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FTD World Cup 2019

At the beginning of this month, Philadelphia was host to one of the biggest floral events of the year – the Interflora World Cup. We sent our very own Mayesh Miami Sales Rep Steven Watkins to get in on the action and report back on his experience. Read on to get a peek into the incredible event that is the Interflora World Cup!

FTD World Cup, WOW! What an experience, thousands of  floral enthusiasts from around the globe descended on the Philadelphia Flower Show for three days of  floral competition at its highest level.  Overall, 23 global competitors competed for the coveted title of World Champion, throughout this three-day event.


Part 1 – The first theme being Harmony in Architecture, the challenge was to have a 70/30 mix of botanicals to structure in a minimal two hour time limit, and to make sure that the smallest details had meaning and purpose in their architectural arrangement. Each designer created their structure prior to arrival at the competition, some as large as 7 ft by 7 ft. This left two hours to complete all florals, and what a whirlwind! Twenty-three competitors to view as they worked with the most luxurious flowers globally available, building their works of art, adding layer after layer until time ran out! Twenty-three works of art, as different as the creators who made them.

Part 2 – The second theme was Hand Tied Bouquet, Strength of Color.  The competitors were challenged with creating a bouquet that speaks to an observer and demonstrates how color and light are inseparable. Additionally, the bouquet must be able to be held in one hand. All of this in just ninety minutes – flowers and hands flying, exquisite bouquets created, some with armatures, some without, tight and clustered or loose and airy -the styles as different as the countries the designers came from. Dreamy pastel colors to hot and bright, every flower had its day, from carnations to luxe vanda orchids in gorgeous color stories. The competition was strong, with everyone putting their skills to the test!  At the end of day one, the crowd was as exhausted as the competitors, complete sensory overload, so much to take in, so many design styles to evaluate and consider, what a tough choice this was going to be.


Part 1 – To kick off day two, the theme was Table for Two – The Power of Flowers. The challenge was to create a complete table setting for two that interpreted life changing transformation through love and hope. The power of love to be featured through flowers and the design should stimulate at least four of the five senses. With only two hours to complete this monumental task, everyone had laser focus and steadily worked their way through the designs. From strongly architectural to completely whimsical, each table for two expressed the theme, love and emotion through flowers. Expectations were high and everyone was thrilled by the outcomes of the designs, amazingly strong competition, although leaders were certainly starting to emerge from the previous days competition as well as the morning session of day two.

Part 2 – A “surprise” basket containing American Grown Flowers, which seemed to throw a few designers for a loop, moments of hesitation and then they were off. With just ninety minutes to go, some narrowed the flower choices to a minimum, others using every item.  Containers and stands provided by a sponsor were used in a variety of ways, with many people turning the stands on their sides and using them as a base to build arrangements with stems in plates of water, others taking the more traditional floral foam route, building creations in concrete containers.  This challenge really separated the field and everyone was excited to attend the Semifinal Reception dinner to discover who would be moving on, from a field of twenty-three it would soon be narrowed to 10.


By the third day, the competitors had been narrowed to 10, with the cream of the crop rising to the top. This morning’s challenge was another surprise basket with a two-hour time limit, designers choice. For those in the crowd who had not attended the Semifinal Reception, it was a mad dash around the hall, checking to see if their favorite designers had made it through to battle on today. Although everyone was a star, unfortunately some had been knocked out due to flowers dying, and structures falling, making it impossible to stay in the competition with such a strong field.

At this point, at least in my mind, there were two people who clearly stood out from the others – these two would go on to win the night along with Second Runner Up, Tamas Mezoffy of Hungary.  Congratulations to Bart Hassam of Australia, whose bold, clean, architectural, east meets west designs won him the title of World Champion, and to First Runner Up  Natalia Zhizhko of Russia, whose elegant, feminine, whimsical designs were as delicately beautiful as Mr. Hassam’s bold architecture.

For a World Cup newbie like myself, I am now truly enamored by competition floral, and certainly intend to make a spot on my calendar (as should everyone interested in the Art of Flowers) every four to six years to attend what can only be considered the pinnacle of floral design.

Dried Fruits & Vegetables


In this episode of A Minute With Mayesh we talk about how to dry your own fruits and veggies to use in arrangements.


We post new episodes of Mornings With Mayesh every month, check them out here!





Wedding Feature: Industrial Wedding in Detroit


We love when we get to see our flowers come to life at an event, especially when it’s at a venue we know & love! We hosted one of our Mayesh Design Star workshops at The Jam Handy back in 2017, so it was a treat to see this gorgeous wedding with our flowers in the space. We’re also ~swooning~ over this gorgeous eggplant and gold color palette!

Last June, Ann of Bash Event Planning & Design helped make Maura and Audrey’s dream wedding a reality. Check out these photos from their intimate wedding, then head over to LOVE INC. blog to see more beautiful photos and read about the wedding!


















Moon Gate Arches and Floral Hoops


Moon gate arches and floral hoops can really add that wow factor to any event with their unique shape and ethereal nature. Plus, they’re not hard to design once you get going. All you need are some clippers, zip ties/floral wire, a water source, and of course, those beautiful wholesale flowers. Then you just need the actual hoop or arch itself!



Have you ever wondered, though, where you can get your hands on a moon gate arch or floral hoop? If you have, look no further, because we did the research for you. Check out our list below, and let us know in the comments if you’ve found somewhere else to get one!


