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Mayesh Floral Forum: App & Tech Trends

Floral Forum: App and Tech Trends


Ah, the wonderful world of technology. In this day and age, as small business owners, it is crucial to use technology to both run and organize your business, as well as market yourself on social media. There are so many apps and tech trends out there that it can be hard to keep up, so we asked our tech savvy panel what some of their favorites are!

Almost everyone on our panel mentioned the most popular apps: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. However, there were a few unique apps you may not have heard of that we’d love to share!


Floral Forum: App and Tech Trends

Shawn Michael Foley introduced us to one of his new favorite apps, TALNTS. TALNTS is a unique networking app intended to connect artists with other likeminded individuals. Shawn uses it to connect with photographers, models, and different industry professionals to possibly work or collaborate with. We all know how important networking is, especially as small business owners and independent professionals, and this app focuses specifically on that, down to your geo location. Sounds like a pretty cool and beneficial app to me – I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to check it out!


Floral Forum: App and Tech Trends

Two of our designers, Randi Eshelman & Carla Kayes, have both started using an app called HoneyBook. If you aren’t familiar, HoneyBook is a program designed for creative & event professionals to help streamline your wedding & event booking process. There are many awesome features to the app, including creating proposals, contracts and payment systems. You can customize the templates to your own specific branding, and connect the app to your website so everything comes through Honeybook.

Carla spoke very highly of the app: “I love HoneyBook. I signed up in December of last year and it has transformed my ‘office’ life and time spent on proposals & quotes… It looks beautiful & professional too! You can also link with other vendors on a particular job, and send referrals for jobs you are not available for. I highly recommend it!”

There are a number of these kind of programs out there, and it can be difficult to decide what will fit your needs best. So if you’re intrigued by HoneyBook but want to know all of your options before spending the money, we’ve done a little of our own research, and will be posting our findings in a more in depth blog comparing some of the apps in the next couple of weeks!


Floral Forum: App and Tech Trends

MileIQ is another one of Carla’s fave. It is used to record and make notes on any business-related drives, creating a log of those miles so that they can be claimed on your tax return. Chances are, many of you use your personal vehicle for work purposes, like driving to venues, meetings, and Mayesh, obviously 😉 But there is also a high chance that, as diligent as you try to be, not every last mile gets recorded. This app seems like such a convenient and helpful way to keep track of them, and make tax season just a little less of a headache!


Floral Forum: App and Tech Trends

Also suggested by Carla (you’re on roll, girl!) VSCO is a photo editing app for your phone. I, too, use it for all of the iPhone photos I post to Instagram, as it has a variety of clean, fresh filters and editing tools, and is super user-friendly. Carla says that it “really makes your phone pictures look like a professional took them with a great camera, and also lets your social media pages be cohesive in style & appearance. It’s so important these days to curate any image that you put on your business’s social media accounts!” I couldn’t agree more – keeping on brand is so important, as social media accounts really turn into your portfolio and a way for prospective clients to view your work and quickly decide if they want to pursue working with you or not.

While this is a nice little round-up of apps that are out on the market right now, we know there are more out there, and would love to hear what you’re using!


And a more specific tech question we’d love to ask you all – live video streaming, is anyone using it? Apps like Periscope & Snapchat have really gained momentum in the last year for professionals, and we want to know your thoughts on them, and if there is a place for them in the floral world!

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