Summer Floral Sales Strategy Webinar

Webinar: Summer Sales Strategy – Beat the Summer Blues!


I am really excited to announce that Mayesh will be teaming up the TeamFloral to offer up our very first webinar!!  Our first theme is “beating the summer blues.”  We all know that summertime is typically the “off season” for florists. This FREE session will teach you how to increase sales and maintain profitability during the summer months.

“At Mayesh, we believe in playing a vital role in bringing education to our customers.  We are committed to helping them better run their businesses and will continue to look for opportunities to deliver good information whenever we can.”
~Patrick Dahlson, CEO, Mayesh Wholesale Florist

I think, even if your business is running 100% on all cylinders, it is always great to get a refresher on business knowledge.  In addition, for me, it is always motivating to hear how others think, to hear about things I’m already doing correctly, and to find something new to try that I think will really work (I take TONS of webinars).  I hope that you will join us in a couple of weeks!  Are you in?

Here are the details:

  • Wednesday, July 18th
  • 3:30 Eastern / 2:30 Central / 1:30 Mountain / 12:30 Pacific
  • Brought to you by Mayesh Wholesale Florist and TeamFloral
  • Host: Dan McManus, President of TeamFloral

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