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Ranunculus and Anemones



Guest Blogger: David Dahlson

World Wide Web

Increasingly, there is a burgeoning movement in the USA of growers, florists and consumers who are calling for local flowers grown in a sustainable manner. There are at least two on-line forums where domestic growers, retailers and consumers can communicate as well as buy and sell “local” flowers.

In a parallel world, there is an explosion of visual information in the virtual on-line world at sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, where consumers also congregate to find their inspiration for all things floral. As a consequence, floral professionals have to field requests for Peonies in August, Ranunculus in July and Anemones in September. Indeed, Black and White “Panda” Anemones seem to popular no matter what season it is.


Ranunculus and Anemones


Obviously, the bride-to-be who bounces into a consultation with a Pinterest board full of Anemones and Snowball Viburnum in September, presents a quandary to the designer who wants to focus on local bounty, who wants to use sustainable flowers grown within 50 miles, who maybe wants to buy only US grown items. There are a lucky few who operate in temperate states of the US or in California who can do this for much of the year. But, for most designers it is hardly practical for most of the year, and in many parts of the USA, well, nigh impossible.

So if you need Ranunculus and Anemones during these summer months, and your mission statement does not limit you to flowers grown within a 50 mile radius, then we now have them at Mayesh Wholesale Florist.

They are winter flowers, and they are grown sustainably and conscientiously by small farmers in Chile where it is winter: beautiful, dainty and fresh, with glowing colors and illuminating hues.


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