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Flower 411: August 2018


Check out this month’s most recent product availability below, brought to you by our awesome purchasing team!



Just Starting


Asclepia pods (Moby Dick)

Anemone Japanese – import

Broom Corn


Chinese Lanterns – varg. – green/orange at the moment

Clematis Pods – import

Crocosmia Flower – Local CA and OR

Datura pods


Grasses – tall with seed heads, all types

Hops Garlands

Hydrangea Local – Hot Pink and Blue

Integrifolia (tinted)

Lisianthus Light Brown – import

Marigold French

Millet Brown

Millet Green Hanging

Nandina – Oregon

Nigella white and blue – import – $$

Pampas Grass Fresh – limited

Ranunculus butterfly – Blush, Yellow, Orange, Red – import SA – limited

Riceflower – pink only – local


Silver Sage (Tinted)-ask for colors

Tomato Vines – limited time

Trachelium – Purple, White, Green – local

Trifolium White (Clover) – import

Trycyrtis – import

Viburnum berries – cranberry

Viburnum Steel Berry (Black) – import – $$$$

Viburnum Tinus – import

Vine Maple

Weigelia Foliage

Yarrow Button (Tansy)

Zinnia Local





Acacia Foliage – Purple Feather

Acacia Foliage – Knifeblade

Alchemilla Mollis – local and import

Agapanthus – import

Allium – import

Amaranthus Hanging – Green and Red

Amaranthus Upright – Green, Red, Bronze

Amaryllis – import

Anemone – import

Asclepias – local

Aster Matsumoto

Astrantia – import

Banksia Protea – import only – local orange just starting

Begonia Leaves

Bells of Ireland – 32” is the tallest right now

Bittersweet Vine Green – OR

Bouvardia – import



Celosia Feather – limited colors

Camelia Foliage

Campanula – import

Chocolate Lace

Clematis – Dutch – no White

Cornflower – limited – only blue

Cosmos Chocolate – local

Cotinus purple foliage only

Coxcomb Large – Dutch

Coxcomb local – smaller headed

Craspedia – local

Crocosmia pods – import

Cymbidium – Large or Mini – New Zealand

Dahlias –

  • Good availability on dahlias:
  • Cafes have been in good supply
  • Peaches, whites & Pinks are a bit tighter in supply
  • Ball Dahlias- Most colors available


Delph – Dark Blue Bella or Volkenfreifden

Delph Hybrid Local – 30-32” tall is the tallest we can get- not big or beefy

Dianthus Green Trick or Green Ball – local and import

Dianthus Gypsy – Hot pink and purple

Echinacea cones

Echinops – local


Eremurus – import

Eucomis – local

Euphorbia local (dog eye, fire glow ,martini, snow on the mountain)

Explosion Grass

Freesia regular – import

Freesia Super – local – $$$$

Fruiting Branch Pomegranate


Gloriosa short – Dutch

Gloriosa long – Dutch

Gentiana – import

Gerbera – local


Green mist

Grevillea Foliage

Grevillea Flower – assorted only

Hellebores – import SA, NZ

Hosta – import

Hyacinth – import

Hyacinth – muscari blue or white – import

Hydrangea lacecap

Hydrangea peegee


Kalanchoe – local

Kale Large – green – local

Kale Large – colors – Dutch

Kale Frilly – Dutch

Kangaroo Paw – local


Leis and Lei strands – orchids and stephanotis

Leucadendron Jubilee Crown and Galpinii

Lilac – import – $$$$$

Limonium – import or local (limited)

Lisianthus local – regular colors (no brown)

