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Fourteen Questions To Ask Instead Of “How much would you charge for this?”


We’re excited to have Curate’s Ryan O’Neill back on the blog today to revisit last month’s question about pricing, and provide insight on how to rephrase pricing questions to be more productive.



Last month I talked about why it can be dangerous to ask other florists “how much would you charge for this arrangement?” and the response to the post was incredible. Knowing how to price custom installations from the underbelly of Pinterest is why the Curate floral software was created in the first place. This month, we’re giving you fourteen questions you should ask instead.


1. How would you calculate the price on this arrangement?


2. Here’s the price I came up with and how I came up with it. Am I missing anything?


3. What’s the lowest number of these garden roses that would still look great in this bouquet?


4. Would you use a higher floral or labor markup for this arrangement because of its complexity?


5. I really want to do this arrangement but the bride is just shy on budget for me to hit my margins. Where can I get beautiful orchids for a more cost efficient price?


6. How can I best calculate my markup values to make this arrangement profitable? (Hint, you can use our handy-dandy markup calculator.)


Download The Free Markup Calculator


7. Will putting this installation together on site require having any extra freelance help that I need to account for in the cost?


8. This elevated arrangement is gorgeous but huge. Should I pad my recipe a little bit for this arrangement just in case?


9. Has anyone assembled an arrangement like this on site? How long did the installation take you?


10. Is there anything special about this arrangement that I need to take into consideration before pricing it?


11. What can be done to decrease the price point for this arrangement?


12. What’s the best sub for Darcey Garden Roses that has the same color but fits a more “intimate budget?”


13. How would you calculate your greenery needed for this?


14. How do I break it to my bride how much this is going to cost?




Have another question florists should ask instead of “How much would you charge?” We’d love to hear it below!


Two Reasons Why you Should Stop Asking: “How much would you charge for this?”


Today we’re excited to have Curate’s Ryan O’Neil on the blog discussing a somewhat taboo topic in the industry: pricing!



If you’re on any florist forum, you’ve seen the post. It’s a gorgeous photo that some client has pulled from the underbelly of Pinterest along with a quick question,”How much would you charge for this?” If you’ve ever asked this question, there’s a high chance that the answers to the post hurt your business more than it helped. It’s time to stop asking, “How much would you charge for this?”


I get it. In our consults, we speak to florists every day who see arrangements and know exactly what they should cost. At the same time, occasionally they come up against a particular arrangement that’s a bit outside of their wheelhouse, and they have a bride who wants her proposal NOW, creating the need to ask other florists, “how much would you charge for this?” Even though I understand it, here are two reasons why you should stop asking it:


1. Your pricing should be based upon the item


Any time that you are quoting an item, you are always basing it off of the fact that you should be making adequate profit off of the supplies and the labor going into it. More flowers = more money. More expensive flowers = more expensive item. You’re going to want to “stem count” the item and determine how many of each type of stem you’ll want to add.

In years past, it’s been much more difficult to do these calculations since they had to be done manual. Luckily, technology has made this easier through tools like Curate.


2. Every florist has a different markup


It’s pretty simple. Everybody is different. Our experience of talking to thousands of florists has led us to believe that there is no industry standard markup on floral work. It seems like the easy route is to find out what others are doing but the reality is that their profit margins and needs are likely so much different than what yours are.

On one particular post, I saw a florist ask for help pricing an arrangement, and someone from a completely different country gave the price they’d charge — In their own currency without even mentioning it. The USD to AUD conversion rate is 1.25, so that poster was getting information that was over 25% incorrect in the simple currency value.

What one florist in South America would charge for an arrangement will not be profitable for a florist in the U.S. because the markups they use are going to be very different, as will the cost they’re being charged by their wholesaler. To ask “What would you charge?” is to neglect a very foundational part of florist business practices which says you should do what is most profitable for your business.


Need help figuring out what your custom floral markup should be? Check out our markup calculator.


Download The Free Markup Calculator



So how should you approach the situation?


