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Art In Full Bloom: Disco Celebration of Color


This was the 5th annual Art in Full Bloom and I have to say, it was the best one yet! Early on in the planning stages we settled on the theme of “Disco Celebration of Color” and as a super fan of disco, I was elated! With the help of Jim McCoy we were able to create an evening of full of dancing, socializing, networking, art and live entertainment! It was kind of like Mayesh’s version of Studio 54 and what better place than Vegas, baby!

This year we partnered with The Center, a community-based organization that helps furthering the human rights and overall well being of the LGBTQ community in South Las Vegas. This partnership was a perfect fit! Not only do we fully support their cause but the staff and crew were so amazing and easy to work with – everything came together seamlessly! Together we really pulled off a spectacular event.


Of course it would not be an Art in Full Bloom event without our favorite ladies Norma and Doris! They never seem to disappoint and bring so much life to the party. As usual their performance was crowd pleaser and their all night mingling makes for some fun and interesting conversation. They weren’t the only ones with a stellar performance, though. We also had a Diana Ross impersonator that was off the charts! The DJ was spinning disco classics all night long and everyone was shakin’ their groove thing! Our Floral Fantasy winner also designed an amazing art installation “Disco Cell” which provided the backdrop to many selfies and tons of photo ops!

I can’t say enough about this event! We manage to top ourselves every year and this year was no exception! If you were able to make it this year, then you understand how it would be impossible to capture the magic of the night through a blog post! If you weren’t able to make it out this year, there’s always next year!

For more photos of this year’s Art in Full Bloom:

Thank you to everyone who made it such a special night!

For more information on the center visit:


Floral Design Elements: Pet Accessories with Shawn Michael Foley Part 2

flower dog collar

In part 2 of the pet accessories video, Shawn creates collar floral accessories for his pup, Bird. These are fun, simple and adorable adornments for pet collars for animals of all sizes!

Featured product: Ranunculus, thistle, cymbidium orchid, green trick and poppy pods.

Materials: Flat wire, yarn, feathers (optional) and cold glue.

Mayesh Minute: Floral Boa at TSE2016

If you visited us at The Special Event 2016 (Orland, FL), then you know that the floral boa was a huge hit with the crowd! In this video, David Dahlson is giving you a peek into the details of the gorgeous floral boa – Charlotte hot pink ranunculus, hot pink Paul Wild peonies, hot pink hydrangea, Baronesse garden roses, hot pink Heather and dendrobium orchids. Check it out:

Flirty Fleur’s Compote Floral Arrangement Workshop

#alitheflorist Flirty Fleurs Compote Class


A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take a fabulous workshop with the lovely Alicia of Flirty Fleurs up here in Seattle. Alicia offers a variety of workshops throughout the year, and to my delight, are for just about any experience level! I must admit, I was a tad nervous going it into it, wondering if I’d be the only inexperienced newbie sitting cluelessly in the back of the room. A few days before, in a last minute panic, I drove to a local nursery and stocked up on tools I thought might come in handy. They looked pretty and fairly useful, so I crossed my fingers at the register and purchased my first florist tools. When Saturday finally came, I arrived at a cute little studio in Georgetown, filled with a whopping four other people. Hallelujah! Small, intimate classes are my favorite, as they are much less intimidating and provide for a hands-on, supportive environment. We went around the room sharing just a little bit about ourselves, and I was happy to learn that everyone had different levels of experience, with only two professionals present. What a relief!


#alitheflorist Flirty Fleurs Compote Class

#alitheflorist Flirty Fleurs Compote Class

#alitheflorist Flirty Fleurs Compote Class


Alicia began the class with an introduction about herself, and then quickly segued in to the task at hand: creating a compote floral arrangement using chicken wire and a compote container. Thus far, I have only learned and attempted to create a hand-tied bouquet, and have done some rookie arranging during the holidays with my mom. I had also never worked with chicken wire, so I was excited to learn a new trick of the trade. Alicia quickly put together a beautiful arrangement, and then just like that, it was our turn. Okay, I have a confession: I may or may not have snagged the chicken wire that Alicia had already formed as a demonstration, so I kind of got to skip the first step. I did, however, secure it in the vase and tape down the edges by myself… baby steps people. I started out a bit hesitantly, unsure if I was doing things correctly, but after a few minutes, I began to get in a groove and work a bit more freely. I started with the greens – a few of which included eucalyptus, dusty miller, and acacia purple – and began snipping and inserting into the chicken wire. Once I had a solid base and the green tape was not visible anymore, I moved onto the flowers. Alicia had chosen to go with a purple theme, which I had no complaints about. My only alteration was trading out a few for some pops of bright pink, because sometimes you just need a little burst of color in the dreary Pacific Northwest weather… can you blame me? As we arranged, Alicia walked around giving snippets of advice, but never overwhelming or changing the design. I opted to use a Lazy-Susan which helped remind me to spin the arrangement as I went and design all sides, the number one rule of thumb I have learned. The arrangement included white garden roses, hyacinth, tulips, white anenomes, hot pink spider mums, and pink ranunculus to name a few.