Lisianthus – light brown, dark brown – import

Lily of the valley – import

Manzanita/natural and sandblasted

Magnolia – local California

Marigolds – yellow and orange

Monarda – local


Nerine – import


Ornithogalum – white, yellow, orange – import

Ornithogalum Arabicum – import

Passion vine foliage w/ flowers

Penny Cress – import

Peony Alaska – 2 weeks left

Pepperberry hanging w/berries

Phlox – import

Pokeweed w/ berries

Protea – import

Queen Anne’s Lace

Ranunculus – import – South America

Sages – culinary – Portland


Scabiosa annual colors – black and white – local

Scabiosa annual – all colors – import

Scabiosa Perennial – white and blue – local

Scented Geranium

Sedum – OR – white,pink,green – local sedum available & starting to turn pink

Smilax Bag

Southern Smilax Texas


Statice Sinuata – NO peach


Stephanotis Vines

Sunflower – black center, green center

Sunflower – Mini – Black Center

Tritoma/kniphofia – CA

Thryptomene/Calycina – import

Tulips – double, frilled, parrots extremely limited – local

Tweedia – local

Yarrow Cottage – CA and OR

Veronica – local – blue & white, limited pink – import also available

Viburnum Snowball – import only

Waxflower – import only






Artichokes all size and colors – gapping for 2 weeks

Brunia Silver – $$$$$

Chamomile/Matricaria/Feverfew – limited

Cosmos – pinks and whites – import Holland

Delph Light Blue Bella or Waltz – very limited

Dusty Miller Lacey – limited locally

Eucalyptus Gunni- limited

Eucalyptus parvifolia – limited

Eucalyptus Small leaf  (moon lagoon, gumdrop, bonsai) – extremely limited


Fruited Branch – Blackberry

Gardenia Foliage

Geum Mango – Heavy orange, some red – gapping, limited availability

Godetia – limited colors – import

Grevillea Flowering – local asst only

Jasmine – foliage only – starts back up towards August

Lavender – English local production very limited, but plenty of French

Lily of the Valley – local 10st – $$$$$$$


Papyrus Lions Head – advance notice required – Costa Rica

Pieris Japonica – barely starting a few weeks out still

Protea King white – limited

Pink Ice Protea – local production limited

Protea white


Sweet Peas – local production limited due to heat

Sweet Pea – Dutch – 35cm short



Finished/ Not Available


Acacia foliage pearl

Amaranthus white – yearning desert – we are no longer able to import this season because of California Agriculture

Anemone – local

Bear Grass – Super length – only available in the late summer now

Bleeding Hearts

Blossom (blooming branches) – all

Calicarpa – Beauty Berry

Chamomile yellow daisy – no one grows this anymore

Clematis – local – Grower has severe damage – will not cut any for all of 2018

Cotinus flowering – all colors

Euc flowering

Delphinium Belladonna White

Dogwood Flowering

Foxglove Peach

Fruiting Branch – Blueberry

Fruited Branch – Raspberry


Heather – all colors, all types

Honey Suckle – gapping due to heat

Japanese maple foliage – Red

Kumquats restricted by the Department of Agriculture – not available until further notice

Lace Flower

Laurel Varg. Foliage

Lunaria – finished for the year

Magnolia Tips from the south – available first week of Sept.

Magnolia Blooming

Marco Polo Thistle

Marguerite Daisy white

Mock Orange

Nigella – Flowering – local production gapping for 2-3 weeks

Nigella Pods – won’t be ready for 2 weeks

Peony Tree

Poppies – hybrid & Icelandic 

Pussy willow fantail

Privet – black berries

Protea Pink Mink

Ranunculus – local

Shasta Daisy

Spirea – local, Dutch or Japan

Statice Tissue – heat damage

Sterling Range Heather

Sweet Pea – Japan


Viburnum Blooming – all types

Viburnum Pink – Mary Milton

Viburnum Popcorn

Yarrow – CA and OR – coming back in September


Flower 411: July 2018


Summer is here, and with it comes many more beautiful wholesale flowers available now! Check out our most recent product availability below – a huge thanks to our awesome Purchasing team for putting it together!




Just Starting


Artichoke Blooming

Asclepias – local

Astilbe – local – OR

Bittersweet Vine Green – OR

Blackberries – import and OR


Crocosmia Flower – local CA and OR

English Lavender

Garden Rose Koko Loco – local

Garden Rose Distant Drum – local

Grasses – tall with seed heads, all types – OR

Heliopsis – OR

Hydrangea – pink, blue, and white – local

Marigolds – yellow and orange

Millet Brown

Millet Green Hanging

Nigella flowers and pods – local

Oregano – blooming purple, green and kent’s beauty – OR


Ranunculus butterfly – import – very limited – limited color

Rudbeckia – OR

Sage – herb types, Bergarten, culinary, royal purple – OR


Texas Southern smilax

Thistle green

Trachelium – purple, white, green – local

Verbena – OR

Viburnum berries – various green-berried varieties and cranberry

Viburnum – not a lot a lot of color yet





Acacia foliage pearl

Agapanthus – import

Alchemilla Mollis – local and import

Allium Giant – purple only – local – finishing 1st week of July

Allium – import and local

Amaranthus Hanging – green and red

Amaranthus Upright – green, red and bronze

Amaryllis – import

Anemone – import

Artichokes – all size and colors

Aster Matsumoto

Astrantia – import

Banksia Protea – import

Begonia Leaves

Bells of Ireland

Birds of Paradise – import

Bouvardia – import

Brodea/Tritelia – import



Celosia Feather – limited colors

Campanula – local

Chocolate lace

Clematis – no white – Dutch


Cosmos Chocolate – local

Coxcomb Large – Dutch

Coxcomb Small – local

Craspedia – local

Cymbidium – Large or Mini – New Zealand, Dutch

Dahlias: good availability on decorative dahlias.