There are some arrangements you see and can easily identify a price point for. Undoubtedly though, there will be a time when you come across an image from a Pinterest bride that has you stumped on what to charge. Rather than asking a florist friend what they would charge, ask them how they would go about calculating a price for the arrangement. Maybe they know that a extravagantly large floral arch over a mansion entryway will take three experienced helpers more than two hours to set up and you’ll need to factor in that additional labor. They could simply tell you to charge $2,000 for the installation because you asked for pricing help. Instead, they can tell you what to factor in. And if you don’t have experienced helpers, you’ll know to factor in a little bit more on the labor side for an extra set of hands or extra hours spent on the arrangement to make the arrangement more profitable, rather than charging $2,000 and barely breaking even or, worse, losing money on the arrangement.

Similarly, if you’re ever asked how you would price an arrangement, turn the conversation around to how you would calculate the price for the arrangement. What’s the base price you’re getting from your wholesaler? What’s your floral markup? Your hardgood markup? Your labor markup? Are you building labor costs into the arrangement or tacking it on at the end of your proposal? There are many parts to consider when pricing an arrangement that you should break down when explaining how you came to your suggested price.


This is why Curate was created in the first place. Stem counting is an incredible headache, especially with more complex creations showing up on Pinterest. If you’re wondering whether a software could help, we’d certainly love to do a personalized consultation to hear about your business and see if we can help. Let’s chat.



Learn More



Mornings with Mayesh: January 2018

January 2018 Mornings with Mayesh

Here’s the replay of January’s Mornings with Mayesh featuring answers to YOUR flower questions and a Q&A with Ryan O’Neill  from Curate! Keep on scrolling if you are looking for the show notes. Enjoy and post your questions for next month’s show in the comments below!

Also, I have exciting news. You can now listen to our Mornings with Mayesh show in a podcast format!!






  • link:
  • This is one of my favorite times of the year because we import some of the most beautiful flowers in the world from Japan. Located in Osaka, the Naniwa flower auction provides some of the most stunning varieties to the world flower market.
  • Their sweet peas are out of this world, cut with super long stems that are full of blooms. Amazing, fragrant and extra sturdy for a long vase life. A classic in any Ikebana arrangement is the Gloriosa lily. It really is a stand-alone flower!
  • Some of the coolest varieties of Ranunculus are available from Japan this time of year…
  • Also very hot right now is lisianthus: Here we are showcasing Black Pearl, Arena red and Roseanne Brown.
  • Now for some show and tell with my fave Valentines day rose varieties:
    • Ashley is one of my favorite garden roses. It has a deep saturated pink color and opens to a wide aperture. It is a pompon shaped rose with a slightly four quartered center. What it lacks in old-fashioned garden rose fragrance it excels in extremely long lasting vase life (up to 12 days).
    • Ballet is a strong long lasting pink with gorgeous scalloped petals and a long vase life.
    • Cherry O is A large-headed hot pink with a high petal count. It opens to a very large aperture that grabs your attention.
    • Keira is a subtle blush cupped rosette with a strong garden rose fragrance. Beautiful for not only bridal work but also in high-end Valentine’s arrangements.This muted beauty is reminiscent of the old-fashioned cabbage roses. It has a dusty pink to peach tone that compliments a more modern design color palette.
    • Another muted color, Yves Piaget crosses modern color with the beauty of old-fashioned peony shaped roses. It is highly fragrant and fades to a pinky mauve.




  • From Rachel: What is the most effective way to tint a flower that has petals that spread and overlap, like a Gerber daisy so that there are no white spots after tinting with design masters.
    • Almost all multi-petal blooms need a little gentle manipulation in order to get the paint evenly distributed. You can do this with your finger by gently ruffling the petals as you lightly spray in layers. Or use a chenille stem (pipe cleaner) if you don’t want to get oils from your finger on the petals. You can also use a chenille stem as a paintbrush or an actual paintbrush dipped in design master paint that you spray into a dish. This works really well with metallic paints too.
    • We have experimented a little with stem absorption dyes here in Phoenix. They are extremely messy and seem to work best on flowers that have not been hydrated. Timing is tricky, the instructions on the jars give a suggested time but depending on the flower, it can need more time drinking the dye. Best advice, do this outside if you can!





