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Upcoming: World Floral Expo & Catersource Event Solutions Shows

World Floral Expo & Catersource

We are exhibitors at three shows this month! The World Floral Expo (WFE), Catersource Event Solutions (CSES) and the Great Lakes Floral Expo. 

WFE will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center March 9- 11. If you plan on attending, get your free pass by clicking this link. You will find Mayesh at booth #357 at the end of the main aisle. Stop by to see what gorgeous flowers we will have on display! 

CSES is at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 15 – 16. Find us at booth #2209, say hi to our team and take in a flower design demo from Beth O’Reilly! You can get a free exhibit hall pass as well by using the code, IAC00292.

If you are in the Great Lakes area, you may have attended the Great Lakes Floral Expo March 4-6 at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel/Devos Place. Hopefully you stopped by our booth, but if not here are some pictures that we posted on Facebook!

CSES2013: Demographics are Dead – How to Utilize Psychographics


Did you know that demographics are dead?  Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but I did attend a cool session at Catersource/Event Solutions (CSES2013) all about utilizing pyschographics presented by Daniela Ferdico Faget, Psy.D, Cerebral Artisan, Bella Signature Design, Bainbridge Island, WA.  

First, what is psychographics?  According to psychographics is “the use of demographics to determine the attitudes and tastes of a particular segment of a population, as in marketing studies.”  It takes in account values, personality, and interests so that you can tailor your marketing endeavors.  Below are a few pointers from Daniela to get started on how to optimize your efforts using psychographics to grow your floral, wedding and event business:


  • Everyone is different and even if you have, for example, an Indian client.  It is important to find out what type of Indian so that you know what they need or want.
  • How do you find out the information you need?
    • Questionnaire
    • Google Analytics
    • Consultations
    • Before consultation:
      • Have your clients fill out an online or emailed questionnaire
      • Search for them in LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, etc.
  • Creating personas is a great way to ensure you know your potential customers and set up dialogs/actions that will be suite those personas.
  • Give follow-up gifts to clients that they really want.
    • Daniela give a candle that reflects each of Bella’s brands that matches the persona of each client.  This says: “Hey, I think we are a good match!”
    • Also, Daniela sends a brochure that was created specifically for each persona.
  • If you are doing a show be sure to know the audience so that your booth design will be geared to them.
  • Facebook ads are a great way to do specified target marketing because you can select a very specific group when setting up your ad.


How do you use demographics and psychographics for your business?

CSES2013: The Destination Wedding Hot List

Is it me or are we hearing more and more about destination weddings?  At the 2013 Catersource & Event Solutions show, I attended “The Destination Wedding Hot List” session to see what information Kevin Covey, Owner, Kevin’s Parties, Co-Owner Destination Wedding Gurus; Laurie Davies, Owner, Five Star Weddings & Events, Co-Owner Destination Wedding Gurus; and Natalie Vishny, Owner, Swellegant, Co-Owner Destination Wedding Gurus had to share on this trending topic.



P.S. don’t forget that we offer Mayesh Destination Events so that you can have beautiful Mayesh wholesale flowers pretty much anywhere in the world you may have a wedding or event!  Pretty cool!

Here are some highlights from this great session:

  • Top locations for destination weddings are Las Vegas, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, and Florida.


  • Common misconceptions:
    • Destination events are uncommon – actually, you are probably planning destination weddings more than you think.
    • You mind set had to be different and your clients are paying for your expertise.
    • Do you research to find local vendors to save money because this route is much cheaper than flying in a vendor.
    • Destination clients spend more money per guest but you typically get more bang for your buck.
  • Capture the market – make your location wish list and become an expert in those areas.  Don’t limit yourself.
  • Creating a luxury destination wedding ….
    • Offering services like babysitting and shuttle service
    • No cookie cutter formality – couples are looking for adventure and spend time with their guests like cooking classes or salsa dancing.



    • Say goodbye to banquet and hello to action stations.
      • strolling carts throughout the event with guacologists and mixologists.
    • Serve signature and retro cocktails inspired by Great Gatsby and Mad Men.  And don’t rule out unique soda pops.
    • Pre-ceremony cocktail are quite popular.
    • Use interesting and elegant furniture to set the scene.
  • Time to accept your applause:
    • Blog about your hits – blogging is a great way to create great content, attract new customers, and to post on your social media outlets.
    • Create a promotional video – 1 video is worth 1.8 million words; people share videos and recall value to much higher than just words
    • Your website should be current and show your best work



      • Be sure where your business is located and what other areas and/or destination cities you service are clearly listed.  This is a pet peeve for me.  I often visit websites and cannot easily tell where the business is at.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews and referrals.  Let your clients speak about your best work for you.


Are you already involved in destination weddings?  What are your tips and/or ideas?

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