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I keep on reading the “prom flowers” is a hot phrase already in the search world, so I wanted to make sure that our readers know that we created a beautiful “Prom & Personal Flowers” inspiration board on Pinterest.  Find traditional to modern pieces to please your customer’s varying tastes!  My personal favorites are the floral rings and flower hair pieces.  What’s yours?

In addition to creating the board, we’ve put together a Prom Flowers FloraFile highlighting some of the best types of wholesale flowers to use for corsages, boutonnieres, and other designs that do not have a water source for many hours.  We chose flowers based on how sturdy they are outside water and how temperature tolerant they are.

There are so many flowers that designers use as corsage and boutonniere mediums but this list is safe for all regions of the country.  In low humidity or warm areas these flowers hold enough moisture so that they will not wilt if properly hydrated beforehand. We left things like garden roses, ranunculus, gardenias, and stephanotis off the list because in low humidity areas they will wilt in no time.

I’d love to see your designs if you have them posted somewhere!  Paste your links in the comments below!

prom & personal flowers pinterest board

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