  • From Tricia: What is the average margin for wedding florals? I’ve found myself pricing based on competitors prices bs what I actually purchase. Hasn’t worked out well
    • Well first things first, Bravo for realizing that you can’t run your business based on what everyone else is charging or doing for that matter. When you stop doing that and base your pricing on what YOU need to do to make a living and a profit you will be one step ahead of your peers. It’s disheartening to realize when it’s all said and done, you are barely making minimum wage on that gorgeous wedding you just put your heart and soul into. So make sure you take the time to really figure out what you need to make to make a living.
      There is no set industry standard. Everyone’s market is different. What there is is a general pricing markup:
      3-4x mark up on fresh flowers unless you are doing seriously huge events (100Kplus)
      2x on hard goods, 20-40% added labor and additional charges for delivery and set-up
      5x markup on bridal hand work ie corsages and bouts and heavy labor items.
  • From our last Mornings with Mayesh: How should you handle plagiarizing florists? Another local florist is using other designers work to fill their portfolio (in their storefront advertising). The knot is slowly acting, after I contacted some of the original designers but they aren’t doing much.
    • This is such a bummer I am sorry this happened to you.
      It used to be popular for photographers to watermark their photos to make sure they got protect their work. Now that everyone’s a photographer and anyone can screenshot an image it’s very difficult to always know the source of one’s work. The florist that is doing this kind of behavior is a heinous one to be sure. What a rotten little tulip! Well, clearly she thinks highly of their work and wants to pass it off as her own. So they could be flattered -flattered and PO’d.
      I think taking a screenshot of the work and submitting it to the publication and contacting the florist and asking them to remove their images is the first step and you sound like you have done that. Also, it would be a good idea for all florists to copyright their images as well. Unfortunately, when you post on IG you are only protected on IG they will remove anything that has been plagiarized. But once it leaves their site you are on your own.I know a few florists this has happened to and they have publicly “shamed” the other florist on Social Media. Just tread lightly here that it doesn’t backfire in your face. Most of your followers know your work and will spot a fake a mile away. Handle things like this with integrity and grace and you will come out shining.



  • Facebook updated its news feed algorithm that will affect your business page!
    • From the article, one part that should interest all of you:
    • What does this mean for Pages and public content?
    • Because space in News Feed is limited, showing more posts from friends and family and updates that spark conversation means we’ll show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.
    • As we make these updates, Pages may see their reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease. The impact will vary from Page to Page, driven by factors including the type of content they produce and how people interact with it.
    • What does this mean for pages? We will see declines in reach, video watch time, referral traffic, etc. If you create posts that no one reacts to or you post too much every day, you will be greatly affected by this change. One of the social media gurus that I keep up with is going to recommend to his team to completely stop posting links to their blog and focus on entertaining and engaging content, like this video show.
    • Why is this happening? Because Facebook is running out of room in the news feed.
    • If you are a fan of Mayesh, then go to your feed and ask to see our page first – that way you can see our posts still.
    • This change has not happened yet but will be rolled out in the next few weeks. So you have time to re-strategize how to make Facebook work for your business.
    • Get more information here:
  • Instagram is still pumping us their messaging. You can send live videos in Instagram Direct Messages.
    This is more for if you are broadcasting live, then ask your viewers to invite their friends to watch with them.



  • How do you determine if rentals are profitable?
  • How do you respond when they ask for a discount?
  • How do you price when you have no idea what the pricing of flowers will be at that point? (This is a double-edged question. Half of the florists stem count up front and half stem count about 2 weeks before the wedding)
  • We always think we’re going to stick with our plan but then get on site and start adding more product to make the arrangements more beautiful. Then we look at each other and say, “We’ll just add these costs to the marketing budget.” How do we get back on track?

Tell us more where our viewers can find out more about StemCounter?

If you think of new questions, you can post them in the comments below. See you on February 20th for our next show!

