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AIFD2012: 2012-2013 American Floral Trends Forecast – Part 2

As promised, I have Part 2 of our coverage on the AIFD’s “American Floral Trends Forecast” which is a video (Part 1 contains loads of pictures of the 5 trends presented during the program).  But before you watch it, please be aware that I’m in the video.  So be nice – I’m not used to being in front of a camera as I gladly sit in the shadows for most of my work! 😉

The premise of this video is that we wanted to find out from florists, like you, what their favorite floral trends are.  You’ll hear about the following trends: New Victorian, textiles, Garden Club, Sea to Shining Sea (blues, gray, corals), all white weddings, American Gypsy, gray, succulents, purple palettes, monochromatic, and botanicals.

What is your favorite floral trend that inspires you?

P.S.  Thank you to those of you who willingly went in front of our camera.  I know most of you were a bit nervous, but you all did great!  Thanks!


AIFD2012: 2012-2013 American Floral Trends Forecast – Part 1

During the 2012 AIFD National Symposium I had the pleasure of attending Talmage McLaurin’s, publisher of Florists’ Review, program on the 2012/2013 American Floral Trends.  Talmage presented the following 5 upcoming trends:


  • Rural Route
  • Garden Club
  • Sea to Shining Sea
  • American Gypsy
  • New Victorian


Below, I have tons of pictures to portray each of these trends.  For Part 2 on my report on American Floral Trends, I’ll share with you a video that we created of Symposium attendees sharing what their favorite floral trends are.


Rural Route

For the first trend, Rural Route, think shades of red, white, and blue Americana mixed with everyday products, farmers’ market/local buying trends, and upcycling.  For example, the red, white and blue bouquet below was crafted with an armature created from an old tractor gear hardware piece.


Garden Club

I love the bright color palette of the Garden Club floral trend!  According to the AIFD program book, garden clubs have been a part of American culture since the late 1800’s.  As a side note, I live in the city of Cleveland and have seen the recent trend of “urban gardens” really come to life as we are home to one of the country’s largest urban farm.  I also live across the street from an urban garden and awake each morning to a rooster’s crow.  But back to the flowers – you’ll see bright colors combined with birds/butterflies, garden tools, abstract shaped containers, and terrariums.


Sea to Shining Sea

This nautical palette is perfect if you are looking for something soothing and relaxing.  Natural elements combined with light blues, greens, grays, and muted blush colors really bring this trend to life.  I’ve been seeing drift wood elements at pretty much every show that I’ve attended and love seeing this object used in this natural look as well.


American Gypsy

The American Gypsy trend is really on par with the whole “Anthropologie” trend that I reported on from earlier shows and again, we are seeing birds/owls.  If you haven’t jumped on the bird wagon (peacocks, owls, everyday birds, etc.), you may want to rethink your stance.  This trend utilizes bright colors, quirky accents, and flowers used in unexpected ways.  This is your chance to break those design rules!


New Victorian

The New Victorian trend is bringing opposites together – masculine paired with feminine; Victorian paired with industrial; leather paired with lace.  This is where you will find the term “steampunk” used or “neo-Victorianism”.  In terms of flowers, you’ll find garden varieties mixed with exotic florals, like the picture below in which  you see pastel colored garden roses mixed with black Tacca (aka Bat Flower) and Ivanhoe garden roses.


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I want to hear from you!  What is your favorite American Floral Trend?

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