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2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo Recap

Great Lakes Floral Expo


Guest Blogger: Andy Arthur


This past weekend, the Michigan Floral Association hosted the 2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo at the Devos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This was an eventful weekend filled with multiple education sessions, trade fair, and numerous design competitions.  Mayesh sponsored two of the hands on education sessions – “Events…Selling and Designing Profitably” featuring Robbin Yelverton and “Weddings – The Next Level” featuring Tracy Park.

Our booth in the trade fair featured Dutch Product from Tuning Flowers and novelty plants from Ravensbergen Greenhouses in Canada.  From Holland we had Vanda Orchids, 15+bloom Cymbidiums, Walter Grootscholten Phalenopsis Orchids, color enhanced Echeveria and new varieties of novelty tulips.  The Phalenopsis in particular were a HUGE hit, and almost everyone that walked by stopped to comment on them. In plants there were Oxalis, Stephanotis vine hoops, and Rex Begonias.  Conseulo Lovelady and Megan DeMara from Mayesh Detroit coordinated the rest of the display items and were our staff for the weekend.  The two very talented designers from the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Laureen Williams & Marie Carnell, used their amazing abilities to put the booth together with the product provided.  Mayesh was the only floral wholesaler with a booth at the trade fair, and was very well received.

Saturday night festivities included the President’s cocktail reception, followed by the “Together We Bloom” banquet. The current MFA President and Mayesh Design Star, Jerome Raska was the host for the evening at the dinner as well as presiding over the Designer of the Year Run Off. During the Industry Awards portion of the dinner, Mayesh Detroit was recognized as “Michigan Wholesaler of Year 2016”, as voted on by peers in the industry. Andrew Arthur was on hand to receive the award on behalf of the company, with Megan and Conseulo in attendance for moral support.


Great Lakes Floral Expo

Great Lakes Floral Expo

Great Lakes Floral ExpoGreat Lakes Floral Expo

The Flower House Detroit Preview Event

Guest Blogger: Andy Arthur 


Last night was the Flower House Detroit Preview Event.  Myself and Megan DeMara went to the event on behalf of Mayesh.  This is an exciting project by a group of very talented floral designers in the Detroit area to act as a model to turn blighted structures into creative platforms for art and business.  Lisa Waud, owner  of Pot & Box in Ann Arbor, Michigan, purchased two side by side blighted buildings in Hamtramck, Michigan. The one building was once a storefront, and the other is a two unit duplex.   She, along with Heather Saunders, of Heather Saunders Photography, Liz Stoltz of Parsonage Events, Jody Costello of J Costello Desgins, Holly Rutt of Sweet Pea Floral Design and Susan McLeary of Passionflower are the creative force behind this project. They plan to create a breathtaking weekend exhibition on October 16, 17 & 18.

Mayesh Detroit Toy Drive

Mayesh Detroit Toy Drive


‘Tis the season for giving!  Mayesh Detroit sponsored a toy drive for Detroit Children’s Hospital this year. Kristen Lazuka, our customer service leader and receptionist was the chief in putting everything together. The drive ended up with us receiving around $500 in donated toys, mostly from our employees.  Any child who is in the hospital on Christmas, along with their family members will be able to go to the toy room and pick something out.  Merry Christmas!


Mayesh Detroit Toy Drive Mayesh Detroit Toy Drive

The Lonely Bouquet at Della’s Maple Lane Florist

It was brought to my attention that we helped inspire some florists to carry on with The Lonely Bouquet mission long after our national Open House & Lonely Bouquet Design Day, which was held this past June.  So when I saw an email from our Detroit branch letting us know about Kristyne Carian-Case of Della’s Maple Lane Florist, I knew that I had to interview her to get more details.  If you only have a minute to read through the interview, then be sure to skip to the 7th question below (“I’m sure you have heard back from many of the recipients – any particular story that stands out from the rest?”), but be sure you have some tissues handy!  I seriously love the power of flowers!!