  • Cafes, Burgundy, Coral have been in good supply.
  • Peaches, whites & Pinks are in tight supply.
  • Ball Dahlias – peach (Crichton Honey is lagging a bit), but most colors available in limited qty.

Delphinium Hybrid – local

Dianthus Green Trick or Green Ball – local

Dianthus Gypsy – hot pink and purple

Echinops – import

Eremurus – local (limited) and import

Euphorbia – dog eye, fire glow, martini, and snow on the mountain – local

Explosion Grass

Foxglove – white, pink, purple & illumination (orange inside/hot pink outside petal)

Freesia regular – import

Freesia Super – local – $$$$

Fruiting Branch – Blueberry

Fruiting Branch – Pomegranate


Geum Mango – heavy orange, some red

Gloriosa short – Dutch

Gloriosa long – Dutch only


Gerbera – Canada and local

Godetia – local

Green mist

Grevellia Flower – assorted only

Heleborus – import

Honey Suckle

Hosta – import

Hyacinth – import

Hyacinth – muscari blue or white – import

Hydrangea – import


Japanese Maple Red – limited

Kalanchoe – local

Kale- Large, Frilly, Mini – local

Kangaroo Paw – local


Leis and Lei strands – orchids and stephanotis

Leucadendron Jubilee crown and Galpinii

Lilac – $$$$$ – import only

Limonium – import or local (limited)

Lisianthus – regular colors (no brown) – local

Lisianthus – black, dark brown – import

Lily of the Valley – import

Manzanita – natural and sandblasted

Magnolia – local – California

Marco polo Thistle

Marguerite Daisy white

Monarda local




Ornithogalum – white, yellow and orange – import

Ornithogalum Arabicum – import

Passion vine foliage w/ flowers

Peony Import – Dutch

Pepperberry hanging w/ berries

Pieris Japonica Bud

Phlox – import

Poppy asst icelandic – local

Poppy Oriental – import

Protea – import

Pussy willow fantail

Queen Anne’s Lace

Ranunculus – import – South America

Scabiosa annual colors – black, red, lavender, white, pink and purple varg

Scabiosa Perennial – white and blue – local

Scented Geranium

Southern Smilax

Statice – NO peach


Sunflower – black center and green center

Sunflower  – mini- black center

Sweet Pea – Dutch, import and local (Japan is finished)

Tritoma/kniphofia – CA

Thryptomene/Calycina – import

Tulips – double, frilled, parrots extremely limited – local

Tweedia – local

Yarrow – CA and OR

Yarrow Cottage – CA and OR

Veronica – blue & white, limited pink – local and import

Viburnum Snowball – import only- may need to sign over your first born

Waxflower – import only






Brunia Silver – $$$$$

Chamomile/Matricaria/feverfew – white daisy very limited

Cotinus Flowering – almost finished

Crocosmia Pods – $$$$ – import

Delphinium Belladonna White

Euc Gunni – limited

Euc parvifolia – limited

Euc Seeded w/ new seeds

Euc Silver Dollar

Euc Small leaf (moon lagoon, gumdrop, bonsai) –  extremely limited

Gardenia Foliage

Grevelia Flowering – local asst only

Lily of the Valley – local 10st – $$$$$$$


Papyrus Lions Head – advance notice required

Protea King white – limited

Protea white

Sedum – OR

Smilax Bag

Tritoma/kniphofia – OR



Finished/ Not Available


Amaranthus white – yearning desert – we are no longer able to import this season because of California Agriculture.

Astrantia – local

Anemone – local

Anemone – Japanese

Aclepia pods (Moby Dick)

Boronia Heather

Bear Grass – Super length – only available in the late summer now

Bleeding Hearts

Blossom (blooming branches) – all

Calicarpa – Beauty Berry

Camelia – all sizes back on in July

Chamomile yellow daisy – no one grows this anymore

Clematis – local – grower has severe damage – will not cut any for all of 2018

Cosmos – pinks and whites

Dogwood Flowering

Foxglove Peach


Grevillea Asplendifolia – Magnolia type

Heather Hot Pink

Heather White

Hydrangea local

Hydrangea lacecap

Hydrangea peegee

Iris Bearded

Iris Spurea


Japanese Maple foliage – red

Jasmine – starts back up towards August

Kumquats – restricted by the Department of Agriculture – not available until further notice