Moon Gate Arch – FlowersByNelly – Etsy


Moon Gate 7 ft. Steel Arch Arbore – Hayneedle


Moon Gate Garden Arch – A Garden Place


84″ Moon Gate – Amazon


19″ Silver Floral Hoop By Ashland – Michaels


Looking for a more DIY option? Quilting hoops or hula hoops work great – and they’re both easy to find and inexpensive! Looking for a larger hoop or moon gate arch? Connecting with a local welder is a great option to be able to customize exactly what you want!


Check out our previous Mayesh Design Star Christy Hulsey as she walks you through how to design a floral hoop. Her tips and tricks are perfect for any size, from a small floral hoop all the way up to an extra-large moon gate arch!



Host: Christy Hulsey,  Colonial House of Flowers
CHOF Team: Kaitlyn Baxter, Amanda Currier, Lanier Hays, Taylor Ellen
Styling: Whitney Downs, Whitewood Events
WE Team: Erica Cleary, Ashley Stalvey
Videographer: Justin Peay Productions
Photographer: Kelli Boyd Photography
Floral Supplies: Accent DecorOasis Floral ProductsDesign Master
Napkins and Runners: Alanah Textiles
Table Linen: BBJ Linen
Plates: R. Wood Studios
Studio Space: Roxie Remley Fine Arts Building
Hair & makeup: Jessica Belfry, Hustle & Blow Dry Bar


The Ultimate Flower Guide


Do you want 12 months of flower availability lists at your fingertips together in one place? The be sure to download our Seasonal Product Availability Guide!

Great to use for wedding & event consultations, planning product palettes for everyday designs, and new employees as a reference.



Advanced Floral Workshop feat. Leopoldo Gómez CAF


Leopoldo Gómez is a renowned international teacher of Floral Design, based out of Mexico City. His style is widely acclaimed and sought after for its striking color palettes, vivid combinations of textures, and masterfully-crafted armatures and structures. He describes his work as “introspective” wherein the essence of nature can be perceived, and intrinsic treasures can be discovered. Gómez’s captivating body of work has been published in numerous periodicals including Fleur Créatif (Belgium), Flowers& (USA), Today Magazine (Korea), Revista Clip (Spain), and Nacre (France), and Isabel Gilbert Palmer’s trendsetting book, Formidable Florists (2015).





MARCH 8, 9, 10 2017 | 9:00AM – 5:00PM



Studio Warehouse | 9495 9th St., Suite B, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730





Register at


For more info contact Lori Novack at or (909) 987-1006 or (909) 921-4958

Down the Aisle with Style… And Profit


Interested in expanding your floral horizons and getting inspired from some professionals? Join Leopoldo Gómez CAF & Carol Caggiano AIFD, PFCI for a Floral Workshop and Show! Details below:





MARCH 5th, 2017



Pomona Fairgrounds & Flower Pavilion

1101 W. McKinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768



9:00 -11:00 Floral Workshop – Inspiration and Advanced Techniques

Featuring Leopoldo Gómez CAF

11:30 -12:30 Lunch Served

12:30 -1:30 Floral Show Part I – Inspiring Events, Parties, and More

Featuring Carol Caggiano AIFD, PFCI

2:00 -3:00 Floral Show Part II – Wedding Inspiration and Techniques

Featuring Leopoldo Gómez CAF





For More Info Contact Lori Novak at or

(909) 987-1006 or (909) 921-4958



Floral Design Elements: Wreath Centerpiece with Shawn Michael Foley

How To Floral Design: Holiday Wreath Centerpiece

For the final installment of his Mayesh Design Star series, Shawn leaves us with a beautiful winter wreath centerpiece. Stepping out of the traditional holiday color pallet of red and green, Shawn focuses on blue tones that represent the cold winter months.

We would like to thank Shawn for an awesome design series. He knocked it out of the park bringing us fresh and innovative design. You’re a rock star Shawn!

Featured product: Magnolia leaf, pine, cedar, dark blue delphinium (volkerfrieden), raspberries, anemone, dutch blue hydrangea.

*** Some items featured are not in season during the winter***

Materials used: Wire wreath form, Oasis foam, U-glu dashes, ribbon.

Floral Design Elements: Holiday Topiary with Jerome Raska

How-to Floral Design: Fall Topiary

In the last installment of his Mayesh Design Star series, Jerome makes a not so traditional holiday topiary for the harvest time of year. This a great trans-seasonal design that will look perfect on any tablescape or buffet table.

We would like to thank Jerome for an incredible design series! We hope he has inspired you as he inspired us! It was a pleasure working with you, thank you Jerome!

Featured product: sheet moss, angel vine, apples (not sold by Mayesh), pincushion protea, hypericum berry, Confidential rose, hydrangea, rose hips, craspedia, scabiosa pods and cymbidium orchids.

Materials used: floral foam, hyacinth sticks, Design Master Rose Gold spray paint, pheasant feathers and water tubes.


Mayesh Houston & Allied Florists of Houston Hands On Program


Join Mayesh Houston & Allied Florists of Houston for a hands-on program with our

2015 Mayesh Design Star Beth O’Reilly AIFD, TMF!



November 15, 2016

4-6pm Hands-On Portion | 6-9pm Evening Program



470 Garden Oaks Blvd. Houston, TX 77018



Member Registration Priority until 11/1/16

Open to Non-Members Afterwards

$75 Members / $100 Non-Members Includes Hands On Program, Dinner & Evening Program!



$25 Members / $35 Non-Members



 281-360-1364 for Registration Form & Online Payment

Floral Design Elements: Halloween Inspiration


In this month’s Mayesh Design Star video, Shawn shows us a very cool technique on how to turn ti leaves into raven feathers to create a not so typical Halloween inspired design.

Featured product: Black ti leaves, burgundy tree peony, cymbidium orchids and mokara orchids.

Materials used: foam raquette and porcupine quills.

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