Starting 2012 With a Big Floral Bang!

Happy New Year!  All of us at Mayesh have been working hard to start 2012 off with a bang!  There’s an renewed energy surging through Mayesh and we are ready to share that energy with you.

As you know, we hosted our first ever Mayesh Design Star video competition and that Mandy Majerik was crowned our 2012 Mayesh Design Star.  When we first came up with the idea, we weren’t very sure on how well the end results would be, but we knew we wanted to try.  And, boy-o-boy are we glad we tried and we are elated with the end results.  Mandy is not only a natural in front of the camera, but she brought on to our team an amazing videography/photography company (who also created her contest video).  Wes and Terra Wages of Armosa Studios was the husband & wife team behind the cameras – they and Mandy set a high bar for our future Mayesh videos.

I’ve watch January’s video about 20 times already, I crave next month’s, and I will admit that the introduction made me teary-eyed … granted I’m a little biased and highly invested, but I really think you are going to enjoy our first  and future “The Art of Flowers with Mandy Majerik” videos.  We’ve created a new page just for Mandy and these videos – so be sure to check it out: 

The Art of Flowers with Mandy Majerik

In addition to our “The Art of Flowers” video series, we are creating a sort of behind the scenes and blossom tour in support of our Mayesh Certified Awesome Blossom efforts (you will see we will use MCAB for short at times) in which we are calling our “Product Showcase” videos.  You will start seeing our MCAB logo on our site and on products:Mayesh Certified Awesome Blossom 
Our very first video is hosted by Mandy and our very own Laura London.  They walk you through an amazing variety of MCAB’s that are available for January.  It’s a little bit like a very shorten availability list, but ten times better because you get to watch a beautiful video! 

Mayesh Fresh Cut Flower Product Showcase

So at this point, I’m already over 300 words and I’m a big “short & simple” kind of girl, BUT I still have some more new information to share. 

In support of our 2012 theme of “arts and education”, and the launch of our videos, we needed to do a redesign of our website’s homepage and create a new Resource Center.

I realize that all of this stuff is great, but it might be confusing on where to find it all –right?  Wrong – that is why we redesigned our homepage.  Go to and you will see that we kept to our signature look and feel, but you can easily find the latest of both sets of videos (and get to the pages to view the archives), our rotating banners are more functional, and our side tabs are all together.  Great stuff, if you ask me!

Mayesh Wholesale Florist Home Page

Our new Resource Center is where we compiled all of our resources into one place for you that is easy to navigate. Find our videos, fresh cut wholesale product guides, ebooks, a link to our Flower Library, press releases and articles that we’ve been featured in all at your fingertips. We will be constantly creating and adding new content, so be sure to check back frequently.

Mayesh's Resource Center 

Mayesh Wholesale Florist Resource Center

On top of all of these new and exciting changes and current/future videos, don’t forget that we are hosting our 2nd Annual National Open House & Design Contest!  We have even more contestants this year, so be sure to visit your local Mayesh, have fun, mingle, I’m sure there will be some deals too, be inspired, and vote for your favorite design!  Click the image below to get all the details:

Mayesh National Open House

I’m raising my proverbial glass and wishing you all a super successful 2012 filled with joy and lots of smiles … which shouldn’t be hard, we work with flowers every day!  Cheers!

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