Supply & Demand – Mother’s Day 2014

Guest Blogger: David Dahlson

All of a sudden the supply of some flowers, especially roses and hydrangeas, has become dramatically curtailed. That is of course unless you want red roses for any number of reasons; then you are in luck, because red roses abound. We are now entering the period when the rose plants that had been harvested for Valentine’s Day are producing new blooms, most of which are red.  For Mother’s Day, it seems that mostly colors are in demand; probably because it is mostly women making the purchasing decisions, whether for their own mothers or for their mothers-in-law.
And if you are looking for some of the most sought after varieties such as Quicksand, High & Arena, Canela, Giotto, Combo or even old-school Sahara it really will be a struggle to get any reasonable quantities.

A simple solution is the dianthus caryophyllus “Creola”. These wonderful flowers are probably not on most people’s radars as they are from the family of oft dismissed carnations. Their casual, loose habit recalls damask rose blooms but it is their color, neutral like Quicksand, with hints of pink, yellow ochre and antique green that make them very much à la mode. They complement a wide range of flowers including antique green hydrangeas. Combine that with their low cost and incredible vase life, and you have a product that can be purchased by the box and kept handy as a stand-by for all kinds of last minute situations.



And they are certainly not your Mother’s carnations!

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