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Eremurus at Mayesh Wholesale Florist

Guest Blogger: David Dahlson


The end of spring means farewell to many wonderful blooms, but it also heralds the brief season of Eremurus, before the full brunt of summer takes effect. This classic line flower is a magnificent option for designers, especially when doing installations.

While not officially designated as being geotropic, the stems tend to curl at the end after they have been cut and packed, particularly the large varieties. If you do not want the stately arabesques in your designs, observe the following procedure upon unpacking the blooms:

  • Wrap the entire inflorescence of the bunch(es) rather firmly in a stiff pack, such as brown paper and/or thin cardboard, rendering the racemes in an erect disposition.
  • Then cut and process the stems as normal. Maintain the package of eremurii in an upright position for a couple of hours to allow the stems to “set” in position, the carefully unwrap.




Eremurii are one of many spectacular bulb flowers that originally came from the upper altitudes of the Fertile Crescent. Native to Persia, Afghanistan and Nepal, these dramatic line flowers grow to as high as six feet, with inflorescence that can spread to as much as two feet. Shorter varieties in yellow, orange, peach, pink and white are available throughout spring, imported from Holland, and the huge varieties such as Eremurus himalaicus that are grown in Oregon are available in late spring. The name Eremurus is derived from the Greek eremos meaning ‘solitary’ and ourameaning ‘tail’. Common English names are Foxtail lily and occasionally the Desert Candle.

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