Kratt Bill Schaffer & Kristine Kratt Bill Schaffer & Kristine Kratt Bill Schaffer & Kristine Kratt


Don’t forget to leave your comment below to win a signed copy of Taking the Flower Show Home!

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