Spider Mum Bronze

Look at petals and feel compact texture of flowers with fingers. They should be crisp, not soft. There should be absolutely no evidence of shattering. Colors of all Disbuds should be bright and clear. Leaves and stems should be turgid and dark green, neither blackening nor yellowing. Check for mechanical damage. Because these single flowers have been dis-budded, the stems should be robust, strong and fairly thick. Stems should be cut cleanly and crisply and placed immediately into water. Any leaves that will be submerged should be removed. Chrysanthemums specifically, and compositae in general, generate a lot of ethylene and release a lot of bacteria and tissue into the water so it is recommended that water be changed every day, and must be changed and re-cut every other day. The flowers should be hydrated in a low sugar holding solution and preferably processed in the cooler.


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