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Inspired Floral Design with Beth O’Reilly: Submerged Arrangement


This Inspired floral design by Beth O’Reilly is a submerged arrangement. It is a simple design yet full of dimension. The color pallet is very rich and adds tons of color!

Feature product: Green Trick Dianthus, calathea leaves, purple hydrangea, Dulceata garden rose,  Pink Floyd roses, Precious Moments spray rose and Vanda orchids.

Hardgoods: Oasis foam, Oasis Midelino sticks, Oasis beaded wire, Oasis aluminum wire and deco sand.

Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Vanda Orchids

wholesale flower product showcase: vanda orchids
In this Wholesale Flower Product Showcase, Beth shows us several varieties of Vanda Orchids. Each stem has about 12-15 blooms and comes in vibrant colors that will make all your summer arrangements pop!

Featured varieties: Lava, Black Magic, Midnight Blue, Divana Pink and Mahogany and Raspberry Cerise.

Inspired Floral Design with Beth O’Reilly: Driftwood Tree Tablescape

inspired floral design with Beth O'Reilly: Driftwood Tree Tablescape  
In this Inspired Floral Design, Beth shows us how to make a flower tree tablescape from an armature made of driftwood. Inspired by Mother Nature, this design is perfect for any outdoor wedding or event.

Featured products: Hydrangea, Vendela rose, Quicksand rose, Early Grey rose, ranunculus, hanging amaranthus and phalaenopsis orchid.
Featured hardgoods: Driftwood tree, Oasis igloo cages, Oasis garland and Oasis aluminum wire.

See You at The AIFD Symposium in Denver

AIFD Symposium 2015


As my AIFD Facebook friends are chatting about the last couple of days, it is Pre-Symposium week! Everyone is making last minute preparations for their travels to Denver, CO for the 2015 AIFD Symposium. We too are finalizing the small details for next week as well since we are Gold Elite Partners! We are sponsoring Beth O’Reilly AIFD, TMF’s Welcome Reception, will have a spot    at Partners’ Expo, and will be sending my team member, Ali, to gather content!

It is always exciting to be so involved with a show and I wanted to share some of the exciting things that will happen next week. So first up will be the Partners’ Expo. Usually we have a table full of flowers, but we wanted to have more of an experience where you get to interact with the flowers and decided on an open air photo booth complete with a flower wall created by Beth! Isabelle, Charity and Sarah from our LAX shipping team will be hand to answer any Mayesh or flower questions you may have … and be available to pose with you if you want!!


AIFD Symposium 2015


Then, right after Partners the Welcome Reception begins. Sponsored by Mayesh, Beth is the featured designer and has pulled together a fun floral evening. I’m sure her execution will be on point, as always, by incorporating an collaborative design element  honoring AIFD’s 50th Anniversary and a super awesome slow motion video booth. Beth is also taking this opportunity to repurpose the flower wall from Parnters, but has a great concept on how to change it up.  I cannot wait to see all of the videos that are going to be made that evening!! Both the photo and video booths are provided by A Custom Look Photography and working with Murray has been great!!

Since we are a Gold Elite Parnter, we were able to submit a commercial.  So be sure to look out for that after lunch on July 2nd before the 1:30 p.m. “Besame Mucho – Kiss Me A Lot” program and you will be the first to know about a very special announcement!


AIFD Symposium 2015


Next up is all about repurposing. What are we going to do with all of those flowers after we are done with them? Much of it will be heading over to Fitz to incorporate into their demonstrations. Always love when we get an opportunity to repurpose!

Last, but not least, if you are at the Symposium and you see Ali walking around please say “hi”. This is her first year on my team and first time attending a Symposium, so any help you can provide in the networking area would be greatly appreciated. She will be attending the programs, gathering content, trying to get interviews and be our social media butterfly at the show. So much to do!!


AIFD Symposium 2015


I will be following all of the great content I see here from South Florida.  AIFD Symposium is always a feast for the eyes and I cannot wait to share with you in that.


Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Phalaenopsis Orchids

In this Wholesale Flower Product Showcase, Beth O’Reilly shows us beautiful Phalaenopsis orchids.  See how secure they are when packed for shipping and how you receive them.

Inspired Floral Design with Beth O’Reilly: Back to Basics

Inspired Floral Design with Beth O'Reilly: Back to Basics


The month of June’s Inspired Floral Design is bringing it back to the basics. This is a structured design made with good mechanics, color grouping, and focal lines.

Featured products: Curly willow, monstera leaves, deflexus, Love calla lilies, anthurium foliage, lilies, magenta roses, anthurium, beehive ginger and orange roses.

Hardgoods: Oasis flat cane

Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: June 2015

Wholesale Product Showcase: calla lilies, bottle brush protea, beehive ginger

For the month of June, Beth highlights awesome blossoms to kick off the summer wedding season!

Featured product: Love calla lilies, bottle brush protea and beehive ginger.

Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: May 2015

Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Vanda Orchids, Carnations

In this edition of the Mayesh Wholesale Product Showcase, Beth highlights amazing product to kick off the summer wedding season.

Featured Product: Moonlight blue sundana orchid, midnight blue sandana orchid,  lava sundana orchid, fuchsia vanda, antigua carnation and alocasia foliage.

Inspired Floral Design With Beth O’Reilly: Flower Wall

how to create a flower wall
This Inspired Floral Design video with Beth O’Reilly AIFD explains how to make a reusable flower wall that is easily transported. Using minimal product, she shows us how to cover the entire wall and create a show-stopping conversation piece.  This flower wall design is perfect to use as a living backdrop for a wedding or event!

Featured product: Pepper berry, green hanging amaranthus, alocasia, calla lily, peach bottle brush protea, garden roses, Antigua carnations, purple mokara orchids and vanda orchids.

Inspired Floral Design with Beth O’Reilly: Ombré Design

For the month of April, Beth O’Reilly’s Inspired Floral Design is bursting with spring flowers! With the help of Design Master floral paint, she creates an ombré effect using orchid strands and tops it off with a little bit of bling from Fitz Design.

Featured product: tulips, steel grass and orchid strands.

Featured hardgoods: Design Master floral spray paint, Oasis sphere, Oasis foam disc, lomi pedestal, Fitz Ocean of Diamonds wrap, bullion wire, and Fitz quintet.


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