Lace Flower

Laurel Varg. Foliage

Lunaria – finished for the season

Lilac – local

Magnolia Tips from the south

Magnolia Blooming

Mock Orange

Pampas Grass – fresh or dried

Penny Cress – local

Peony – local

Peony Tree

Pieris Japonica flowering

Privett – black berries

Protea Pink Mink

Ranunculus – local


Spirea – local

Spirea – Japan

Sterling Range Heather



Sweet Pea – Japan


Tulips on the bulb – Portland

Viburnum Blooming all types

Viburnum Pink – Mary Milton

Viburnum Popcorn

Viburnum Tinus – can no longer bring in import



Coming Soon


Camelia Foliage

Green Oregon boxwood

Hops – end of july

Hydrangea Peegee Green “Limelight”

Hydrangea White Lacecap- “Quickfire”


Peony – Alaska

Magnolia Tips

Sedum – CA

Flower 411: Anemones, Gardenia, Tulips & More

Flower 411


Curious as to what’s going on in the world of cut flowers? Here is a summary put together by our fabulous purchasing department – enjoy!


Product Updates
Acacia Bagged- available
Agonis Green- very limited
Agonis Brown- available
Almond branches- pink only available
Anemones- local are available
Apricot blossom- available
Artichokes – mostly green, chocolate are very limited
Artichokes Baby – mostly green, chocolate are very limited
Aster Matsumoto Lavender- very limited
Astrantia-import-frequently held
Bells- local are back on
Boronia heather  not yet ~ probably sometime in March
Bouvardia- Local very limited, available Dutch import
Brunia Green- finished ( local berzellia)
Brunia silver-finsihed
Bupleurum- local limited
Calcynia/ Thrypotmine-local pink only
Celosia-not available
Cherry Blossom- available white and pink
Cosmos chocolate- import only
Coxcomb-not available
Craspedia- limited locally
Dahlias- EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!  Did I say hard to get?
Delph light blue and dark blue- Local is on
Delph White- almost impossible to get
Delph Hybrid- coming on locally, white as always is limited
Eremurus- import only- gets held frequently
Eucalyptus gunni/parvafolia- limited but seeing moon lagoon
Freesia- coming on locally
Freesia Super  heavy white, colors available somewhat limited right now…coming
French Tulip- Flaming Parrot- local coming on
Gardenia-numbers are coming back up
Genestra- import and local
Hydrangea – import
Jasmine- available but limited
Larkspur-  limited
Lisianthus- very limited locally but short and pricey
Magnolia blooming -NW still tight buds, maybe some in Calif more developed
Passion vine – available no flowers
Peach Blossom- available
Peony- import
Piers Japonica- local just now hitting, will be gone quickly
Plum Blossom-not available
Poppy Hybrid- import
Poppy Pods- should start early march
Protea-Blushing Bride-finished
Protea- King Pink- very limited
Protea pincushion- coming on locally orange
Protea- Pink Ice – available
Protea- Whites  -extremely limited
Quince blossom- finished
Queen Anne’s lace – very limited
Queen Anne’s Lace- Chocolate-available
Raspberries-Not available (sub Blackberries)
Riceflower- hot pink only
Scabiosa Black/Burg- limited locally
Scabiosa White  limited locally
Scabiosa Pods- very limited
Smilax-Bag- available
Smilax- Southern – available
Snapdragon peach- almost impossible to get
Snowberry- not available
Statice – purple available, colors limited
Stock- #1 and #2 grade
Sunflower- green center- limited
Sunflower-black center- limited
Sunflower-bi color-limited
Sunflower- Chocolate-Limited
Sunflower mini-available black center only
Sweet pea-import
Trachelium green –import
Tulips regular- local and import available
Tulips-Frilled- good Dutch selection, white local only
Tulips- Parrot- good dutch selection, local limited
Tweedia- gapping locally, avail Japanese but pricey
Veronica local production starting…limited
Viburnum Berry – NZ redish/purple available only
Waxflower- Local is on, regular and hybrids- also tints


Flower 411: Ranunculus Production Down, While Peonies are Up

Flower 411

Hey everyone! I am back with a great update from the Mayesh purchasing team! I know it isn’t the most exciting reading, but great information none-the-less. Probably an update that everyone wants to know is that the production is slowing down on both anemones and ranunculus, while peony production is picking up. Please keep that in mind when planning your weekly orders. Here’s more wholesale flower information:

