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Are Wire Services Worth It?


In this episode of A Minute With Mayesh we discuss wire services, and whether or not your business should be utilizing them.


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Getting Customers to Re-Order


In this episode of A Minute With Mayesh we discuss best practices to ensure online customers re-order from your business. Don’t forget to tune in to our live episodes each month, and check out past episodes here!





Marketing to Get Clients


In this episode of A Minute With Mayesh we discuss how to use marketing efforts to bring in new clients. Check out the full video, and find other great content from past episodes here!




Let’s Talk Pricing



In this episode of A Minute With Mayesh we cover the business basics of pricing: how to price, what pricing to share online, and more! Check out what we have to say on the matter, and see all of our full Mornings With Mayesh episodes here!







Instagram Best Practices


Your business is on Instagram, and you’re fairly active on the platform (and if you’re not on Instagram, what are you waiting for?!) But do you ever wonder if you could be doing anything more to really have a successful profile, one that can help drive business? Read on for a summary of our top 10 tips from our last Mornings with Mayesh in which Yvonne reviewed a handful of florists’ Instagram pages.



Editing your Profile


  • Make sure your Instagram is a business profile! In order to do this, you will need a Facebook page for your business, but that’s something you should have anyway!
  • Include your business’s location in the description – at a minimum include the city and state.
  • Utilize the “Contact Options” on your Instagram feed – email, address, phone number.
  • Make sure that if you utilize the directions button created with the address section of “Contact Options”, that it is using a real address and not just a city.
  • Include your website URL – it is highly recommended to have your own website as opposed to Facebook as your website. If Instagram and Facebook disappeared tomorrow, so would your digital footprint – avoid this with your own customized site!



Posting and Engagement


  • Utilize geo-special hashtags as well as regular hashtags.
  • Engage with followers by responding to their comments.
  • Ask questions in your captions to prompt engagement from your audience.
  • Include CTAs (call to action) in your Stories, such as Swipe Up, to direct viewers to your website.
  • Post Stories on a regular basis, and add Stories with great content to Highlights. Check out our post Why You Should be Using Instagram Stories for more pointers on utilizing Stories!



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