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Flower 411: Kumquats, Ranunculus, Tweedia & More

Flower 411

Want to know what is happening in the world of wholesale flowers in terms of what is available, what is starting up, what is coming to an end?  Then keep on reading because I have a whole laundry list of products just for you!  Have any questions for our purchasing team?  Let me know in the comments below!

  • Acacia Mimosa Bagged: available now
  • Amaranthus hanging : Limited
  • Amaranthus Upright : Very limited
  • Anemone California: Local production is starting to go up
  • Artichokes ( Full size and Mini): frost has damaged the crop, both Green and Burgundy will be off crop for a few weeks
  • Bird of Paradise California: just starting
  • Blooming Branches: Forsythia and Quince white and pink: available now
  • Bupleurum: Limited
  • China Mum California: off crop for January
  • Chocoloate Cosmos: Limited
  • Dahlia: winter production, basic colors, no novelties, and no dinner plates.
  • Delphinium Belladonna: Dark Blue –limited, Light Blue-very limited, White-not available
  • Delphinium Hybrid: Just starting, limited
  • Flowering Jasmine: starting in about a week
  • French Tulips: coming soon-limited colors available white, red, peach490
  • Freesia: Super available, regular CA production is coming on
  • Gladiolas: No straight colors available for at least a month, only assorted or solid white available
  • Green Mist- Limited
  • Hellebores California: should be starting in about 2-3 weeks
  • Kumquats on a branch: starting now
  • Larkspur: White very limited, Purple and Pink seeing better numbers
  • Lisianthus: Limited
  • Oregon Tulips- available now
  • Peony: Very Very Very Limited, can’t guarantee colors
  • Protea Pincushion: Orange available in better numbers now
  • Protea-Pinks: limited
  • Protea King: Not available
  • Pussy Wiilow: Just Started
  • Queen Annes Lace- very very limited
  • Ranunculus California: Local production is starting to go up
  • Riceflower: very very limited, only import
  • Scabiosa: Burgundy crop froze off crop at the moment, White limited, other colors available
  • Statice: White, Purple available, other colors limited
  • Stephanotis- Very limited
  • Stock: LimitedTrachelium: limited
  • Tweedia : very very limited
  • Waxflower California: Just starting
  • White Anemone California: limited numbers but will see increase in numbers soon

Flower 411: Finished, Limited & Dutch Cymbidiums

wholesale dahlias


Good Monday to you!  Read on for updates on the world of cut flowers.  Find out what is totally finished, what is limited, and where cymbidiums are coming from!  Also, don’t forget that we post a weekly availability list on our homepage – check it out often to stay up-to-date with what is available!


  • bittersweet (this is the last week)
  • blushing bride
  • cotinus
  • explosion grass
  • pomegranate branches (we can get produce in cases)
  • sedum
  • waratah – is still finished



  • artichoke burgundy – still not quite ready
  • belladonna – very limited
  • coxcomb
  • dahlias – limited colors and heads are smaller
  • larkspur – purple very limited, other colors limited
  • green millet – very limited
  • scabiosa white – not getting all we want, when we want it
  • shocking lily – very limited
  • sunflowers – warm weather brought crops early- very limited especially novelty colors
  • stock – situation is still the same; very limited especially cream, burgundy, and peach
  • wax – local white starting, purple soon


additional updates

  • cymbidium and mini cymbidium – all dutch now

Flower 411: Sunflowers, Peonies & More

Flower 411


I hope you found our first Flower 411 article that was posted a couple of weeks ago helpful.  I have some updates today to share with you on what items are finished, very limited, and going strong.


Items Finished

  • cobra lily saracena
  • snow berry
  • sedum
  • wax – Peru (local will start soon)
  • dahlia ball all colors finished
  • dahlia purple


Items Limited

  • Burgundy artichokes large & small: 1 month away green is available
  • White carnation:  prices still high
  • Cymbidium New Zealand:  green, brown, burgundy are Dutch now
  • Dahlia: very limited numbers and colors,  growers selling out early, same day orders are very difficult to fill. Pre-order for this item
  • Gerbera White
  • Gerbera assorted: Mexico limited, no solid colors, local growers limited on holiday colors
  • Ranunculus:  look at Holland offers
  • STOCK: LIMITED lavender, peach and white


Items on Strong

  • Peony
  • Sunflowers

And speaking of sunflowers, check out our handy sunflower guide, here.

Flower 411: Heather, Sandersonia, Snowball Viburnum & Peonies

Peony Festiva Max


I have been in talks with our purchasing team and we are going to work on ensuring that we are sharing more product information with you all.  Yay!  So my plan is to keep you up-to-date when new flowers are in season, become available, or at the end of their season.  Here is the first batch of information for your reading pleasure:

  • Heather “Carnival” Hot Pink will be available starting Monday and will only be available for 21 days.
  • Sandersonia is just starting and will be around until mid to late November.
  • Viburnum snowball green should be available for 3-4 more weeks.
  • We can officially say that Peonies have started.  Look for Coral Charm, Red Charm, Paula Fay (dark pink), Pink Pecher which are available now, with Festiva Maxima (white with crimson flecks) becoming available soon.  Our Chilean peonies will have a great availability through the end of December with available varieties changing over the course of the season and a very limited availability of basic colors through the end of January.


Flower 411

Are Peonies Available in September?


We just received this question on Facebook: “I have a September bride who would love to have white peonies! Is this possible?”  I wanted to make sure that this particular subject made it onto our blog so that the answer is easier to find.  As you know Mother Nature plays a big factor in what is available when, so I checked with our purchasing department and here is the current status on peonies:


We will start with peonies next around the second week of Oct  from Chile and New Zealand.

Alaska had a heat wave this year that pushed all of their crop to bloom early, so they are already done.

There may be some stored stuff still around from Holland but the quality cannot be ensured.


If you have a client, bride, or groom, for that matter, who really want peonies when they aren’t available one substitute that could be recommended is white garden roses.

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