Stemcounter by Curate: An Answer to your Business Organization Prayers



At Mayesh, we value the importance of helping our customers grow their businesses and providing resources to improve their business practices. When it comes to ordering, we all know how hard it can be to keep everything organized and get orders in on time, which is why we have been partnering with Stemcounter by Curate to help you become more efficient and make the business side of things less painful. And if we’re being honest, a streamlined ordering process is a win-win for both of us!

Let’s face it… we’ve all been up way too late putting together a wholesale list because we ran out of hours, right?

Stemcounter by Curate was built to solve that. In Stemcounter, you can build out your recipes and your wholesale list automatically generates. As one florist said it, “In 2.5 minutes you can do what used to take 4 hours of work!”

Not only that, you can create beautiful proposals super quickly with drag-and-drop from Pinterest functionality. Clients can view, sign, and pay from the same link. It’s made for florists by florists. And the coolest part? You have access to Mayesh’s flower photo library directly in the software! Interest in more info? Check out their event software here.




Florist App Comparison

Florist App Comparison


As floral designers, I think it’s pretty safe to say that many of you fall more on the right-brain side of the spectrum. I’m definitely not speaking for everyone – for all of you that have figured out that balance, more power to you! But for you right-brainers, your creativity is what drives your business, and is probably why many of you ended up in this industry. That being said, running a business is probably not the strong suit of every floral designer out there… I mean, who wouldn’t rather geek out over flowers than spreadsheets?!

Well, we felt it was our duty to do a little research of our own, and provide our awesomely creative customers with the knowledge of what products are out there to better help run and organize your business. Yep, believe it or not, there are apps and software you can download to help streamline all those pesky contracts, order forms, and proposals you deal with on a daily basis.

We selected these seven programs to compare, but we’re sure there are more out there, and would love to hear what you’re using in the comments below! And if you already know about some of these programs, which are your favorites?





Florist App Comparison: Details Florist App Comparison: Details




  • Enter customizable contract terms, payment and pricing
  • Access recipes for bouquets and arrangements
  • Find out the cost of a particular bouquet or arrangement by simply uploading an image of the arrangement
  • Creates notations of ever interaction, email and call
  • Tracks payments and due datesKeeps track of recipes, blooms and inventory
  • Historical pricing reports
  • Customizable percentages and markups
  • One-on-One Training and Sales/Support Staff
  • Multiple User options
  • Privacy settings
  • Beautiful Design & Professional User Interface
  • Referral Program
  • Patents pending
  • Vast rental collection for Event Florists to not only manage flowers, but also chairs, chargers, linens and furniture rentals


Florist App Comparison: Details

Florist App Comparison: Details

Florist App Comparison: Details


If you’re interested in signing up for Details, be sure to use our invitation code MAYESHDETAILS, here!






Florist App Comparison: FloraQuote Florist App Comparison: FloraQuote




  • Quickly prepares and edits quotes and contracts in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually
  • Customized pricing sheets
  • Creates wholesale-ready supply lists and utilizes pre-set wholesale flower lists
  • Creates delivery requirements reports


*EDITED TO ADD: Since we posted this article, the FloraQuote website has been taken down






Florist App Comparison: HoneyBook Florist App Comparison: HoneyBook




  • Automates custom proposals, contracts and invoices to save time and improve client experience
  • Effortlessly tracks clients, conversations (and changes) all in one place
  • Use e-signature and online payments to close deals quickly and easily
  • Set yourself apart with a branded client experience and real timecollaboration tools
  • Streamline your collaboration with creative peers


Florist App Comparison: HoneyBook

Florist App Comparison: HoneyBook


HoneyBook is offering Mayesh customers a 20% discount when you sign up – click here to use our discount!