Acorns – finished
Anemones – import
Artichokes – gapping
Artichokes Baby –gapping
Astilbe – import
Astrantia – import-frequently held
Black Berries – finished
Bouvardia – Local very limited, available Dutch import
Callicarpa/Beauty Berry – available local and import
Calcynia – finished
Celosia Coxcomb – local very limited, Dutch import available
Celosia Feather – available in red and yellow
Chamomile – white very limited, yellow only button available
Chinese Lanterns – finished
Clematis small flower -import
Cosmos chocolate – available
Cotinus foliage – medium 10st finished
Cotinus foliage long 5st – ending next week
Cotinus Blooming (smoke bush) -finished
Crocosmia flower – limited local and expensive
Crocosmia Pods – Finished
Cymbidiums – Brown, Burgundy – Dutch only
Dahlias – finishing up locally, moving to more basic year round colors
Delph light blue and dark blue – Limited
Delph White – almost impossible to get
Delph Hybrid – limited
Echinops – finished
Euphorbia – Snow on the mountain – limited
Grass – wild foxtail – Finished
Honeysuckle – pre order, limited
Hydrangea Local – antiques only
Hydrangea solid color – Dutch import
Iris Colors – limited
Jasmine – foliage only no flowers
Kale – local mostly green, colors go Dutch
Kangaroo Paws – go Dutch – local very limited
Larkspur – limited
Nigella Flower – finished
Nigella pods – limited
Passion vine – lavender pre order
Peacock Plume – Finished
Phlox – local white
Piers Japonica – Dutch import
Peony – import, certain colors limited
Poppy Hybrid – off crop
Poppies Icelandic – off crop
Protea – Blushing Bride -available
Protea – King Pink – import
Protea – King White limited
Protea pincushion – import
Protea – Pink Ice – available
Protea – Whites limited
Pokeweed – finished
Queen Anne’s lace – limited
Queen Anne’s Lace – Chocolate – limited
Ranunculus – import
Raspberries – finished
Rosemary – available
Scabiosa Black/Burg – limited
Scabiosa Pods – available
Scabiosa White – very limited
Sedum – finished
Smilax – Bag – available
Smilax – Southern – available
Snowberry – finished
Statice – purple available, colors extremely limited
Stock – production low
Sunflower – Chocolate-limited
Sunflower – Teddy Bear- finished
Sunflower – Bi-Color/Mahogany or Ring of Fire available
Sweet pea – very limited
Trachelium – local limited
Trachelium green – import
Tulips – Double – white, lavender, monsella and orange princess available local-others go Dutch if available
Tulips – French – Clear Water, Temple, Renown Unique, Flaming Parrot and Camarque
available only; French will be ending this week and gapping until December
Tulips – Frilled – Dutch only
Tulips – Parrot – Super Parrot, Irene and Rococco local – anything else go Dutch if avail
Tulips – Regular – import starting, local very low production
Tulip lily Shaped- Pretty woman and tres Chic available in very limited quantities
Tweedia – limited
Viburnum Berry – NZ redish/purple available only
Viburnum Cranberry – Finished
Waxflower- import
Yarrow Cottage-very limited
Yarrow yellow-available
**Oregon flowers and foliages in general are finishing up; they are onto Xmas green, sticks and

Flower 411: Green Viburnum, Peonies & More

Flower 411

Our amazing purchasing department has put together a great summary of what is going on in the world of cut flowers. Please read through so that you have the most up-to-date flower 411!

Availability on California field crops are very low. The summer heat, the drought, high winds, and shorter days are all creating a shortage of product. Obvious items that we’re struggling with include stock, hybrid delphinium, larkspur, bupleurum, and Queen Anne’s lace. Every wholesaler in the US is busy, causing every farm to be busy as well. The growers are really struggling to keep up with demands.

We receive many last minute orders. However this time of year the deck is stacked against our late orders. The growers simply cannot cover the HUGE orders we drop on them at 1 o’clock on Thursday afternoon for the next day. We are not giving these growers even a full 24 hours to cut, process, and pack their flowers at a time when the demand is so high, they sell out every day. Last minute orders run a very high chance of not being covered. So please strive to place your orders in advanced – this will greatly help us all out.


Product Notes (please share!)

