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AIFD2013: AIFD Award of Merit – Industry

This year I am pleased to announced that AIFD recognized Mayesh Wholesale Florist with the Award of Merit – Industry!


“This is an award that is presented to professionals in the floral industry who are not a member of AIFD, but who are serving a crucial role in advancing the industry.  [Mayesh is] also recognized for their long-held commitment and dedication to the AIFD Symposium.”


We really do to strive to serve our industry as a whole and I am so happy to see our efforts recognized by such a great organization!  I also wanted to say congratulations to Accent Decor, as they too received the Award of Merit – Industry!

Below is a video of the introduction of the award and of our CEO, Patrick Dahlson, giving his acceptance speech.  (The picture is not quite clear, but the audio is pretty good.)


“…A beautiful industry that provides incredible art to the world via the vehicle of flowers.  We at Mayesh are delighted to be a part of the solutions.”
~ Patrick Dahlson, CEO Mayesh Wholesale Florist


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