When did you start The Lonely Bouquet for your shop?

We started right after the Mayesh open house, around July 5th or so.  It was slow and that is why I had extra flowers around the 4th of July, so I decided to try it.  I would rather give away my flowers and let someone enjoy them than let them die in my store and throw them away!!  I also love doing things like this – it makes people very happy!!!


What kind of response do you get from your community?

The people who have received the bouquets send the most touching emails or post them on our Facebook page. They are REALLY making peoples days, cheering people up, and traveling all over, someone who finds one may not keep it themselves, they may give it away to someone else.


When did you first hear of The Lonely Bouquet? I heard about the Lonely Bouquet idea from Mayesh Wholesale, they were doing it as part of their open house and I could not attend.  I thought it was a great idea.  I do a lot of similar things to the Lonely Bouquet so I am always looking for ideas to brighten the day of unsuspecting people.


Was there anything specific that happened to prompt you to continue creating/abandon Lonely Bouquets

Well I couldn’t attend the open house and do one at Mayesh and this particular week I had a ton of Birds of Paradise & foxtail, so made a sample for my designer and she made up 20 to start with.  We used a cheap red container, 2 birds, red gerberas, yellow roses and statice, they were simple and elegant. I would much rather give my flowers away than throw them in the garbage, so when I see I am long on certain items I give my customers bonus flowers in their arrangements, mixed bouquets etc…or have a nomination on our Facebook page of who may need flowers and why, I usually pick them all and send out arrangements to people who need them for various reasons.  Here is the first one we did:

How many have you dropped/left/abandoned already?

I wish I would have counted them from the start, but to date it is approximately 200 or more. (I am guessing based on the cases of containers I have used.)  We generally stay in the city of Troy, MI and drop them in the entrance of a store, in an office building lobby, a parking lot, an outdoor restaurant table that is empty, the hallway of the hospital, the hallway or elevators of doctors offices, even the parking lot of the funeral home!!  We do it as we are making our normal deliveries and I have a driver that comes in now and her and her son or daughter will go out for the day and drop them all over.  She donates her time and uses her own vehicle because she wants to do her part in making people happy too.  I very seldom pay her, she won’t let me (but when she is making deliveries and doing this, she is being paid)!!


How long do you plan on creating your own Lonely Bouquets?

I had planned on stopping at the end of July, but we find ourselves making more and more, because the stories we are getting back are making us very happy!!  It really brings us great joy to read them, so I think I am going to continue at least until the end of August.  I am kind of ordering more flowers than what I need to have an excuse to make more.  People that have heard have donated vases to us and I’ve called my wholesalers for some cheap container options.  We are having so much fun with it!!  There are a lot of the stories on our Facebook page, and if you read some of them you will understand why we want to continue.


I’m sure you have heard back from many of the recipients – any particular story that stands out from the rest?

The story below was called into us, so as soon as my employee, Michelle, got off the phone, (and in tears!!) I set her up on our Facebook page to tell her story:

We just received the most touching Lonely Bouquet story…
Gail Bedell was at Troy Beaumont last week, taking her daughter, Cali, to her regular treatments for the severe health issues she’s having. That day happened to be Cali’s 47th birthday, and on the way to treatment that morning, Gail had told her that she didn’t have enough money for a birthday present, due to overwhelming medical expenses. While at the hospital, Gail walked outside and saw a man set down a floral arrangement and leave. She thought it was odd that he had done that, and walked over only to see that it was a Lonely Bouquet! She took the arrangement home and hid it so Cali wouldn’t see it and made a card to go with it. When her and Cali got home, Gail surprised her with the flowers! Cali was SO surprised and expressed to her mom that she shouldn’t have done that because they couldn’t afford it. Gail told her that she didn’t buy them, and told Cali the story about finding the Lonely Bouquet. Gail told me that they both sat there and sobbed, and couldn’t believe the greatest act of kindness they had both ever seen. Gail said she is so extremely grateful that we did that and that she was the one to find them! She carries around the pink note attached to the Lonely Bouquet, and told us that she shows it to everyone, at least 20 people she has shown so far. She plans on showing it to everyone she comes in contact with, to let them know what we did for her that day.


