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California Grown Flower Trip

Each year Mayesh Wholesale Florist has a trip in which all managers take part in.  One year, the managers took a trip to our Detroit and Cleveland branches and last year we all met up in Miami for the WF&FSA Conference.  This year, between all the different departments, we had about 35 people converge in Los Angeles, California to kick off this year’s meeting.  We then had the pleasure of traveling to the Oxnard, Carpinteria, and Lompoc areas to tour a few of our farms that we buy flowers from.  I’ve only been to a couple of farms/growers before and never had I the opportunity to go to a California flower farm so I was super excited, to say the least.  A special thank you to the growers who were great hosts to our large group!!  I can’t speak for everyone, but this was such a great learning opportunity and I am so thankful! 

I realize that many do not have this insider opportunity, so I captured a few short Instagram videos and many photos to share with you.  It is so easy to forget that the flowers that find themselves in your floral designs – a centerpiece for a dinner table or a bridal bouquet – was planted, grown, hand picked, hand packed, cooled, etc before even reaching Mayesh facilities.  These precious blooms pass through many caring and passionate hands that I think is often taken for granted. Below are a few super short video clips that I think will help all of us keep in mind all of the hard work that goes into our flowers.

Here’s an Instagram video of how stock is harvested:



This video is of pumpkin branches being sleeved inside a cooler:



Here is an example of how your California grown gerberas are harvested. The yellow stuff is like giant fly paper to catch any of the flying insects trying to get to the blooms:



The very last part of this snippet shows iris bulbs being planted:



And here are a few pictures from my trip:



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