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The Many Faces of the Coral Charm Peony

Peony Coral Charm


So many floral designers have an affinity for Coral Charm Peonies.  I think one of the many reasons we have come to adore this particular bloom is because the color changes throughout its blooming life – from a deep rich color to a airy cream/blush/pink color.  Maria of our Miami branch, took a few blooms home and created this great collage depicting the various colors of the Coral Charm peony.  Enjoy!


Coral Charm Peony

Wholesale Coral Charm Peonies

We all go cuckoo for Coral Charm peonies.  So I thought you all would love to know that the Coral Charm peony season has begun!  You will start seeing these beauties at our warehouses and they should be around until the end of June.


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