I see you have received news coverage, how did that end up happening for you?

The driver who was doing this for me emailed the Troy Patch to let her know what we were doing.  She says she’s sick of all the bad stories and thought this would be a good one.  The woman from the Troy patch did a great job on the story, here is the link to the story:


Are there any other activities that you participate in, other than The Lonely Bouquet, to give back to your community?

We do give-aways on Facebook for flowers – we ask people to nominate someone who deserves them and why.  We gave away a 5 pound Sanders chocolate Easter Bunny at Easter, an Origami Owl necklace at Mothers day, and of course we donate all kinds of things from gift cards to flowers and things for local school fundraisers or teacher appreciation or whatever.  I donate as much as I can, especially to schools and the elderly or good organizations that are local here in Troy.


If our readers want to connect with you, what is the best way?



Teleflora’s Michigan Unit presents: Here Comes the Savvy Bride!

Teleflora's Michigan Unit presents: Here Comes the Savvy Bride!


Teleflora’s Michigan Unit presents: Here Comes the Savvy Bride! 

Featuring: Bert Ford AIFD, PFCI

Today’s bride is tech savvy, well read and knows what she wants! At this program, Bert will share tips and techniques for wowing your customers that will be sure to take your wedding business to the next level. Learn to sell and create the latest trends in bridal designs. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your profits and create exciting new designs.  Here are the details:


Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Shopping 4:30 – 6:30pm
Registration & dinner 5:00 – 6:30pm
Educational design program 6:30 – 8:30pm

Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc.
35935 Ecorse Road
Romulus, MI 48174
(800) 221-4260

Teleflora members: pre-paid $20 / At-the-door $25
Non-members: pre-paid $25 / At-the-door $30

Register by Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
Dinner is guaranteed for our pre-paid guests only
Cash or check only, thank you

To register call or email:
Debbie Custer (734) 455-7377

Detroit Heart Ball 2014

Detroit Heart Ball


We are truly blessed to be involved with several organizations that strive to make a difference in people’s lives.  One such organization is the Southeast Michigan American Heart Association!  Our CEO, Patrick Dahlson, along with members from our Detroit branch attended this year’s event at the Eastern Market last month.  See a couple of pictures from the ball below!


Detroit Heart Ball

Detroit Heart Ball

2014 Great Lakes Floral Expo

Mayesh took Best of Show for our booth display at Michigan Floral Association’s Great Lakes Floral Expo in Grand Rapids Michigan. We were given a nice plug during the trade show and we came home with a small plaque.

A special thank you goes out to Alexandra Farms who participated by buying a booth for us to display 36 varieties of their garden roses, which really made our booth wonderfully scented!


2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes ExpoHere are some pictures from the event:

2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo 2014 Great Lakes Expo


Wholesale Flowers in Detroit, MI (5/14/13)

As a wholesale florist, we carry a wide variety of fresh cut flowers.  Our branch in Detroit, Michigan sent over the pictures below and I wanted to share them with you.  For more of a comprehensive list of available bulk flowers, be sure to check out our monthly availability list found here.


  • Wildcat Orchids (wholesale orchids)
  • Amsonia Night Sky
  • Astilbe White
  • Bearded Dianthus
  • Cobra Lily (Saracena Trumpets)
  • Dendrobium Orchid Vailai
  • Fritillaria Persica
  • Heliconia Yellow Carabea (wholesale tropical flowers)
  • Hydrangea Magical Coral (wholesale hydrangea)
  • Hydrangea Magical Cryst
  • Ranunculus Orange
  • Ranuncula Pom Pom Assorted
  • Rose Caipirinha (wholesale roses)
  • Sunflower Black Diamond (wholesale sunflowers)
  • Tulip Libretto Parrot (wholesale tulips)
  • Vanda Orchid Dotty Purple



These pictures our from our wholesale branch in Detroit, but you can order nationwide from our shipping departments in Los Angeles and Miami, and from our local branches in Bakersfield, Carlsbad, Chandler, LA Flower Market, Las Vegas, LAX, Orange County, Phoenix, Riverside, San Fernando, Torrance, Charlotte, and Cleveland.