  • Anemones very limited.
  • Viburnum green snowball will be starting this week.
  • Peonies from Chile  will be starting very soon, within 10 days, weather permitting.
  • Ranunculus still rolling in from Chile, burgundy is not available.
  • African product will continue coming.
  • Local pink protea have started.
  • Outdoor field crops in California are very limited as stated above. We’re struggling to cover orders for hybrid Delphinium, larkspur, Queen Anne’s and chocolate lace, bupleurum, craspedia, bouvardia, and especially on stock. Stock does not do well when its hot and crops have been damaged/destroyed. This will continue to be a problem until new crops start in winter. We’re covering maybe 40% of stock orders right now.
  • Scabiosa is another victim of the heat wave.
  • Japanese flowers – we won’t have anything coming from there for a while, maybe a month. When production improves we can consider placing orders.
  • Oregon products are winding down quickly and we’re one cold night away from being 100% Christmas/Holiday greens and berries. This area has had a strong summer of production but many things started early, and continue to come early. Ilex berry is in full color right now, came early and may finish early. Fall leaves are tough to find now, as they tend to fall off right after they change color. Local production of hydrangea is completely done.
  • Dahlias are going down in production and head size, while demand is sky high.
  • Wax from Peru is winding down. Some farms no longer have a true white variety, purple is finished, pink shades are limited. We may bring in some imports from Australia, but it is pricey.
  • Calcynia/thrytomene probably finished within a week.
  • Callas – prices inching up on fall colors. True red, burgundy and orange are not available from California growers. For imported callas, you can expect to see high prices on fall colors.
  • Fall colored product from Colombia – poms, carns, minis..they seem to have started too early. Moonvista carns are still limited.
  • Dutch production is picking up. We now have Dutch Boxlots each week.

Flower 411: Hydrangea, Poppies, Protea & More

Flower 411


Here’s the latest wholesale flower information from our Mayesh purchasing team! Enjoy!


Anemones- import readily available

Artichokes –  steady availability

Artichokes Baby –steady availability



Bells of Ireland- production going down


Bittersweet Green-available

Black Berries-finished

Bouvardia- Local white is very limited

Buddleia –  purple only  limited

Calla Mini- Peach limited, some colors only available in shorter lengths


Celosia Coxcomb-green is import only

Celosia Feather-available limited color

Chamomile- limited

Clematis large flower-Local – white limited  colors ok

Clematis small flower-import

Clover/Gomphrena- Lavender, Red, Pink, Purple, White

Cosmos-White and Pink- N/A nobody is growing it

Cosmos chocolate-available

Cosmos new color (burgundy)-very limited

Cotinus foliage- available

Cotinus Blooming (smoke bush)-finished

Crocosmia flower-orange only-only a week or so left

Crocosmia Pods- availble

Cymbidiums-  good numbers

Cymbidium Minis –  good numbers

Dahlias-local available

Delph White- almost impossible to get

Delph Hybrid- limited

Echinops- almost finished

Euphorbia- Dog Eye Antique-available limited

Euphorbia- Snow on the mountain-available

Foxglove- gapping

Foxglove Illumination- limited

Gardenia Foliage   available but just covering standing orders


Hops- on through 1rst-2nd week of September

Honeysuckle   pre order, limited

Hydrangea Lacecap-going to antique

Hydrangea Limelight-available

Hydrangea Local – moving from solid colors to antique

Hydrangea solid color-dutch

Hydrangea Peegee- white almost finished

Iris Blue- readily available

Iris Colors- limited

Jasmine- foliage only no flowers

Kale – available

Kumquats-  finished

Larkspur- production going down

Lisianthus- Peach, Lavender, Bi-Pink are more limited, Blush and Green extremely limited


Nicotiana  -not available

Nigella Flower-  finished

Nigella pods- limited

Passion vine – coral and lavender pre order


Piers Japonica-  flowers just starting

Pitt- Italian  very limited

Peony- Finished

Poppy Hybrid- off crop

Poppies Icelandic-off crop

Poppy white or red-not available

Poppy pods-available

Protea-Blushing Bride-available

Protea- King Pink- import

Protea-King White  limited

Protea pincushion- readily available import

Protea- Pinks- available starting locally

Protea- Whites   limited

Pokeweed- Almost finished

Queen Annes Lace –  good numbers

Queen Annes Lace- Chocolate-available

Queen Annes Lace-Neopolitan- limited

Ranunculus- import readily available

Raspberries-sub black berries- finished

Riceflower – scarce


Rosemary-  available


Scabiosa Black/Burg

Scabiosa Blue-limited

Scabiosa Pink-limited

Scabiosa Pods-available

Scabiosa Red-limited

Scabiosa White- very limited

Sedum- green available finished soon, pink just starting

Smilax-Bag- available

Smilax- Southern –  in season now

Snowberry- white starting next week locally, pink starting locally

Statice seafoam-available

Statice Sinuata- purple available, colors extremely limited

Statice tissue- gapping for a week

Stock- production very low

Sunflower-Chocolate-not available/sub bi color, mahogany and ring of fire available

Sweet pea-very limited

Trachelium- local limited

Trachelium green -import

Tulips- Double- only cream/pale yellow and orange princess available and extremely limited

Tulips- French- off crop for a few weeks

Tulips-Frilled- only white, extremely limited and tiny heads

Tulips- Parrot- extremely limited- have been getting lavender, red, white, webers, bright

Tulips-Regular- import starting, local very low production


Viburnum Berry Blue- almost finished

Viburnum berry Red- available

Waxflower- import

Yarrow button/ tansy-available

Yarrow Cottage-very limited

Yarrow yellow-available

Zinnia- extremely limited

Flower 411: Tulips, Dahlias, Berries, Smilax & More

Flower 411


Here’s the latest information from our Mayesh purchasing team! Enjoy!