*As of January 2017, Honeybook no longer offers the $500 lifetime payment option






Florist App Comparison: Lobiloo Florist App Comparison: Lobiloo




  • Create custom floral designs with a simple drag & drop interface. Saves price per stem as well as the ability to upload rental items & hard goods, and florist’s personal floral galleries
  • Estimates your cost and creates wholesale order forms and design recipe forms from your custom designs
  • Track clients through the pending to active stages (including payments and communications), save client images and Pinterest pages, and easily communicate with imagery to client
  • Ability to upload any props, linen images, tables, etc., to make applicable for full event planning as well as floral design
  • Browse and search an expansive flower library by color, season and type
  • Customizable to your brand



Florist App Comparison: Lobiloo

Florist App Comparison: Lobiloo

Florist App Comparison: Lobiloo


Lobiloo is offering Mayesh clients their first three months free after becoming a paid user within the program. Please use the following code: THREEMONTHSFREE






Florist App Comparison: RisoEvent Florist App Comparison: RisoEvent




  • Creates proposals and contracts, and allows you to quickly edit any aspect of a proposal/contract and generate revised version
  • Creates unpriced event summary similar to a contract designed to be shared so all other vendors are aware of the timelines and expectations, and have all necessary contact info
  • Includes library of your custom arrangements or catalogue pieces
  • Vendor & user catalogues for rentals, floral products & food
  • Creates automatic shopping lists for rentals, floral products & food, grouped by vendor
  • Business Status Board shows the status of all current and future jobs
  • Cost of Goods calculator with a choice of formulas
  • Shows weather statistics for events, as well as automatic directions to venues via Google Maps
  • Integrates with Google Calendar – may be shared with vendors for coordination purposes
  • Interview feature that allows users to set a budget and tracks actual costs against budget
  • Customization features – Logo & company colors included on contracts and summaries; Contracts include user specific Terms & Conditions and user-specific Disclaimers


Florist App Comparison: RisoEvent

Florist App Comparison: RisoEvent


Mayesh customers will receive an extended Free Trial of 90 Days instead of the usual 60 days. Free trial is not a limited version, it includes full software and may be used to create and track customer events. Please tell them we sent you for the extended trial!




Curate (formally known as Floral Design Software






  • Creates instant professional and customizable proposals, with optional credit card fees built in and multiple venues
  • Embeds links in the proposal to your accounting software for payment processing
  • Payment scheduling, recording and processing
  • Small starter inventory with completely custom product libraries for professional florists
  • Printable recipe sheets with notes and photos for each arrangement
  • Automated stem counting
  • Automated shopping lists – Wholesale cost and Final on each arrangement; Leftovers calculated in shopping list
  • Creates profile for each client with any contact notes as well as events connected for recurring clients
  • Event templates to quickly create a new event
  • Multiple markups for different events or arrangements and multiple tax rates
  • Multiple Currency / Date Preferences for International Users
  • Drag and drop from Pinterest
  • Quickbooks Integration


Florist App Comparison:

Florist App Comparison:

Florist App Comparison:

Florist App Comparison:






Florist App Comparison: Ularas Florist App Comparison: Ularas




  • Creates estimates, proposals and contracts from florist-specific templates, and submits them to your client in a PDF form
  • Create arrangements for events in item-by-item detail, selecting items from a full floral library of commonly used flowers, customizable to your needs
  • Order all recipe items necessary to your upcoming wedding or event from a single screen
  • Enter a “target price” for weddings or events while creating estimate, and software will notify you when your estimate total goes above budget
  • Customizable to your company – logo, font colors & types, emails and PDF documents sent to clients will consistently portray your company identity


Florist App Comparison: Ularas

Florist App Comparison: Ularas

Florist App Comparison: Ularas




Here are two other floral apps that act as your resource library to plants & flowers, simply purchased on your Apple App Store or GooglePlay.


Info Flowers

  • A simple & efficient search engine which allows you to search by text entry, color, availability, flower shape & care tips
  • Advanced search mode allows you to search by more possibilities, including wedding flowers, seasonal flowers, fragrant flowers, etc.
  • Simply share information by Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Pinterest



  • Expansive flower library with many search options, including variety, type, color, and by season
  • Camera Color Picker allows you to scan any type of color, and Flowerbook gives you the nearest flower result to match with that
  • Each flower is matched to a color guide, and includes product information, whether there is limited availability, seasons available and where it is grown
  • Built on up to date information and integrates new industry information when it arrives
  • Introduces new products as they appear



*Post has been updated to reflect current pricing & features

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