Prom Flowers – 2011 Trends

It’s April now, which means prom is right around the corner for high school seniors, that you will have orders for floral corsages and boutonnieres to fill!

One of my favorite trends that I’ve seen is from a florist in Worcester, Sprout.  She has taken the hot wedding trend of “Black Swan” and has adapted it for prom.  Think feathers mixed with black or white or blush flowers.  Here’s my blog post “Flowers With Black Swan Style”.

I don’t see it on other blogs so much for flowers, but I’m wondering if the 2011 color of the year, “Honeysuckle” will make an appearance?  Just the other day on “E News” I saw another segment about how honeysuckle is all the rage in fashion – dresses, shoes, accessories.  I love the color and thought immediately that it would be a great color for prom.

Not sure if it’s a trend, but I put flowers in my daughters hair and I wear flowers in my hair all of the time.  I realize that I’m far from any age of a girl going to prom, but I think it’s fun and different than a traditional wrist corsage.  And I love it for every day use too!

The last trend that I’ve seen here in there, including on Dandelion Flowers & Gifts’ and Paisley Petals’ blogs is the fresh flower ring.  I love this!  I own a few metal flower rings that I wear all of the time, but I think a fresh flower ring is so special and unique.  I didn’t even know that such a thing could be made until a friend of ours, Christa from Graham’s (2 of her pictures are below), came to our Cleveland grand opening last year and was wearing one.  I must have given her so many compliments that she decided to just give me the ring!  Something like this would be a great way to add-on to your sale – don’t you think?

I’ve found a few florist’s who have blogged about their new designs and trends for 2011 and have included their links below.  Hope you check them all out!

    HairClip DSC_0102

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