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Mayesh Floral Forum: 2016 Wedding & Event Trends

Floral Forum: Wedding & Event Trends


We hope you enjoyed our first Mayesh Floral Forum discussing floral knives vs. shears! With wedding season upon us, this week we thought we’d ask our designers what wedding & event trends they are seeing for the 2016 season. While the response overwhelmingly pointed towards the natural, garden-inspired look, each designer offered a slightly different & unique perspective, so I’m just going to go ahead and lay ’em all out here!


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Cynthia Sanchez

The brides that are coming to me are wanting more greenery and they want things to look lush and natural. I’ve been doing more ceremony backdrops as well. Instead of an arch or altar flowers we might make a flower or foliage backdrop instead. There are also more brides paying attention to details, like napkin treatments & small vignettes for the bar area, cake area, etc. These are all small and simple designs where we might have loose greens and flowers with just a few candles, or a small cluster of flowers, but either way, I find my clients wanting to see more details throughout.


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Shawn Michael Foley

We are seeing a lot of “rustic/shabby” phasing out and being replaced
with what I call “heirloom”

  • Antique/vintage items & furniture that have been restored or updated to a new glory, mixed with garden styled flowers
  • It’s cleaner, polished and has an overall more professional look to it.
  • Mercury glass is phasing more into muted metals & smoother finishes
  • Peonies, peonies, peonies!
  • Brides are showing more and more interest in accent flowers like fever few, herbs, ranunculus, raspberries and pieris japonica



Floral Forum Randi Eshelman

White & blush are still the top colors for our brides this year, but some of our brides are adding burgundy or deep pinks as pops of color. Gold & rose gold accents everywhere, whether it’s the dinnerware, candle holders, floral vessels or accents on the tables – we are definitely seeing warmer metallic colors.


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Carla Kays

Bohemian style florals with brighter, bolder color schemes!


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Jerome Raska

Loose, airy, just-picked look for bouquets and centerpieces, earthy organic and natural look is far ahead of all the others!


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Veronica Cicero

More and more brides are included to loose, un-manicured garden designs incorporating interesting and unexpected textures in the foliage. In our case, the mix-matched vintage is graciously transforming into a refined rustic.


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Rachael Lunghi

I think people are experimenting more and not shying away from bright/bold color palettes as much! Although I still get the blush/neutral palettes here and there, I have many more clients who want to use bright blooms.


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Jodi Duncan

I’ve noticed weddings that happen in election years are more understated with regards to color and sometimes the overall grandeur as well. Everything is subtle with a “wait and see” approach. Brides are playing down their dresses with texture and opting for plain, understated fabrics All the texture seems to be showing up in flowers and foliages, so that’s exciting to see! Brides love an abundance of details for favors, tables, and so on. Too many details look like a rummage sale, so I try to persuade them to edit.


So what do you think? Do you agree with our designers, or are you seeing some different trends? Join the conversation and let us know!

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