Tulip Burgundy

Today, Tulips provide a wide array of beautiful blooms, sizes, shapes and colors and are one of the most well-loved flowers in the world. Tulips are phototropic, that is to say they react to light, produce energy and continue to grow in the presence of light. For instance tulips lying down in open boxes or on racks will start to curl upwards, looking for light, and this should be taken into consideration when handling and storing them. Fresh tulips may be satisfactorily stored for up to three days in coolers with high humidity, but they should remain inside their closed boxes and away from all lights. Tulips ideally should be processed in the cooler, and placed into cold water, after cutting the stems. Again, it is best if the tulips can be placed where they will not receive light until they are ready for display and/or sale. However, if the tulips have bent stems, then after they have been processed, placing them directly under a very strong light source (preferably in the cooler) for several hours will cause them to straighten up. Thereafter place the tulips in a dark location in the cooler.

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