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Flower Hack: Amaryllis


Amaryllis are one of the most popular flowers for the holiday season. However, their stems are fragile and can bend or break, making them difficult to use in arrangements. Have no fear though, for our very own Shelley Anders is back with one of her flower hacks!


Check our the below video to see how to fix droopy amaryllis stems step by step.











Hanging Amaryllis Upside Down

We have some pretty creative people working here at Mayesh Wholesale Florist and it always makes my day when I get to show off their work. Dustin at our Chandler location put together the branch’s holiday display. Dustin decided to incorporate Amaryllis, but instead of using them in the typical way, he decided to hand them upside down! The display is long lasting because you just water them each day by pouring water down their hollow stem. The water doesn’t leak out and the flower continues to bloom. What do you think? Have you tried this technique before?


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