Local aggies – only available in blue from one vendor

Allium Giant – Finished

Anemone – VERY LIMITED!!!

Artichoke burgundy – small and large off crop for a few weeks

Astilbe – available from Portland

Blackberries – available from Portland

Buddlea – crop is quarantined for now

Cornflower – Limited, no Pink

Cranberry Viburnum- available from Oregon

Crocosmia – available from Portland

Dahlias are starting in Oregon and after this weekend – they should be in full production (100 degree weekend). Also readily available from California

Hybrid Delph – white limited, light blue extremely limited

Eremurus – Finished

French Tulips – limited and pricey

Gardenia Foliage – still limited

Gunni euc – still limited, getting small amounts

Hydrangea local – coming on hot pink, purple, blue

Iris – White and Light Blue extremely limited

Ixia – Finished

White kale locally – it’s getting too hot so they are staying green

LLV – quality issues from Canadian source.price going back up, from local WENU and Dutch

Lysmachia – available from Portland

Moc Orange –  finished

Peonies – Starting in Alaska

Protea –  still south Africa only

Ranunculus Local is pretty much done except locally, import is just starting-very very limited

Smilax – production starting to ramp back up, still limited

Southern smilax – just starting

Local Spray Roses – EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!

Tulips – Limited to basic colors. White, purple, red, yellow,orange and hot pink. Light pink is very limited.

Tulips Double – extremely limited the only colors I have see infrequently are Upstar (blush), Montreaux (cream/pale yellow) and orange princess (orange)

Tulips Frilled – extremely limited the only colors I have seen infrequently are Honeymoon (white)- may be able to get 100 to 200 stems a week if lucky.

Tulips Parrots – extremely limited the only colors I have seen infrequently are flaming, bright (red with yellow tip), Rebel white and Libretto.

Viburnum berry – blue is finished

Flower 411: Peonies, California Flowers, Japanese Flowers & More

Flower 411

Here’s the latest information from our Mayesh purchasing team!  They are such a wealth of knowledge and hope that you enjoy the latest Mayesh Flower 411!

Peony: coral and a little hot pink available the very beginning of April.  All peonies beginning next week will be Dutch.

Japan: Ranunculus and sweet peas ended earlier than normal due to warm weather.

Oregon Product:

  • Spirea –  we will have a few next week and than gap for 2.
  • Long cherry – is done after next week and med we will have for 2 more weeks.
  • Forsythia – has 3 more weeks.
  • Viburnum  – is still green house grown but very nice.
  • Camellia – has 2 more weeks and will not make it for Mothers Day.

Italy: we are trying some high-end Ranunculus from Italy to hopefully fill the void from Japan, the shipment of genestra arriving this weekend is the last.

California Product:

    • Cafe au Lait dahlias –  VERY LIMITED !!!
    • Smilax – limited, we are trying to pick up from KITA, but his production is not as big
    • Eriostemon – limited supply
    • PROTEA Pink Ice/other pinks/white protea – are finishing.
    • Orange banksia – still ok
    • Local Bells – looking good again
    • Star of Bethlehem –  all limited, white, orange, yellow
    • Dubium – all limited, white, orange, yellow
    • Lisianthus – is starting to come back on with good production locally with white, pink, purple, lavender; yellow and light pink limited; peach and bi-colors are very limited

Amaranthus Upright- very Limited

Chamomile- whites available, yellow limited

Delphinium Belladonna dark and light blue – good production on both

Delphinium Belladonna white – nobody in California grows this

Delphinium Hybrid – starting production

Delphinium Dark blue, purple, lavender – coming on

Delphinium Light blue – limited

Delphinium White – is very limited

Dianthus Green Trick or Green Ball – plentiful, large and lovely

Hypericum Foliage (midnight glow) – finished until the Fall

Iris – plentiful, all colors

Jasmine – not flowering, green vine

Kumquats – finished

Larkspur – plentiful, all colors

Leucadendron Safari – limited and turning green

Oriental Lily Yellow, Yellow Bi-Color and Peach – very very limited

Lily Starfighter – purchasing spoke to two major growers of Starfighter Liles in the US. The news is that Starfighter bulbs are very hard to find and they are switching over to newer varieties similar to Starfighter. The other new varieties they are growing as back-ups are Charming, Dynamite, Starship and Currie. A few smaller vendors will still carry small amounts of Starfighters.

