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Last night I checked the last Valentine’s shipment destined for the United States for Mayesh Wholesale. It was a modest load, comprised substantially of Freedom and Forever Young as well as a large amount of pinks and hot pinks, and many special requests of rarer varieties. Roses are fairly scarce in Ecuador at this moment, with the exception of short-stemmed colors. Most reds have been harvested, but those farms whose crop came late decided to not even bother trying to cut tight flowers to ship for the holiday, and have decided instead to leave them in the field and will harvest starting the week following Valentine’s Day for the Russian Women’s Day holiday.

This morning around 5:30 am local time (9:30 GMT) I was awakened by an almost imperceptible movement of my bed, but having lived in Los Angeles for many years, I knew right away that this was an earthquake. I lay there as it barely trembled and after about 20 seconds it gathered strength and gave a few good jolts. I was on the 5th floor of the hotel, and I was hoping that the building codes were adequate in Ecuador. For a couple of seconds all the light fixtures rattled and then it subsided. I jumped up and looked out of the window. Nothing of consequence appeared to be happening outside. Probably because I was higher up in an edifice I felt it more than people at ground level. Not much to worry about, but whenever the ground literally moves under your feet it is quite disconcerting. It certainly puts one existence in the big scheme of things in perspective, and is quite humbling.

On my way to breakfast I passed a conference room that was set up for a “Halliburton” breakfast. Coincidence? Probably!

Shortly I leave for the airport to head back to Miami. My job here is done, but I do wish all the Mayesh associates, customers and clients, and flower lovers everywhere a successful and prosperous Valentine’s Day.

Hasta la vista.

VD 22

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