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Succulent & Airplant Christmas Tree

We have so many creative people who work within Mayesh Wholesale Florist and I love it when they email something that they whipped up.  Below you will find a beautiful and fun tabletop Christmas tree created out of echeverias and tillandsias (or succulents and air plants) created by our very own Patricia Steinman from our Cleveland, Ohio Mayesh.

Do you have a fave “traditional with a twist” flower design?


Glow in the Dark Succulents/Echeveria

Fresh cut flower producers have been very creative lately with their products.  I’ve seen glittered roses, neon colored everything, rainbow flowers, and now there are glow in the dark wholesale succulents/echeveria.  I’m not really sure how these will be used – perhaps they are great for Halloween parties and centerpieces, but I’d love to hear from you how you could use these or any of those other crazy products!


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