Once I had spun my arrangement one last time and was finally satisfied, Alicia deemed my arrangement a “pave” arrangement… to which I responded, “Huh?” While 99% of you know what that means, I’ll explain for the 1% that doesn’t. A pave arrangement is one where the stems are fairly short and the flower heads are placed very closely together, more of a “tight and compact dome” feel rather than loose, airy, or sculptural. To me, the fact that it even resembled any sort of floral style was a win in and of itself! My final task of the workshop was to safely transport my arrangement from south Seattle to north Seattle. When I opened my car door to survey the situation, I was thrilled to realize that my nanny job would crossover and save the day: CARSEATS. So I buckled that baby up, and made it all the way home with zero spillage or destruction. Thanks kiddos!

Overall, I’d say my first real learning experience was a success, and I would happily take another class from Alicia! Things have already been a bit busy this year (um, when did it become March?) but taking this workshop really helped to reignite my passion and desire to learn and become a part of the flower industry. Stay tuned for more exciting progress in my floral adventure!


#alitheflorist Flirty Fleurs Compote Class

#alitheflorist Flirty Fleurs Compote Class

SW Region AIFD Presents Ultimate Wedding Challenge

AIFD Ultimate Wedding Challenge

We are excited to share that our 2015 Mayesh Design Star, Beth O’Reilly AIFD will be doing a stage presentation in San Bernadino at the Hilton Hotel on March 1st for the SouthWest Region AIFD’s Ultimate Wedding Challenge.  Get more details here:



So You Want to Be A Florist? Creative Resumes 101

Creative Resume


So, let’s pretend you are me … the Director of Marketing for one of the largest wholesale florists in the country.  I have to admit that it is pretty cool to be me and it is no secret that I love my job.  (I love it so much that I was asked to speak on a panel at the 2012 SAF Convention about why I love my job so much!)  But when it came time to hire a new marketing team member and I had to scour hundreds of resumes, I didn’t love my job as much.  Ok, ok … I hated going through resumes because after a time, they all started to look and sound the same.  Don’t get me wrong, I spoke to some great people with plain-jane resumes, but I have to say that when a non-traditional, but gorgeously designed resume crossed my sight, I was already interested before I read the content.  No matter the design, content is most important, however my eyes were extremely thankful for some great design.  When we decided to bring Ali aboard, I asked her to do a post about resume design because I L-O-V-E her resume (pictured below)  and think since we all work in a creative industry, this is a good opportunity for those looking for a floral-related job to show off some creative skills.  So if you are ready for some quick tips and inspiration, I hope you enjoy this post!


Creative Resume


BLOGGER: Ali Dahlson

When it comes to designing your resume, as one famous artist put it, oh the times, they are a-changin’. In the past, it was all about that MLA, Times New Roman, 12-point format. However, as our culture progresses and the so-called “Millennials” take over, that won’t cut it anymore. *Disclaimer: many traditional companies still prefer the standard format, so proceed with caution! You have to make the call on whether or not the company you’re applying for will appreciate an artistic and out-of-the-box approach. In my case, the flower business is a pretty darn creative industry, so I decided to go that route, and crossed my fingers it would pay off!

Why, you might ask? For a number of reasons! I might reply. For starters, you want to stand out. Depending on the job, employers receive a whole bunch of resumes, and they all get stacked on the corner of their desk, a neat yet depressing pile of bland, similar looking resumes. Now, put yourself in their shoes. If you received a resume that was unique and had style, a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will, wouldn’t you be more inclined to pick that one up first? I certainly would…I’d be intrigued, I’d need to know more. That’s the main purpose of a creative resume, to grab the attention of your potential employer, and make them want to read it. A well-designed resume should help convey who you are, but not overwhelm. It’s a little taste of what’s to come, which is (hopefully), an interview! Because who wouldn’t hire you after you charm their pants off with your sparkling personality? No one. That’s who.

Question number 2: what makes a “well-designed” resume? Well, for one, it should be refined and edited. Negative space (aka white space) is GOOD, as it is visually appealing to the eye, and won’t overwhelm the reader. You should only include relevant information, or in other words, leave the “fluff” at the back door. Fluff is bad, efficiency is good. Say it with me, fluff bad, efficiency good. Perfect, moving on. Once you’ve determined what makes the cut, you need to find a way to highlight each section so that they all stand out on their own, but also work together to tell your story. This can be done in many ways – font style (bold, italic…), font size, and placement, to name a few. In terms of color, my rule of thumb is no more than three! And that includes black and grey. Keeping it minimal and simple is key; UNLESS you’re applying for graphic design job, in which case, show off those skills, by all means! (Side note: If you’re applying for a graphic design job, you probably don’t need to be reading this, but I digress…) The other most important thing, and my personal FAVORITE thing to nerd out about, is your font. There are so many fonts available online to download, but it requires a refined eye to choose something unique and slightly different, but not too crazy (another side note: you can use more than one, but they should be complimentary, and limited to two! Okay fine, three, but they better be, like, ‘The Three Musketeers’ status). A few other tid-bits of information to keep tucked away, geometric shapes are good, too much going on is bad, and for goodness sake, make sure to line everything up!

One last thing I should mention; if you don’t have the ability to create a custom resume using a program such as Illustrator or InDesign, just use Google! These days, there are so many fabulous templates that can be easily downloaded and used, for those of you who are not necessarily savvy in the art of digital graphic design. Just remember to make it your own!  Here are a few links to get you started:

And now, my friends, I release you! Be free, get those creative juices flowing, and think about how to tell your story. As cool as your resume looks, it won’t mean a thing if your future employer doesn’t have a taste of who you are after reading it. It should highlight and emphasize the best you; who you are, what you’re about, and what you will bring to the table. Good luck!


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