Detroit’s Open House & Teleflora Show

Sabrina visited our Cleveland location a few days and then drove to our Detroit location to cover their Open House as well as a Teleflora class for our followers on Twitter and Facebook on October 12th. Below is a summary of her visit:


Driving from Cleveland, OH to Romulus, MI is no short trip but it sure was a beautiful one.



I have never been to the Midwest, so driving through vast farmlands and crossing one of the great lakes via a massive bridge was fun to say the least. My co-pilot Leslee from our Cleveland branch laughed at me and said “I guess you don’t cross a lot of bridges like this in Tucson, Arizona, huh?” Nope. Not like this one.

The area surrounding our Detroit wholesale floral location is vastly different from what I have envisioned. It is settled in a wooded area and not nearly as industrialized as the areas surrounding many of our other locations. It was beautiful! The location is massive and constructed with nearly every aspect of a cut floral facility thought out. It is a must visit if you are ever in the area.



Tom Metzger and his staff welcomed customers all morning during their Open House. When I arrived around 1:00 pm the place was packed with customers and the sales staff was busy preparing the whole building for the Teleflora class to be held that evening.


The Teleflora Michigan Unit held their last class of the year. The speaker was Joyce Manson-Monheim AIFD, CFD, PFCI, AzMF. According to her site:

“Joyce has been designing flowers since 1975. She graduated from Kirkwood Community College with a degree in Floriculture. After graduating she worked in a retail flower shop in Waterloo, Iowa and in 1984 moved to Tucson, AZ to manage a large retail shop operation. Since 1998 she has been a freelance floral designer and educator throughout the country, becoming an Arizona Master Florist, a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, a Certified Floral Designer, a member of the Professional Floral Communicator International, a Teleflora Educational Specialist and designing for many events and industry vendors the country. Joyce is married with 2 children and resides in Tucson, AZ.”

I stayed for the beginning of her session, during which she had some great tips. I shared a lot of them via our Twitter page.



Joyce really focused on these 2 points of emotion and service. She acknowledges that flowers are an emotion driven purchase. Flowers have been scientifically proven to affect mood.I loved this tip. Often we forget that beautiful foliage is just as expensive as cut flowers. Why do we only use foliage to cover mechanics? Show it off, and don’t give it away. Freebies are profit killers. Make sure to charge for all of your foliage and accent flowers.

Tip: “It is time to upgrade the bud vase!”

Joyce used dried lotus pods that have been cut to create a grid. This allows for minimal stems to be used but the look is very high end and has a great perceived value. Many florists rely on foliage to create the grid system needed to keep flowers stable in a bud vase. We stuff small vases. Here is a cool way to use very little stems and foliage for a great upscale bud vase look.

Tip: “Cross-train designers and drivers”

How often do drivers become designers on the fly? Rocky roads and potholes cause arrangements to shift, this is where driver turn into designers. Joyce advises that drivers shadow a designer when they are designing and designers ride along during a delivery. This will allow both parts to work together to make sure the arrangement looks great when received by the end customer.

Tip: “Use those scrapes you have been saving for years.”

How many shops have that bucket of sticks and stems? We say, “one day I will use that.” Today is the day! Joyce created some fun display pieces that can be altered for any season. She even created a very upscale version of a dozen roses. She is a big fan of branches. It allows for prep work to be done very far in advance and ready to design and sell when orders come in.



Thank you to all the attendees who came out to learn and to Joyce and Teleflora, thank you for a great program.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop and say hi to our Mayesh Detroit folks.


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