Passion vine with fruit – on for about a month

Queen Anne’s Lace – starting to come back on, starting out it is at a tight cut point

Ranuncula local – still getting them, but hot weather is limiting the production.

Ranuncula Hybrid – same as local ranuncula

Snaps – plentiful, all colors

Statice – plentiful; white and pink limited; yellow and peach very limited

Sterling range – finished

Stock – plentiful, all colors

Flower 411: Lilac, Clematis, Jasmine & More



I am kicking off this Flower 411 with five descriptions of some of the beautiful blooms that you will see around right now at your local Mayesh provided by Charity of LA Shipping. After learning a bit more about the highlighted flowers, Billy from purchasing put together a list of what flowers are done, hard to get, and bountiful. Enjoy!


Charity Auswater garden rose: deliciously feminine pink hue with a frilly green center. Best for events because it does have a short shelf life. If the green center is not for you can simply cut out the green center with a pair of scissors.

Flower 411


Japanese lisianthus: has all usable bloom with no wasted unopened blooms and buds. Grown with so much passion, our growers allow the flower time to mature on the plant before it is even cut. This cutting stage allows for the blooms to be so full and lush.

: to maximize output, Dutch farmers cultivate each bush for seven years, strengthening its branches with constant pruning until it’s a compact shrub with numerous stems. At that point, farmers cut the stems, bunch them, and sell them, while the bush is given a year of rest before it’s expected to produce another round of blooms. If properly trimmed and cared for, a lilac shrub can give flowers for a hundred years. The lilac is a forcing shrub — it can be made to produce flowers ahead of its natural season. Aalsmeer is most famous for its flower auction, but the area also holds the distinction of being the cut-lilac capital of the world, in part thanks to the super fertile soil dredged up in its canals and lakes.

Flower 411


: Ready for the taking now, this is an American grown crop and we source from a family owned grower! We supply 20 different varieties that includes bi-colors, singles and doubles! The vines are tacked to a 42 inch pole daily to give Mayesh customers nice long stems for their floral design. Care and handling is just a vase of water stored in a cooler set at 36 degrees. This flower can last up to three weeks with every bunch as consistent as the next bunch.

Flower 411


Tulip season is pretty much year round ranging from local to import crops through the year.



  • Acacia Bagged
  • Blushing Bride Protea
  • Delphinium Bella or Waltz White
  • Privett Black Berried
  • Viburnum Tinus
  • Witchhazel


  • Astilbe- Japan Only
  • Carnations- White
  • Chamomile/Feverfew/Matricaria
  • Dahlias especially Burgundy and Café
  • Delphinium Bella or Waltz Dark Blue
  • Delphinium Bella or Waltz Light Blue- extremely limited
  • Delphinium Hybrid
  • Lisianthus
  • Papyrus Lionshead– gapping
  • Protea –Pinks
  • Protea- White- very limited
  • Queen Annes Lace
  • Stephanotis


  • Anemone
  • Dianthus green ball or trick
  • Gardenia
  • Gerber’s
  • French Tulips
  • Jasmine
  • Larkspur
  • Stock
  • Snapdragons
  • Ranunculus
  • Tulips
  • Waxflower

Was limited, but now we are seeing better production

  • Bupleurum
  • Mini Sunflowers
  • Sunflowers

Just starting

  • Blooming branches- Cherry
  • Blooming branches- Peach
  • Blooming branches- Redbud
  • Eriostimen
  • Peony- (import)-still small headed
  • Sterling Range Heather

Flower 411: Clematis, Water Lillies, Orchids, Viburnum Tinus, Daffodils & More

Flower 411


We are all in full  Valentine’s Day mode, but I wanted to give you a quick run-down on what is going on in the world of flowers!

First, please note that the California grown products are in short supply due to the winter season and have high prices.  Now that the not-so-fun news is out of the way, let’s check out what new flowers are available to spice up your shop coolers!

  • Clematis (assorted colors only) – US grown
  • Water Lillies (assorted colors only) – imported
  • Novelty Orchid box – US grown
  • Viburnum Tinus


Daffodils- varieties below (imported)

  • Solid Yellow many varieties
  • Dick Wilden
  • Avalanche
  • Wedding Bell
  • Pink Charm
  • Las Vegas
  • Johnas Strauss
  • Ice Follies
  • Tahiti
  • Grand Soleil Dor


Novelty Parrot Tulip-varieties below (imported)

  • Secret Parrot
  • Mysterious Parrot
  • Elzenburg


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